Sneakhype Style: Sneakers with Suits Featuring Combatant Gentlemen

Sneakers & suits is not something that should be paired together often, but if you can make it work, it will definitely keep you comfortable in certain situations.


Been Trill Releases “No Boys Allowed” Swim Capsule Collection

Been Trill just released a capsule collection at PacSun featuring some swim pieces for the ladies.  The collection is called “No Boys Allowed,” and is available exclusively at PacSun right now.  How hot is the chick they used for the lookbook though?  Jeez, Louise.

Rap Shirts for White People are Absolutely Hilarious

Generalizing an entire group of people is always something that should be avoided, but these were just too funny to not share.  There’s this tumblr page “Rap Shirts for White People” that offers a pretty large selection of t-shirts with altered rap lyrics that are little less vulgar.  Head here to order your favorite.

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Chanelle Angelina models Fortune Cookie’s Terracotta Pack (+ you save 25%)

Allow me to introduce you to Chanelle Angelina… who would like to, in turn, introduce you to the Terracotta Pack.  Our good friends at Fortune Cookie Clothing Co. have seemingly perfected the art of using scorching hot models to sell clothing and accessories.

Entree Lifestyle Release their Spring Delivery Part 2

Entree Lifestyle just dropped the second part of their Spring Delivery.  This one features a number of different bucket hats & basketball jerseys.  Grab your favorite pieces here.

#CozyBoys Alert – Jimmy Sweatpants Army Pantone Collection

Comfort is king when it comes to clothing & apparel.  Nothing says comfort like a quality pair of sweatpants.  Jimmy Sweatpants has been killin’ the game with his line of sweatpants, and Sneaker Politics just stocked his recent “Army Pantone” collection.  Get your pair here.


Married to the Mob Summer ’14 Rockaway Swimsuits

Ladies, I don’t know much about your fashunn, but I do know one-pieces are where it’s at right now.  These are some new Rockaway Swimsuits from Married to the Mob.  Get right for summer, grab ‘em here.


The Hundreds X Tapatio Collection Has Finally Been Unveiled

After previewing the collection last week, The Hundreds as unveiled their entire collaboration collection with Tapatio Hot Sauce. The collection consists of a T-shirt and 10oz bottle of Tapatío hot sauce, both of which feature a graphic of Ben and Bobby Hundreds alongside Emelio, Tapatío’s iconic mascot. The T-shirt will be available in extremely limited quantities on Cinco De Mayo at all of The Hundreds’ flagship locations. The bottle will be included as a free gift with each purchase.

Publish Brand Legacy Jogger Pants Release Today

For quite awhile, the only pants you could get with a cuff at the bottom were the KITH Mercer pants.  Today brings on the Legacy Jogger Pants from Publish brand, which will give you a new option for pants with cuffs to show off your kicks.  The Legacy Jogger will be offered in 6 different colorways.  Head over to their online store at 10AM PST to grab a pair for yourself.

KITH Unveils Spring ’14 Indigo Collection

Kith NYC just released the lookbook for their upcoming Spring Indigo Collection.  It’s a 30 piece release that will have 3 separate release dates.  The first part of the release will be dropping on 4/26, which will be available at Kith locations as well as online.  May 3rd & May 10th will bring the rest of the pieces.  Head over to their website for a full breakdown.

Check Out Supreme’s 20th Anniversary Collection

Supreme is turning 20 this year. Over the past two decades the brand has solidified itself as one of the most successful streetwear brands of all time and they show no signs of slowing down. In celebration of the milestone, Supreme is releasing a 20th anniversary collection. They will be releasing their “Taxi Driver” t-shirt, iconic logo box t-shirt, and several skate decks. These t-shirts are originally released on their opening day 20 years ago. 

40s & Shorties New Lookbook By Van Styles

When you’re working with Van Styles, you know the final product going to turn out great. 40s & Shorties made a smart move when they enlisted him to shoot their new lookbook. In typical Van Styles fashion, the lookbook includes three beautiful ladies (Rachel Sterling, Daria Makuch and Loraine Day) in little-to-no clothing. New designs from 40s & Shorties include a bottles of Hennessy, gold wristwatches, low riders, rolling dice, and raining dollars.


Check Out Married to the Mob’s Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

Married to the Mob unveiled their new Spring/Summer lookbook today. Their latest collection, which consists of a variety of t-shirts and bathing suits, was definitely designed with the summer months in mind. MTTM enlisted the beautiful Sarah McSweeney to model to their new offerings, which are available now through their online store.

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