Featured Hottie - Mia Khalifa (30 Pics)

Featured Hottie - Mia Khalifa (30 Pics)


Featured Hottie - Mia Khalifa (30 Pics)


There has never been someone more deserving of a Featured Hottie Gallery than Mia Khalifa. In case you’re unfamiliar with Mia, she’s a 21-year old Porn Star living in Miami. She just recently surpassed Lisa Anne as the #1 most searched for Porn Star on Pornhub and her popularity is still growing. 

Mia has also been a huge supporter of Sneakhype ever since we declared her the hottest girl on the internet. She was even featured in Newsweek wearing a Sneakhype t-shirt. As you may have guessed, we’re also huge supporters of Mia and we felt it was our duty to put together the ultimate Mia Khalifa gallery.

Below are about 30 of the best Mia Khalifa pics we could find. Most of these came from Mia Khalifa’s Twitter. We highly recommend that you follow her.

UPDATE 4/9/15: We’ve added 11 NEW pictures of Mia Khalifa below. Enjoy.

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^^ Mia Khalifa rocking some Sneakhype gear. You can purchase your own Sneakhype t-shirt right here.


^^ This is the pic that started it all. Read our first write-up on Mia right here

Here are 11 NEW pics of Mia Khalifa.

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