35 Artistically-Rolled Joints are On Point 💯

35 Artistically-Rolled Joints are On Point 💯


35 Artistically-Rolled Joints are On Point 💯



It’s officially 4/20 peeps, which means tons of people will be stopping by the dank bank to pick up that sticky icky. While I do enjoy any day that champions blowing off responsibilities, lying around, and generally not giving a fuck, I am always blown away by the ingenuity and craft of “dopers,” and I think they deserve their respect. Here is an assortment of joints and blunts that will make you want to hit the drawing board before you twist up the chronic again.

roll-game-1 roll-game-2 roll-game-3 roll-game-4 roll-game-5 roll-game-6 roll-game-7 roll-game-8 roll-game-9 roll-game-10 roll-game-11 roll-game-12

^That GOAT weed tho

If you think this shit is weak prove it by submitting a photo of your own immaculate creation at submit@sneakhype.com. Also, peep the gallery below to see some more gems:

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