OK these boobs are just stupid (22 safe for work pics)

I might be even more stupid than these here boobs… for not actually knowing if it’s some sort of costume, Photoshop, surgery, or some combination of those.  Legend has it: it’s none of the above.  


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (31 pics)

2 Doses of Dopeness for Hump Day.  Here’s the SNEAKHYPE family secret recipe: Equal parts butts and Dopeness. 

‘Tittae Tuesdae’ is actually French for ‘Boob Tuesday’ (33 pics)

That translation is accurate.  Trust me.  I’m a blogger.

5 Girls You Should Follow on Instagram

Makes some room in your feed for 5 more fine ladies. 


Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Pics)

Thursday wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of Thigh Gap. 


‘Stuff In My Tatas’ – Girl puts basically anything in her cleavage

Praise the Internet gods for this little dandy that we have here my friends.  


Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment Federation Collection

Ladies, how about a nice accessory to rep your squad during the World Cup.  You’ll definitely break away from the norm of soccer jerseys and t-shirts with these tights from Nike.  The Federation Collection features 4 different tights with prints inspired by the U.S., France, England, and Brasil.  Purchase your favorite here.


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (29 pics)

Sweet butts on the reg.

Nothin’ to see here, folks. Just 29 boobs pics for Tuesday’s Tittaes.

Move along people.  They’re just top-notch quality boobs pics.

Sideboob Saturday Tat Her Day (34 pics)

Take a mid-weekend break with some beautiful ladies and tattoos as we celebrate Saturday.


Forget the World Cup, You Need to Watch these Ladies Play Soccer in Lingerie

The World Cup is obviously pretty awesome.  But if you’re needing a breaking from the dramatics of that whole thing, then you need to check out these lovely ladies playing soccer in some lingerie.


Thigh Gap Thursday (24 Gaps)

More like thigh faps…  Amirite?


This Voluptuous Broad is The Leader of a Mexican Cartel’s Assassination Squad

Like something straight out of a Kill Bill movie, this Bad Bitch Contest 1st place winner, Claudia Ochoa Felix, is the 27 year-old leader of the infamous “Los Antrax” kill squad.  Los Antrax is the mean muscle behind the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel — used for security, as well as, to carry out hits and revenge attacks. Apparently Felix is the lover of former hit squad leader, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who is now in prison.  Felix is believed to have taken over his authoritative duties since his incarceration in January of this year.  She has 3 children, one seen below covered in money. And although she is allegedly tied to — and responsible for — the deaths of many, the media won’t ever really cast her in a bad light because, well, she’s pretty attractive…                 Here is a link to her Twitter. Stay safe. Don’t do drugs. source: dailymail


Hump Day Dopenasty – Part I (29 pics)

Totally not safe for work.  …Unless your work is to curate galleries of nice ass like this depicted douchebag.  OK yeah that’s me.  I’m sorry that I am not sorry.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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