Thursday Dopeness

Sorry for the short Dopeness today. I’ve been doing some traveling. Perhaps I could interest you in some left-over Hump Day Dopeness? 

Bob Marley Is Finally Getting His Own Strain of Marijuana

The late, great Bob Marley is known as much for his music as he his for his love of Marijuana. He was a huge advocate for the plant throughout his life and his estate has decided to continue his legacy by partnering with Privateer Holdings to create an official Bob Marley strain of weed. Privateer Holdings is more than capable of offering a product that would make Bob proud. They are one of the leading companies in the legal-Marijuana market and currently own the largest Cannabis farm in the world (60,000 sq. feet). Bob Marley’s signature strain, Marley Natural, will be sourced from the company’s high-grade crops. The blend will be hitting 420-friendly states in the U.S. midway through 2015.

Check out the new collaboration between adidas Originals and Black Scale

Black Scale recently joined forces with adidas Originals to create this new capsule collection. The collaboration features 2 pairs of shoes, the ZX 7000 and Forum Hi, and a long sleeve t-shirt. All of the pieces feature a combination of multi-colored camos colors reminiscent of BAPE’s camo creations. Check out the entire collection below.


Every Sneakerhead Should Build This Affordable DIY Ikea Sneaker Shelf

Finding room to store all of your kicks is a common problem amongst sneakerheads. If you’re looking for a cool way to organize/display your collection you should try out this DIY sneaker shelf.  It’s affordable and can hold up to 32 pairs of kicks.


26 Awesome Dream Homes

These dream homes should help motivate you. 

Famous Works of Art Recreated Using Masking Tape

Japanese artist Nasa Funahara has been recreating famous paintings using only masking tape. She creates her art by layering colorful masking tape and shaping it to resemble pieces like The Mona Lisa and The Starry Night. Nasa has admitted to owning around 450 rolls of masking tape, each featuring a different pattern. The pieces take around one week to complete. Take a closer look at her work below. 


Watch Nigel Stanford Show How Music Effects Matter

Prepare yourself for the coolest video you will watch today. Nigel Stanford recently decided to test the true power of music and the effect that it has on matter. In the short video Nigel uses water, paint, fire, and powdered beads to show how sound waves can transform matter. Check out the awesome experiment above. 

The First Batmobile Ever Made Is Available For Purchase

The very first Batmobile ever made is going up for auction. Unlike the other Batmobile’s we’ve seen in recent years, this one is based on the very first design from the original comic books from the 1940’s. The custom Lincoln features a huge center tail fin, black/red color scheme and a bat face for the grill. It will be auctioned off by Heritage auctions. The car is predicted to sell for around $90,000. This is must-have for die-hard Batman fans with deep pockets. Take a closer look below. 

Sunday Animation Dopeness (18 Gifs)

The Kim Kardashian Keurig is one of the better GIFs I’ve seen in awhile.

Dan Bilzerian and @FakeWatchBusta team up to destroy fake watches

Dan Bilzerian and @FakeWatchBusa, two of Instagram’s most entertaining accounts, teamed up to destroy some fake watches with a .50 Caliber rifle. The duo destroyed a fake Rolex, Hublot and Breitling. The only thing missing from this video is the clan half-naked girls that typically follows Mr. Bilzerian around. What’s up with that Dan?

Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Gaps)

Thursday and Thigh Gaps: a match made in heaven.

Breezy Excursion X DJ Amen – Blessed Capsule Collection

Breezy Excursion just restocked their “Blessed” capsule collection they made in collaboration with DJ Amen. The collection consists of a couple t-shirts two pairs of sweatpants. Make sure to stock up before it sells out again.

Thursday Dopeness

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This artist combined pop culture with classical paintings

Artist Dave Pollot combines his love of pop culture and art with these classical paintings. Each one depicts a beautiful landscapes featuring notable characters from tv shows, movies, and even video games. Check out his work below and head over to his website to purchase a print.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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