So... Remember McKayla Maroney..? (19 pics)

So... Remember McKayla Maroney..? (19 pics)


So... Remember McKayla Maroney..? (19 pics)

Everyone remembers McKayla Maroney.  She was one of the handful of teenage girls that it’s OK for adult men to talk about once every four years… the “Fierce Five” or some shit.  She stole our hearts with just one look:


So here we are four years later and she’s, um… a bit different now.


Pictured above: McKayla Maroney happy to show the world her sweet new boobs… and her oral fixation.

She seems to really be enjoying the kale smoothie.  Probably because she was just really thirsty.

Exhibit A: Like really really super thirsty.

Exhibit A: Pretty thirsty.


Exhibit B: Getting thirstier.

Exhibit B: Like really really super thirsty.


Exhibit C: OK, clearly she's thirsty for Exhibit D.

Exhibit C: OK, clearly she’s thirsty for Exhibit D.

All right.  I’ll quit narrating the new photos of mckayla maroney and just hit you with the pics.

mckayla-maroney-new-pics-20 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-18 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-17 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-15 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-14 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-13 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-11 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-6 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-8 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-9 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-10 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-5 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-4 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-3 mckayla-maroney-new-pics-2

And that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

With the Summer Olympics in Rio starting on August 5th, you can probably expect McKayla to work her way back into more headlines soon.  Get up-to-the-minute lips and boobs updates by following her on Instagram. @mckaylamaroney

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