Monday Dopeness (37 pics)

Here’s your Dopeness.  Careful, the plate is very hot.

Sunday Animation Dopeness (17 Gifs)

May the Dopeness be with you.

20 Photos of Bill Clinton Being Awesome (20 Pics)

20 reasons why Bill Clinton is my favorite president. 


I’m Horngry (31 pics)

Tittie sprinkles. 

TGIF Dopeness (35 pics)

Do unto the Dopeness as you would have the Dopeness unto you.  Words to live by.


35 Dope Staircases

Climbing up a flight of stairs has never looked so appealing.

Thursday Dopeness (40 Pics)

Some people like to start their day with the Dopeness. Some people like to finish their day with it. Either way, your day isn’t complete without the Dopeness.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (45 Pics)

I’m sitting here typing this with what feels like a 112 degree body temperature, and a ridiculous headache.  So, if this is the last Dopeness gallery I do, you’ll know why.


I Want To Live Here (42 Pics)

Bachelor Pads galore.


Pics of Bugs With Water on Their Faces

These bugs is so silly!  

Tuesday Dopeness (34 pics)

And then the Internet said, “Let there be Dopeness!” 


Sneaker Porn (37 Pics)

The only type of porn you can watch at work.

Monday Dopeness (39 pics)

Get it while it’s hot.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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