11 Fairly Lame Optical Illusions

11 Fairly Lame Optical Illusions


11 Fairly Lame Optical Illusions

Take a trip down memory lane and check out all the optical illusions your middle school math teacher used to have on posters in the hallway just outside her classroom.

One of my favorites. Stare at any one point of the picture, and wait for the entire picture to slowly fade and nearly completely disappear.

The two shapes appear to be completely different colors of gray. Put your finger over the middle part where the touch, and feel your brain melt as you realize they’re the exact same color.



Put your hand over the center of the image and the dots will move really fast. Then cover the corners of the image with your hands, and the dots will appear to move really slow.


Classic: try to read the color of the word, not what is written.

Black dots appear in the middle of the white dots — and they disappear as you try to look at them.

Your mom turns into your sister right before you eyes.

Here we have one of Optimus Prime’s testicles.

Stare at the red dot and watch the blue circle disappear.





Look at the dot on the chick’s nose for about 20-30 seconds, then look at a blank surface like a wall or the ceiling and keep blinking your eyes.


“And here we have one of optimus prime’s testicles.” Perhaps Twitter’s best satirist @ericgiroux

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