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Got some simple, yet clean lookin’ shoes for you ladies.  Another good thing about these is you probably won’t see to many other girls wearing the same pair.  For the most part i think they look pretty sick, and i’m a little upset they don’t have some of these for men.  You can take a look at most of the line after the jump, these won’t be out till early 2010.

Eliza Dushku Brings It On For Complex

Miss Dushku has always been a huge crush of mine, so i’m hopin’ she reads this and gives me a call, don’t hesitate Eliza, my phones never off.  As far as the real reason behind posting this is so all you fools can take a look at some sexy, yet classy photos that were taken for Complex magazine.  Enough talkin’, start the droolin’, more pics after the jump.


Insa Heels Fall Preview

Our favorite producers of chicks kicks, Insa heels, gives us a lil SNEAKpeek at what’s comin’.  Me likey. 

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The Top 50 Most Scandalous American Apparel Ads

These are awesome.  Did you know American Apparel makes a “Tank Thong”?  You are about to experience the tank thong.  And some panties.  And some booty.  See this redhead?  You may know her as Faye Reagan.  She’s a porn star.  Do you know what that means?  That means that when she’s not modeling for American Apparel, she  ___s   _i_k for money.  Oh, and she’s real good at it; you should check it out.   Also, pretty cool little factoid here: she’s not the only pornstar that American Apparel has hired to model — they’ve also used Sasha Grey (my dear sweet Sasha Grey — love you baby), and most likely some others that I have not yet read about.


The Natalia Dress by *NYC Boutique

Damn, man.  This girl is just too hot for me handle.  If I saw her on the street wearing this, I would probably pull a Jim-Carrey-starring-in-The-Mask-ogling-Cameron-diaz-at-The-Bada-Bing “AHHHOOOOOGA!!”  Classic.  But back to the matter at hand… you need to check out these other pics:


Audrina Patridge for Maxim Magazine

Look at her scrubbing the floor with that toothbrush.  So bad.  I don’t know who this chick is, but she takes her clothes off for fame, and I like what she’s exposing.  You will too.  Apparently she was on the Hills, and now she’s starring in Sorority Row.  Enough jibba jabba — check the pics:


SUPER – Spring 2010

This is a preview of Italian sunglasses manufacturers Spring ’10 lineup.  You can’t get them just yet, however, you can get a ton of other SUPER shades (which are equally as dope as these) at their new webstore .  

Nike Gladiateur Sandals – Available Again

The very popular sandals from Nike, are available in limited quantity again.  This time you can grab them at Zappos, they are only available in the white colorway.  Grab ‘em quick ladies.  More views after the jump.

Paola Robba Spring/Summer ’10

The good thing about me showing everyone stuff like this is that it’s good for both you guys, as well as you ladies.  Guys, you get to look at pretty hot ladies in next to nothing.  Girls, you get to see fly clothing & swimwear that will be coming out in the future.  So, ladies & gents enjoy, and check out all the picks after the jump.

L.A.M.B. Justice Sandals

Pass the dutchie pon de left hand side, that’s what you ladies will be singing while your rockin’ these rasta lookin’ heels.  I think their sexy, so therefore you should buy them, and then wear them to my pad…. thanks.  More looks after the jump.


Studded Stunna Shades

I bet you can’t even see through these things.  Designer a-morir begs to differ: “they’re not see through but you can see through them.”  …so which is it?  You can see through them, or you can’t?  Make up your mind, F@%&er.  They go on to say, “they’re completely covered in hand-painted and hand-distressed pyramid studs they’re the shit.”  But you can be the judge of that.  You can actually buy these for $350 here. 


Nike Lunar Mariah TZ (Tier Zero)

Dropped in 3 colorways at 21 Mercer on Saturday.  Ladies, pair the red spackle with a skimpy black dress… and you will have stole my heart.  Check out the blue and black:


Upper Playground x Chrome – “Artist Series” Messenger Bags

If messenger bags are your bag, then these bags are definitely your bag baby, yeah.  (That was a lil throwback Austin Powers reference in case you didn’t catch it.)  It’s early… I’m just gettin warmed up.  You can pick these up at Upper Playground’s online store. 

Reebok Freestyle Global Stylist Series – London

Reppin the London segment of their Freestyle Global Stylist Series for 2009, Reebok team up with London-based stylist, singer, magazine founder and editor Namalee on these brand new Super Chic Freestyle sneakers. The shoes are given a metallic super hero-like theme. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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