5 Reasons you should watch "Peaky Blinders" this Weekend

5 Reasons you should watch "Peaky Blinders" this Weekend


5 Reasons you should watch "Peaky Blinders" this Weekend

If you haven’t heard of or started watching the show Peaky Blinders yet, you’re missing out. But don’t fret, they’re only two seasons in & at only 6 episodes per season, you have plenty of time to catch up. It started with the first episode for me, and 24 hours later I had watched all 12 episodes. Yeah, it’s that good.

5. Boardwalk Empire is over. One of the best HBO shows has come to a close, and if you need something to help ease the pain, this is it. Peaky Blinders is set in a similar time period & also includes the dabbling in alcoholic beverages.


4. You’ll fall in love with the characters. From the family members, to their rivals, and especially the law enforcement characters. Everyone brings a very unique twist to the tale.

characters-2 characters-4peaky-blinders-characters-1

3. The style from the era is on point. Everything from the suits to the accessories are just top notch.

style-1 style-2

2. The main character, Thomas Shelby, is a complete bad ass. Seriously, he might just become one of your favorite characters ever. All balls and pulls the trigger. We could all use a little bit of his characteristics in ourselves. Aside from the whole doing illegal things, and whatnot.

tom-shelby-1 tom-shelby-2 tom-shelby-4

1. It’s the weekend, duh. What the hell else do you have to do besides start a new series on Netflix? My guess is not a damn thing. So, watch this trailer, then start the series & thank me later.

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