Friday Dopeness (30 Pics)

Its Friday, you deserve some dopeness. Props to the Chive and College Humor.

Unfortunately Snooki's book, "A Shore Thing," isn't on the shelf. - CollegeHumor picture_1298670667831 The_Internet_Is_Here Silly_Woman ROFLMAO - CollegeHumor picture_1298670754197 Omnivores keep on keeping on. - CollegeHumor picture_1298671014015 Never Forget June '09. - CollegeHumor picture_1298670960242 megan-fox-armani-jeans It's scooters from here on out boys. - CollegeHumor picture_1298670598222 He got loose from the chain and destroyed half the house. - CollegeHumor picture_1298670526249 He also would've accepted the kitchen floor or the laundry room. - CollegeHumor picture_1298670361089 Don't ever tell him he PeliCANT eat something. Especially a cat. - CollegeHumor picture_1298670873243 cruel-winter-shocking-photos03 20110225 bottomsup34 make-me-laugh-photos-9 The_Internet_Is_Here make-me-laugh-photos-16 Silly_Woman megan-fox-armani-jeans meanwhile_in_different_640_01 bottomsup36 bottomsup37 make-me-laugh-photos-13 bottomsup26 make-me-laugh-photos-7 make-me-laugh-photos-6 make-me-laugh-photos-2 bottomsup27 bottomsup17 arizona-state-party-girls-picture-561