Snapchat of the Week (April 14th – April 20th)

Greetings from the Executive Snapchat Committee. Thanks to all who submitted — We are continually overwhelmed with badass snaps from readers like you, and it’s just awesome. Keep ‘em coming. As always, send your entries to: Have a snappable week!


Here Are 8 Classic Greg Popovich Interviews You Need To See

As alluded to in our Western Conference playoff preview, San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich is not only a superlative tactical mind, but a worthy internet sensation, in both GIF and Video form. Check some of these classic Pop interviews after the jump.


NBA Playoff Preview in GIF Form: The Western Conference

On Friday, we previewed the NBA’s eastern conference in GIF form. Today, it’s time for the West. And just as the West is more competitive than the East in the NBA, we stepped up our GIF game for this gallery.

Snapchat of the Week (April 6th – the 13th)

Greetings from the Executive Snapchat Committee. Thanks to all who submitted–We are continually overwhelmed with badass snaps from readers like you, and it’s just awesome. Keep ‘em coming. We’ve already received some submissions for next week! As always, send your entries to: Have a snappable week!

8 Rad Posters Inspired by Rap Lyrics

As the name suggests, the folks over at the Hip Hop Art Project are creating rad art relating to Hip Hop. Grounded in the classics but with some contemporary flair, and basing their posters on song lyrics, these highly detailed portraits offer a nice replacement to the cliche album posters that litter dorm rooms. Peep their posters and the lyrics that inspired them after the jump and on their website.

NBA Playoff Preview in GIF Form: The Eastern Conference

With march madness coming to a close, what are you to do in the intermittent week and a half without high-stakes tournament basketball? Thankfully, we have a solution: look at GIFs from teams that are in contention to make the NBA Playoffs.

Snapchat of the Week (March 29th – April 5th)

Greetings from the Executive Snapchat Committee. As always, these are all original snaps from readers like yourself. Think your Snaps are better? Enter them! Shoot us an email with your snaps for next week’s contest:

#TBT: 16 George Costanza GIFs to express yourself with

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a George Costanza GIF worth? Instead of replying to questions with text or emojis, try using these classic George Costanza GIFs. After all, it is Throwback Thursday.

Save a Cow, Grab a Dynomighty Wallet

Scenario: You’re macking on a girl and it’s going well. Conversation is flowing, you offer to not only take her out to dinner, but to pay for her drink. Before the bill comes, she informs you that she’s a vehement supporter of animal rights, and that the dinner you just offered will have to be vegan friendly.

12 Household Items To Wipe Your Ass With When You Run Out Of T.P.

Shit! You just ran out of TP while scrolling through yesterday’s Dopeness on your toilet. This shitch1 is rough, unless your TP can to this: So, how do you solve the problem? Here’s the official Sneakhype-approved list of household items with which to wipe yer ass: shitch – noun, meaning: a situation that involves shits [↩]

SneakiHow: How To Make It Look Like You Did the Class Reading

It’s that time of the semester when your enthusiasm for class has waned; spring break is upon us, and in the weeks before and after, who’s going to have time for ACTUALLY reading assigned material?  


DOTW: The Grown/Morning Man’s Corona Limona

Tailgates, fantasy football draft day, the week leading up to fantasy football draft day, 10:30 a.m. meetings, The Price is Right drinking game,1 a need to redeem last night’s loss and demand a rematch in US vs Nam-pong,2 brunch — these are all reasons why the Sneakhype Bro craves a morning drink.  There are several variations on this classic, but the general guidelines are as follows: – Drink everytime someone is wearing a custom price is right shirt. – Drink everytime someone hugs/kisses Drew Carey (1/2 for a hug, 1 for a kiss) – Drink everytime everyone overbids – Drink everytime someone bids a dollar – Drink the whole time someone is coming down the aisle to the contestants row – Drink everytime someone bids one dollar over the person behind them. – Drink everytime the showcase is a dining room set or other crappy prize. – Drink everytime the person is visibly dissappointed with their crappy showcase. – Drink everytime someone doesn’t spin the big wheel all the way around. – If plinko is one of the games, finish the drink you have. – Drink the whole time a plinko chip is in play – Drink every time a contestant is… More →

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