Gourmet Footwear Summer 2014 Lookbook

Gourmet Footwear released its Summer 2014 lookbook this week which was shot in Los Angeles. Their latest collection consists of several fan favorites including the 35 Lite, Deici, Cinque, and Uno. The kicks are dressed up in Italian suede, camo print, multicolored woven textiles, Italian cork, and more. Look for this collection to drop online and at Gourmet retailers on May 3rd. 


Meet Neal Unger, The 60 Year Old Skateboarder (Video)

If you’ve ever felt like you are too old to to learn how to skate, or do anything for that matter, this video will make you reconsider that notion. Neal Unger is a 60 year old dude who just recently picked up skateboarding. Although he admits he is not the best skateboarder around, he claims it is a very therapeutic hobby. Watch the video and get inspired. 

Facts of Modern Day Life Visualized Using Info Graphics

The facts of life are easier to digest when they are explained using simple info graphics. This itself is a fact of life. 


5 Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

If you’ve been keeping up with our new recurring feature, 5 Girls You Should Follow on Instagram, you’re feed is probably filled with beautiful women at this point. While beautiful women are great, it’s nice to have some variety in your life. So we thought it would be cool to introduce our readers to some of the best photographers on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites.


Check Out The Upcoming Nike X Pigalle Capsule Collection

Thanks to Dazed, we now have a preview of the entire Nike X Pigalle capsule collection which comes right on the heels of Nike’s collaboration with Ricardo Tisci. The collection includes two matching jersey and shorts sets, two pairs of Air Force 1s, T-shirts, basketballs, and accessories. As you can see, the AF1′s have an aged look which was achieved by adding paint and rubbing it off, according to Pigalle’s designer Stephane Ashpool. Check out the entire collection below and head over to Dazed to read the entire article. 

6 Ridiculous Items You Should Blow Your Tax Return On

Today is tax day. It’s probably one of the most hated days of all time besides Mondays. But the one good thing about doing your taxes is that (in most cases) it means you will be getting a tax return. It’s a well known fact that a decent tax return can turn the average citizen into a baller for a week or two. If you feel like stuntin’ on that free money, here are 6 items you should considering purchasing. Trust me, you won’t regret ir.

Watch The Official Trailer For “Gone Girl” Starring Ben Affleck (Video)

Here we the trailer for the new David Fincher directed thriller, Gone Girl. The movie is based on the best selling novel by Gillian Flynn. The film stars Ben Affleck as a husband  whose wife suddenly goes missing on the night of their anniversary, leaving people to wonder if he is innocent or responsible for her disappearance.

The Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ever (Video)

Wow. How did this dude even make it on the show? Or into college for that matter? He missed out on a million dollars and a car and made a fool of himself in the process.

5 Girls You Need To Follow On Instagram

You can never follow too many hot girls on Instagram. These five definitely deserve to make an appearance on your feed.


Sneaker Porn (23 Pics)

The following gallery will most likely convince you to go out and buy 3-5 new pairs of kicks. Proceed with caution.

Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour? (Video)

An age-old question is finally answered.


Stop What You’re Doing, 40oz Van Just Updated His Tumblr (25 Pics)

When 40oz Van updates his Tumblr, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Bugatti Legend Series – Black Bess Edition

Legendary car company Bugatti continues their Legends series with the new “Black Bess” Veyron.


Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Chengdu (Part 2)

Eddie Huang continues his adventure through China in part 2 of Fresh off the Boat: Chengdu. In this episode, Eddie hits up the Dead Sea Resort and gets buried in salt, swims in one of the worlds most crowded swimming pools, and eats some baby pig dick. Check it out.

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