Monday Dopeness (39 pics)

I have a man-crush on Felix Baumgartner.  

TGIF Dopeness (41 pics)

Quick week.  Sideboob Saturday is already in the on-deck circle.  Hallelujah.  

Thursday Dopeness (38 Pics)

Just some good, old fashioned Dopeness.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (40 Pics)

There’s some pretty good selfies in this one.  Ladies, don’t forget that all it takes is a simple email, and you can be featured in the Dopeness.  Send the goods to


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (39 pics)

Here ya go.  

Tuesday Dopeness (37 pics)

Could you imagine the adrenaline rush of swimming up next to a shark that size?  Holy moly. 

Monday Dopeness (39 pics)

Fantasy football has the power to completely ruin my entire week after that SHIT ASS PERFORMANCE BY MY ENTIRE RECEIVING SQUAD.  Get it together.  If you share my sentiments, here’s some Dopeness to get your mind off things.

Sunday Animation Dopeness (16 Gifs)

We don’t always do the Dopeness on Sunday, but when we do, it’s all gifs.

TGIF Dopeness (39 pics)

It is Friday, right?  Yeahup, just double checked.  Hail yeah.  

Thursday Dopeness (37 Pics)

Dopeness for President.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (41 Pics)

Whaaaaat?  Is that a hybrid sideboob-hump-day all-in-one pic?  That’s so rare.


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (38 pics)

We’re goin’ with 100% humps today people.  No funny business.  No close-up photography of geckos or dragonflies and shit.  Straight up booty for days.  

Tuesday Dopeness (38 pics)

I can’t tell if the chick in this first image here has really small hands or just enormous boobs.  Or both.  Basically, I’m just trying to find more excuses to keep staring at the photo.

Monday Dopeness (38 pics)

CNN reported last night that there will be a bacon shortage throughout the year 2013.  Prices will jump.  Fewer low price menu items with bacon at fast food chains.  Bacon bits at salad bars?  Forget about it.  In light of this upcoming shortage, I did some research… 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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