Mother Nature Rules (25 Pics)

Damn Mother Nature, you sexy. 

You should probably follow @StuffDrakeDoes. Here’s why…

The mixture of hilarity and grammatical accuracy make this Twitter account a must-follow.

Tuesday Dopeness (32 pics)

Open wide.  Here comes the Dopeness. 

Monday Dopeness (32 pics)

For best results, try pairing a dark roast coffee with your morning Dopeness.

9 people who narrowly escaped death (in GIFs)

In the aaaarms uuuuvvv an angel.

You might lose faith in humanity…

Social media has created a platform that takes self embarrassment and stupidity to new heights by publicly and instantly sharing these slip ups. Here are 23 examples of exactly what this looks like.

TGIF Dopeness (32 pics)

Leonidas voice… “This.  Is.  DOPENESS.”


Food Porn will turn you on in a weird way

Don’t fight it.  It’s called being “horngry” and it’s totally natural.  

Thursday Dopeness (31 Pics)

The Dopeness will set you free. 

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (40 Pics)

I don’t know, I tried to ask Twitter what to put here & no one helped me out.  If you come up with something good tweet it to me: Tweet to @tysechler


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (32 pics)

Weatherman called it.  Cloudy with a 100% chance of some super nice ass in today’s Hump Day gallery.  Looks appetizing.  Maybe just a lil’ bite?  Just to get an idea of the texture and consistency. 

10 Huge Ass Dogs

These dogs are freakin’ huge.  

Mo’ Tinder Mo’ Problems (24 Pics)

This week on Tinder Problems, a bunch of hilariously bad lines from desperate guys.


Sneaker Porn (22 Pics)

When it comes to Sneaker Galleries, no one does it better than us. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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