E THE REAL – “Stay Real” Collection

Our good friends at E THE REAL released their new “Stay Real” collection today. The collection consists of a variety of hoodies, crewnecks, and sweatpants all featuring E THE REAL’s classic graphics. Never one to shy away from their roots, the line pays tribute to the University of Kansas with a Blue/Crimson color scheme that is proudly displayed on their “Real Lawrence” Sweatpants. 

Entree Lifestyle Releases New Spring Quickstrike Collection for 2014

Entree Lifestyle just released their most recent collection for this year’s spring season.  The quickstrike collection features pays homage to the ancient culture of the roman gladiator.  Head over to their online shop to view the full offering.

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MADΞ Winter ’13 Collection

Being based out of Kansas ourselves, we always like to show love to local brands from our area. MADΞ is a young company coming out of Kansas City that recently caught our eye. They’ve got a clean look and a wide variety of products to choose from.


10 Up-And-Coming Brands To Watch Out For

New clothing companies are popping up on a daily basis it seems. Keeping track of all of them is nearly impossible, so we did the homework for you. Here are 10 up-and-coming brands that you should know about. When they blow up you can tell all your friends that you knew about them first.

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SmokSho – The Best Men’s Store On The Internet

SmokSho is revolutionizing the male shopping experience as we know it. The concept is simple. SmokSho gets really attractive females like Shay Maria, Tianna Gregory, and Misa Campo to model all of the products they sell. Whether you’re shopping for something in particular or just browsing, SmokSho guarantees you will always be satisfied when you visit their shop.  

E THE REAL & Connor Hays Release Limited Edition Boundary Kings Collection

Clothing company, E THE REAL, just released a limited edition capsule collection with photographer Connor Hays.  The collection features a t-shirt and hoody that are dedicated to the great astronauts and aerospace engineers who set new boundaries for humanity, and proved the sky is not the limit.  Purchase your favorite piece here.

In4mation 2014 Winter Lookbook

Hawaii based streetwear brand In4mation just released its 2014 winter lookbook. It may be their winter collection but the clothes have a warm-weather feel. The new goods consist mostly of t-shirts and hats with bright and bold graphics that In4mation is known for. Other items include crewneck sweaters and hoodies.


Featured Brand – Lust Limited

No matter the occasion, it’s important that your wrist game is proper. For those of you that want to keep it classy without blowing your entire paycheck, Lust Limited has got you covered. Their bracelets are the perfect option for stylish dudes that have yet to hit the lottery but want to look like they did. Lust has created a dope line of silicon bracelets that start at a very reasonable $25 bucks. Take a look at all of their offerings below and head over to the Lust Limited website to make your purchase.


Meet the Most Stylish Kid in the World: Alonso Mateo

If you’ve always been unsure of your own personal tastes when it comes to style, I urge you to proceed with caution, because this little guy might just ruin your confidence.  Alonso Mateo is 5-years-old, and dresses better than 99% of the population.  I will credit some of his amazing outfits to his mother, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, who is apparently an incredibly talented fashion stylist.  Stay up to date with Alonso’s latest fits on his mother’s Instagram here:  @luisafere.

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Everybody Is Hating On The 2014 NBA All Star Uniforms

Simply put, whoever designed these 2014 NBA All Star uniforms did a really bad job.

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Featured Brand – DROME NYC

It’s always refreshing to come across a new apparel and accessories company that puts an emphasis on art first.  DROME NYC is one of those rare gems — featuring work from the Brooklyn-based artist, Technodrome1.  DROME NYC offers unique framed prints, t-shirts, iPhone cases, skate decks, and more.                    Check out more and buy stuff at dromenyc.com.


Nike “Silver Speed” Super Bowl XLVIII Collection

Nike’s “Silver Speed” Super Bowl XLVIII collection has everything you need to stay warm during the big game. The collection features lifestyle pieces as well as on-field gear. As the name suggests, silver is a running theme throughout the entire collection which consists of a Pro Combat base layer, Vapor Shield Gloves, limited edition all-back Super Bowl jersey, Destroyer Jacket, and a few pairs of kicks. The “Silver Speed” collection is available at Nike now. 

Hoodsie – The Onesie For Adults

I had about zero interest in purchasing an adult onesie until I saw their Kickstarter video.  The captivatingly attractive co-founder, Lisa, lured me in.

Nike Element Half-Zip ($65)

Allow me to personally recommend this new premium running top from Nike.  I haven’t taken it off since I got it for Christmas.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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