Entree LS Summer ’14 Collection Video Lookbook

Entree LS just dropped their USA-inspired Summer ’14 collection, and it is looking dope!  This is the video lookbook to let you get a preview of what they’re offering.  Head over to their online shop to grab your favorite pieces.

Hurley x USA Mens National Team World Cup Boardshorts

In support of this year’s World Cup, Hurley has released a collection of boardshorts, t-shirts, and hats for three countries that qualified for this year’s tournament. They are USA, Brazil, and France. In support of all things  ‘MERICA, we got our hands on a pair of the USA boardshorts.

You can own this ‘Doug Life’ T-Shirt for $25

For 25 bucks, I was kind of hoping it came with the model that’s not wearing any pants.  But… I checked… it’s just the T-Shirt.  


World Cup Jerseys if they Were Designed by Famous Fashion Designers

This isn’t the first time that Dead Dilly has re-imagined sports jerseys as if they were designed by fashion houses, check out what he did with the NBA here.  This time around he takes a look at what World Cup jerseys would look like if famous fashion designers had their hands in the design process.

E THE REAL Reps The U.S. With Their World Cup Collection

Our friends at E THE REAL, a Kansas based brand est. in 2010, are celebrating the 2014 World Cup with the release of a t-shirt inspired by competition. The limited edition piece is a bold, yet simple, patriotic tribute to the U.S. Mens National Team and their journey to the World Cup this summer. E THE REAL’s World Cup T-Shirt is now available for purchase now. Buy it here.


Jason Markk Flagship Store Collaboration Collection

Jason Markk recently opened it’s own flagship location in Los Angeles, and is releasing this collaboration collection to celebrate that.  The collection features pieces made in collaboration with the likes of RIF LA, Starter, ICNY, and Kill Spencer.  This will be the first offering exclusively out of the flagship location, but they have plans of doing many more.


2014 FIFA World Cup Jerseys for all 32 Teams

The World Cup kicks off tomorrow, and if you haven’t caught a case of World Cup fever then this shit just might infect you because these uniforms are sick AF.


Band of Outsiders Partners with Starbucks for Collaboration

Starbucks is releasing another fashion collaboration in the form of a drip mug.  Clothing brand ‘Band of Outsiders’ came up with this limited edition coffee mug for the most popular coffee shop in America, and it will be available in limited numbers starting tomorrow (June 10th).

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Akomplice Summer ’14 Collection

Akomplice Clothing recently released their summer ’14 lookbooks, and they feature some extraordinarily dope shit to keep you fresh as hell this summer.


Sneakhype Style: Sneakers with Suits Featuring Combatant Gentlemen

Sneakers & suits is not something that should be paired together often, but if you can make it work, it will definitely keep you comfortable in certain situations.


Been Trill Releases “No Boys Allowed” Swim Capsule Collection

Been Trill just released a capsule collection at PacSun featuring some swim pieces for the ladies.  The collection is called “No Boys Allowed,” and is available exclusively at PacSun right now.  How hot is the chick they used for the lookbook though?  Jeez, Louise.

Rap Shirts for White People are Absolutely Hilarious

Generalizing an entire group of people is always something that should be avoided, but these were just too funny to not share.  There’s this tumblr page “Rap Shirts for White People” that offers a pretty large selection of t-shirts with altered rap lyrics that are little less vulgar.  Head here to order your favorite.

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Chanelle Angelina models Fortune Cookie’s Terracotta Pack (+ you save 25%)

Allow me to introduce you to Chanelle Angelina… who would like to, in turn, introduce you to the Terracotta Pack.  Our good friends at Fortune Cookie Clothing Co. have seemingly perfected the art of using scorching hot models to sell clothing and accessories.

Entree Lifestyle Release their Spring Delivery Part 2

Entree Lifestyle just dropped the second part of their Spring Delivery.  This one features a number of different bucket hats & basketball jerseys.  Grab your favorite pieces here.

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