The Best Of Dennis Rodman’s Hair (23 Pics)

With all of this hoop-la about Dennis Rodman befriending Kim Jung-un, I figured we should take a look back at his best hair styles.  Most of them seem like he just took some spray paint and made random designs in his hair.  Let’s also not forget his whole drag queen era, or when he married himself.  Great rebounder…  big, freaky, weirdo.

Dennis-Rodman-Hair-1 Dennis-Rodman-Hair-2 Dennis-Rodman-Hair-3 Dennis-Rodman-Hair-4 dennis-rodman-hair-5



Dennis-rodman-hair-8 dennis-rodman-hair-9 dennis-rodman-hair-10 dennis-rodman-hair-11

dennis-rodman-hair-12 dennis-rodman-hair-13 dennis-rodman-hair-14 dennis-rodman-hair-16 dennis-rodman-hair-17 dennis-rodman-hair18 dennis-rodman-hair-19 dennis-rodman-hair-20 D057975048.jpg

dennis-rodman-hair-22 dennis-rodman-hair-23


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