Sexiest Woman in the World? ...meh

Sexiest Woman in the World? ...meh


Sexiest Woman in the World? ...meh

FHM has crowned Marisa Miller (age 31) as the sexiest woman in the world. Sneakhype says: false. I’m not sayin she’s not hot, but come on… sexiest woman in the world? Who is paying who for that title? Or should I say… who is blowing whom? Here are 7 reasons why she’s easily not the hottest chick on the planet:

  1. Kinda old.
  2. Her ass just ain’t doin it for me.
  3. She’s frikkin married.
  4. Kinda scary lookin face.
  5. She’s not a bad bitch.
  6. This chick.
  7. Shit yeah she looks good in the SI swimsuit issue, but holy photoshop… I feel like I’m looking at a totally different person than her other photos. Hell, they could airbrush some massive tits on me, raise my jaw line, take off my leg hair, shrink my nose, and give me a wig… and I bet half you dudes would think twice. Yeah I said it. Photoshop CS5 is a fucking powerful tool, bra.

But that’s just me. Decide for yourself:

source: FHM

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