Thursday Dopeness (34 Pics)

Dopeness: For best results, view daily. 

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (40 Pics)

You’ve made it halfway through the week; congratulations.

Tuesday Dopeness (34 pics)

Bacon, eggs, coffee, Dopeness.  There’s really no better way to start a day.  I wish I could cook you a delicious breakfast, but I can’t… so please instead enjoy this masterpiece of a Dopeness gallery.


Sneaker Porn (20 Pics)

Porn de la Sneakers. 

There are two types of people in this world…

Which one are you?

Monday Dopeness (35 pics)

If Dopeness were a drug,

Sunday Animation Dopeness (17 Gifs)

But I don’t want the weekend to be over.

Spelling is hard

Spelling is tough, especially when you are a kid, and here are 15 examples of just how bad kids are at spelling. It’s kind of like a “kids write the darndest things”; Bill Cosby would have had a ball with these… if he still had any idea what was going on.

TGIF Dopeness (34 pics)

Dopeness is late.  I’m on vacation.  Why am I working?  Dammit…


Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Gaps)

We didn’t invent the Thigh Gap, just Thigh Gap Thursday.

Archer quotes on pictures of James Bond are hilarious

It’s pretty much impossible not to read these in Archer’s voice. 


“Puns of Food” on Twitter Will Make You Laugh & Hungry

Puns of Food on Twitter is a hilarious account that is filled with food puns.  There’s rarely a day that goes without an update, and they’re all pretty good.  I gathered up about 20 of the best & most recent food pun pictures they’ve done.  Follow them here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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