Behind the Scenes With Kate Upton & Complex

Oh, man.  This video is probably the best thing I’ll watch on the internet this week.  No need for talking, just watch it.


NFL Lockout is Over! (20 Pics)

Thank God, Almighty!  The NFL lockout is finally over, and every man in this nation has been saved.  I don’t know what guys would have resorted to doing on Sunday’s with no football.  In celebration, here’s some hottie cheerleaders.

The Women of Entourage (23 Pics)

I’ve never been more excited for the premiere of a show then I am for this Sunday’s season premiere of Entourage.  In anticipation, I had to show some of my favorite ladies love.  I have to say that I am in love with Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino).  Who’s your favorite?


The Women Of US Soccer (17 pics)

Unfortunately, the ladies of the US Soccer team took a pretty hard loss yesterday.  We had a good run, but just couldn’t quite pull it out.  Now that this is over, is there even any other sports to watch?  I’m going to have a meltdown if something doesn’t start up soon.

Kelly from Kansas

So get this shit.  A friend of mine was browsing through the Daily Dopeness and he said he knew a chick that he saw on the Dopeness.  I said “Bullshit, Chris, you know like 4 people, and none of them are a chica from the Dope-sizzy.”  He said, “Dude no look.  Facebook her: Kelly Stewart.  I went to K-State with her.”  Sho-nuff, Chris was right.  Enjoy all her Facebook photos. Also, if you send her a friend request (which you should), you really need to click to add a comment and just say: SNEAKHYPE DOT COM.  She’ll get the memo if enough of y’all do it. 

Mila Kunis For GQ Magazine

Want to see Mila Kunis in her Panties? We thought so.


Hope Solo – America’s New Hero

It was pretty fun yesterday to watch women’s sport bashers transform into patriotic women’s soccer lovers.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t watch the game, I was pretty deep in a Batman marathon on AMC.  I did happen to catch all the highlights on ESPN though, and I have to say, I might be in love with Hope Solo.  How bad-ass of a name is that?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Vs. Megan Fox

With the new Transformers movie just coming out the other day, I felt we had to take a look at this epic battle of two hotties.  Obviously, you & I both know that if given the chance neither of these ladies would be denied.  Let’s say we’re in a dream world where you’re swatting off women left & right, and have to choose between the two.  Well, actually you would probably be able to have both at the point.  Whatever.  To the question though, who’s hotter?


Photography by Tony Kelly

Very interesting, and risque photographs we have here.  Proceed with caution.

This Is Handbra

Introducing the Handbra. Make sure you expand all the images to get the full effect.

India Reynolds for Front Magazine

I have no idea who this girl is, but I do know she’s been in a dopeness post of ours before.  She also happens to be extremely attractive.  Just get ready for a whole lot of sexiness.


So…Leonardo Dicaprio Is A Pimp

If you keep up with pop culture at all you probably heard that Leonardo Dicaprio recently broke up with his model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. Judging by Leo’s resume’ I doubt he’s too worried about it though. He’s got some very impressive notches on his belt. His old flames include Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Carmen Electra and Gisele Bündchen. Take a look at some more women that were once Leo’s girlfriend after the jump.


Sasha Grey & Lindsey Lohan by Richard Phillips (Video)

Unfortunately, most of you that read this title might be a little disappointed after hitting the jump.  This is not some unreleased adult film featuring the two.  It’s actually two separate videos done by Richard Phillips.  Quite an artistic touch put on both the videos.

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Playboy Sole Mates – Top 23 Air Jordans Ever

Playboy just released their top 23 Jordan’s of all-time feature.  We have a behind-the-scenes video shoot, as well as a few of the shots from the feature.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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