The Top 13 Chicas of 2013

The Top 13 Chicas of 2013


The Top 13 Chicas of 2013

The chicas category happens to be one of my favorite categories on the site. I’m sure a lot of you guys can agree with that. Here’s a look at the top 13 chicas & hotties from 2013.

13. Vicki Li

the-top-13-chicas-2013-1 the-top-13-chicas-2013-2

12. Claudia Sampedro

the-top-13-chicas-2013-3 the-top-13-chicas-2013-4

11. Diana Melison

the-top-13-chicas-2013-5 the-top-13-chicas-2013-6

10. Topanga

the-top-13-chicas-2013-7 the-top-13-chicas-2013-8

9. Rachel Williams


8. Alena Shishkova

the-top-13-chicas-2013-10 the-top-13-chicas-2013-11

7. Hannah Davis the DirecTV Girl

the-top-13-chicas-2013-12 the-top-13-chicas-2013-13

6. Sabine Jemeljanova

the-top-13-chicas-2013-14 the-top-13-chicas-2013-15

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