Featured Hottie - Halle Diez (36 pics)

Featured Hottie - Halle Diez (36 pics)


Featured Hottie - Halle Diez (36 pics)

18 year-old California-based Halle Diez is a scorcher with top-notch selfie-taking skills.

Halle, you are a queen.

Halle doesn’t yet have a Facebook, so for up-to-the-minute creeper updates, you can follower her @hallediez on Instagram. She also has a Tumblr. Here is a bit more about her from the FAQ page:

What is your name?

Halle Diez

What is your bra size?

At this moment I’m a 34DD

How old are you?


How tall are you?

I’m 5’8.5”

Where do you live?

I live in Temecula, California. It’s a city near San Diego

Nudes? Fan signs?

No; probably not

Facebook or phone number?

I don’t give out any info except my Instagram.

What’s your Instagram?


Are you single?

Yessir. But I’m really not looking for a relationship.

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