Miley Cyrus Stops By Terry Richardson's Studio

My girlfriend recently paid a visit to Terry Richardson’s studio, and these are the photos that came from that visit. The 2 worked together for a Harper’s Bazaar feature not too long ago, and decided to do another shoot for fun.

Check out Terry’s Diary here.

miley-cryus-terry-richardson-5 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-2 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-3 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-4 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-6 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-7 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-8 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-9 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-10 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-11 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-12 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-13 miley-cyrus-terry-richardson-14 miley-cyrus-terry-richardsons-1

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