5 Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following

5 Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following


5 Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following


Snapchat is the wave of the future people. If you’re not on it, you need to get on it. If you are on it, you need to follow these 5 accounts. Why? Mainly because of hot chicks. 

5. ArsenicTV


The ArsenicTV account is always being taken over by extremely beautiful ladies.

4. Lunatic_Living


This guy is friends with Dan Bilzerian. That’s pretty much all you need to know. More of his pictures in the gallery below:

3. Jayhawk_Snaps


Judging from the Jayhawk_Snaps account, KU students party harder than every other college combined.

2. AlyshaNett


Alysha Nett is one of our favorite models. Her Snapchat isn’t too shabby either.

1. TeamSmokSho


SmokSho is one of our favorite SnapChat accounts. Hot chicks, cool products and Sneakhype t-shirts – what more could you ask for?

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