How to Make Deep Fried Turkey Balls with TJ Miller

Want to switch up your normal Thanksgiving meal?  Watch as TJ Miller and Chef Andy Windak make deep fried turkey balls.  Be the most impressive dude at your next friendsgiving, and show up with a 12 pack of some good beer & these turkey balls.

Step Inside this North Hillcrest Home Located in Beverly Hills

This would not be a bad way to spend $85 million.  1181 North Hillcrest is located in Beverly Hills atop the Trousdale Estates.  The home features 23,000 square feet of pure luxury living.  Amenities include Bentley leather stitched furniture, James Bond-inspired bar, open garage concept, 7 bedrooms, and one amazing view.  Learn more over on the home’s website.

Throw Some Singles in this Unofficial LEGO Strip Club Set

LEGO is probably not too happy about this.  This custom LEGO Strip Club set was built by Citizen Brick.  They don’t discriminate at this strip club, both male & female strippers are included.  How much to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind collection?  $275.  Available to purchase here.

Mercedes Benz Shows off New Maybach S Class

Maybach is back.  After taking some time off, the popular luxury edition from Mercedes-Benz has returned with an all-new S Class.  The Mercedes Maybach S600 once again makes shotgun a thing of the past with their super cozy backseat space.  Extra long leg room, flat screen TVs, and for some reason, an intercom system to communicate with the driver because you might hate actually interacting with people.  Look for these to release in the early-goings of 2015.

Jimmy Kimmel Makes a Kim Kardashian Snow Blower

A Kim Kardashian Snow Blower?  Jimmy Kimmel just loves pissing Kanye West off.

Greats Brand Breaks out the Tartan for Holiday Royale Pack

Greats Brand is getting ready to drop a limited holiday pack featuring their Royale model.  The two new colorways feature the popular holiday pattern, Tartan.  Each shoe will be available for $179.  They both release on 11/25, but you can head here to sign up for early access to purchase your pair.

KITH Classics Unveils New Small Goods Collection

KITH Classics is a new division of Ronnie Fieg’s KITH brand that features new pieces that will be regularly stocked by the brand in-store & online.  A couple weeks ago they released the clothing part of that new line, and now we have a look at the smalls goods collection.  The collection features bags, underwear, jewelry, and more.  Everything is set to release in-store now & online tomorrow, November 22nd.

The Big Book of Bacon ($15)

America’s love for bacon is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Much like the fabulous taste of sriracha, bacon is an undeniable flavor.  The Big Book of Bacon features recipes with bacon ranging from basic to complex, and breakfast to dessert.  Recipe books are always good to own, especially one that glorifies bacon so much.  Head here to purchase your copy for $15.


Never Lose your Keys again thanks to Motorola Keylink

If you’re anything like most people, you are the king or queen of misplacing your keys.  Your mind is running a million miles an hour trying to figure out where you last put them, you’re running late to where you need to be, it can be quite stressful.  Luckily, we now have the Motorola Keylink.  The Keylink can pair with either your iPhone or Android, it will make your phone ring within 100 feet, and can locate your keys using a map.  The Keylink is also a durable piece of tech, and is splash proof as well.  Learn more here.


Wale & Jerry Seinfeld discuss Hoarding Sneakers & Jordans

As a part of Complex’s latest cover story, they just released another new video of the two friends discussing an important topic:  Owning 500 sneakers.  Jerry says no one owns that many, Wale says he’s lost that many.  Either way, it’s fun to watch these two interact.

Enterbay Unveils their Most Realistic Michael Jordan Action Figure Yet

Enterbay is known for making realistic action figures, but none quite on this level.  Known as the HD Masterpiece edition, a fake MJ has never looked so real.  The action figure is 1/4th scale instead of their usual 1/6th.  Look for the MJ toy to hit US retailers in the near future.


Mophie’s Powerstation Plus has a Built-In Charging Cable

Well, it actually has two built-in charging cables.  The new Mophie Powerstation Plus is a portable charger that comes complete with a built-in cable so you can charge the device itself, as well as a built-in cable for charging your phone.  Now you have no excuse for your phone dying.  The Powerstation Plus is available in 4 different sizes:  3000, 5000, 7000, and 12,000 mAh.  Prices range from $79.95-$149.95.  Head here to purchase yours.

Show your Love for Social Media with this $825 Hashtag Ring

You will need to have a lot of love for social media if you’re going to cop this bad boy.  Just a simple hashtag ring?  Nah.  Well, kind of.  It’s a simple design, but the ring features 18K yellow gold with a diamond total of .1 carats.  What does that make for?  A $825 Hashtag Ring available at Bloomingdales.  Buy it here.

Watch 3 Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time Ever

This is hilarious.  Washington recently made it legal for the recreational use of marijuana.  In celebration these 3 grandmas smoke weed for the first time in their lives.  The best part is the far left grandma do the sign of the cross before she hits the bong.  Enjoy.

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