Jessica Alba (12 Animated GIFs)

If you like Jessica Alba, you probably won’t like to watch this video clip of her getting spanked. 

Top 30 Best Photos of Katy Perry

What do you think?  Too many posts on hot chicks recently?  I say: not enough.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… KATY PERRY. 

25 Random Hot Chicks Taking Pictures of Themselves With iPhones

Who do I thank for this?  Steve Jobs? 


Rosie Jones and Sara Jean Underwood In A Cake Fight: Awesome

Who ever came up with the idea for this video is a genius. Take a look after the jump.


Terry Richardson & Kim Kardashian For The London Times

Terry Richardson is a G, and Kim Kardashian is usually pretty gorgeous.  Well, after looking at these two pics, Terry Richardson is still a G, and I don’t find Kim very attractive, at least in these two pics.  Apparently these are for the London Times, I hope there’s more pics to see later on.  I wonder if they made a sex-tape while they were at it, definitely would like to see that.

Random Hot Chicks

Here’s a few pictures of my ex-girlfriends. Enjoy.


Yours Truly: Mind At Large Collection

Yours Truly brand is getting ready to drop their new “Mind at Large” collection. Check out a preview of the upcoming line after the jump.

Jessica Simpson Is Fat, And You’d Totally Still Hit It

You know you’re down for the extra cushion for the pushin.  The ground and pound the round hound.  The flubber lover.  The roly-poly with several holeys.  The sow sucker.  And the straight up cow f*cker. 


3D Boob Wallets by Timo

Wallets. With pics of boobs on em. In 3D. And they hold money. Genius. Available here.

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Megan Daniels for Sprayground

A brand fresh on the scene, Sprayground, is garnering well deserved attention for their recent video release of Megan Daniels rocking their backpacks.  Check it: 

Elle Macpherson For LOVE Magazine

Damn she has some big… hair. Take a look at the entire spread after the jump.


Bullet Rings

Nothing says “I Wanna Do You” like the gift of a .357 MAG 24k gold plated bullet with cubic zirconia cap ring.  There are 8 rings to choose from, all for sale in any size, ranging from $160 to $450.  Get yours here. 


Mishka 2010 Fall Collection Photoshoot

Mishka, who is getting ready to drop their fall line, takes us on a behind the scenes look at their lookbook. The line looks good and the model they used is a bad bitch. Take a closer look after the jump.

Miss Universe: Official Swimsuit Pics – 80 Of The Sexiest Women In The Universe

I haven’t been keeping up with the Miss Universe pageant but I always look forward to the swimsuit contest. Take a look at 80 of the sexiest women the Universe has to offer after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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