Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Gaps)

We didn’t invent the Thigh Gap, just Thigh Gap Thursday.


Gatorade Pays Homage To Derek Jeter In New “Made In New York” Commercial

With Derek Jeter getting ready to play his last home game ever later this month, Gatorade decided it was the perfect time to release this gem of a commercial. The ad follows Jeter as he walks around NYC interacting with his fans and just being the all-around badass that he is. The Frank Sinatra soundtrack doesn’t hurt either. Check it out above. 

Archer quotes on pictures of James Bond are hilarious

It’s pretty much impossible not to read these in Archer’s voice. 

Thursday Dopeness (34 Pics)

Do you guys realize that there are people out there that have NEVER experienced the Dopeness? We must change this. Hit the share button. Do your part. 

You can live like a Jedi in this Star Wars house

I’ve never seen Obi-Wan Kenobi’s house, but if I had to guess, it would probably look just like this place. This pad, which is located in Korea, was designed by Moon Hoon to look like a spaceship. The interior is a little less modern than the exterior but it’s very nice nonetheless. One of the coolest features is probably the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that doubles as a secret door. Take a closer look at the residence below. 

The Nike Air Mag Is Now Being Sold As A Halloween Costume

It was announced this week that Universal Studios has agreed to let the famed Nike Air Mag from Back To The Future be sold as a Halloween costume. The costume version of the Air Mag’s are not an actual Nike shoe (they feature no Nike branding), but they still look pretty legit for a movie replica.  The Universal Studios endorsed kicks feature light-up soles, a USB connecter, and a collector’s edition box. They are being sold for $100 a pair. That’s not bad compared to thousands of dollars people were paying for official Nike release of the futuristic shoes.

Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel

We got any dog lovers in the building? This one is for you.

You Need To Lower Your Standards And Follow Average Life Goals on Twitter

Are your standards a bit too high? Are your goals out of reach? Then you need to follow Average Life Goals on Twitter. They understand and appreciate mediocracy. Follow: @AverageGoals


Stance Socks Headquarters Are Like A Playground For Adults (Video)

I don’t know how you would get any work done in an office life this. The Stance Socks headquarters are filled with everything you need to distract yourself from the boring responsibilities of your job. They’ve got a fully stocked kitchen, mini ramp, driving range, and a basketball court. I’ve just got one question for you Stance, are you guys hiring?

Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back Surge Thanks To The Internet

Buzzfeed announced today that Coca-Cola will be bringing back Surge. Surge was first released in 1996 but turned out to be an epic failure. Production of the green drink was ended about 5 years later due to lack of interest from consumers. 

Super “Bad” Mario Is Here To Ruin Your Day (Video)

Some genius decided to add Mario into a fail compilation. The resulting video is everything we hoped it would be and more.

30 Awesome Bridges From Around The World

These are some top quality bridges right here. The Golden Gate has nothing on ‘em. 


Sneaker Porn (23 Pics)

Give me two purr, I need two purr. 

Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” Commercials

Apple’s recent iPhone keynote left Samsung feeling some type of way. They created six videos making fun of the Apple keynote live stream failure, larger screen size, the new Apple watch and more. But don’t let Samsung’s tactics fool you. We all know the iPhone is where it’s at. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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