Bullet Rings

Nothing says “I Wanna Do You” like the gift of a .357 MAG 24k gold plated bullet with cubic zirconia cap ring.  There are 8 rings to choose from, all for sale in any size, ranging from $160 to $450.  Get yours here

source: likecool

bullet-rings ring3 ring_357_MAG_with_CZ_Cap_Brass_Bullet_Ring_$260 ring_357_MAG_Rhodium_Plated_and_CZ_Cap_Flower_Ring_$475 ring_45_AUTO-rh_plated_CZ-cap-pinkie imagesrings45_AUTO_24k_gold_Z_flower_ring_up BG051710-02frt_rhod BG051710-02frt_gold 45_AUTO_gold_CZ_cap_pinkie_ring
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