Tianna Gregory by Van Styles

Tianna Gregory by Van Styles


Tianna Gregory by Van Styles

How about some eye candy to help you through your Monday? My man Van Styles has got you covered. Here’s a bunch of shots from a recent shoot that Van had with Tianna Gregory. Gorgeous.

Check out Tianna on Twitter here. Stay up to date with Van over at his website.

tianna-gregory-1 tianna-gregory-2 tianna-gregory-3 tianna-gregory-4 tianna-gregory-5 tianna-gregory-6 tianna-gregory-7 tianna-gregory-8 tianna-gregory-9 tianna-gregory-10 tianna-gregory-11 tianna-gregory-12 tianna-gregory-13 tianna-gregory-14 tianna-gregory-15 tianna-gregory-16

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