Super Eyewear – Summer 2011

SUPER Eyewear is stepping it up with their new Summer line.  Coming in hot with several new styles that incorporate wood inlays handmade in Italy, so you know it’s good. (The Fonz probably made it).  SUPER is pumping out solid shades faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger can pump out illegitimate children.

Woodsman Axe Coffee table

London designer Chris Duffy was sitting around his studio one day when he glanced down at his coffee table and thought to himself, “This table is quite nice but it’s missing something… ah yes axes”. (If you say this with an English accent it sounds more believable).  The Woodsman Axe Coffee Table is a sleek, modern addition to your living room and it comes in handy if you ever need to chop some extra fire wood.

Nike Air Max Light

Fresh out of the waffle iron, the new Nike Air Max Light in ripstop triple black doesn’t disappoint.  With red and yellow color pop on the tongue, outsole, and air bubble cushioning there is just enough contrast to make these murdered out Nikes not just another pair of black kicks.

Vans Vault Authentic One Piece LX (13 Pics)

If you’re missing the pigskin days of football season you may want to strap these kicks on your little piggies.  The Vans Vault is releasing the all pigskin One Piece LX, a continuation of their ridonkulously successful Authentic line.  Pick up these porkers at Vans Vault dealers.

Mustache Cufflinks

For most of us cufflinks aren’t an everyday accessory, even when getting dressed up for an important business meeting or wedding.  Hell, I’ll even roll commando to a funeral… but when you really want to impress those accounts or bridesmaids you’re going to need the often over looked and often underrated cufflinks.  Mustaches aka hipster identification cards are everywhere these days. They are even showing up on cufflinks, Mustache Cufflinks will definitely make you look classy or under 30.

Santa Monica House

This fresh house in Santa Monica boasts an ultra modern exterior.  However, don’t let the tonal colors of this Southern Cal crib fool you the interior and rear of this abode pop with color and a plethora of floor to ceiling windows.  Along with the hot design and architecture this house by Steven Kent overflows with eco friendly attributes that are sure to make your lady friends all hot and bothered  

Artist Kris Kuksi

The creeperific-beautifully, intricate, yet coldly macabre art stylings of Kris Kuksi are unique to his work.  Industrial and graceful his sculptures are like organic machines, similar to Lil’ Kim’s face… smooth but with sharp edges.  So much detail and time go into each piece there should be a huge “Do Not Touch” sign around each one. Source: Druther


Asics x Ronnie Fieg Colab

What’s better than a fresh pair of Asics?  How about an all suede pair of Asics colab with Ronnie Fieg, noted footwear designer and aficionado.  This is just a sneak peek at the brand spankin’ new all blue suede Asics and not a bad one considering the kicks are on what I can only assume is a firing chica.

The Herschel Supply CO.

The Herschel Supply Company comes straight out of Canada ay!  Steeped in tradition the brand brews up a solid mix of traditional bags that have clean lines built around quality.  Don’t be fooled by the throwback exteriors of these bags, they come jammed with all the functionality of modern bags.  They just have a little extra sumptin’… style. Get your grubby mitts on them here. Source: Druther

D*Face Time-Lapse Mural

Artist D*Face recently worked his magic on a 60 ft outdoor wall at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles to promote his new solo show Going No Where Fast.  Some people post up fliers at coffee shops to promote their art shows.  D*Face decided he didn’t want to waste the paper so he slapped this behemoth up on the wall. Source: Juxtapoz

Eastern Eggs: Artist & Robot Decorated Wooden Eggs

Hard boiled Easter Eggs go bad and are just a bit weird.  Wooden Eastern Eggs are weirder but in a good way, like when a nurse makes you turn your head and cough. With 14 different artist and robot (yes robot) drawn eggs to choose from you might just have to get your grubby mitts on all of the Eastern Eggs.  Especially when you find out that a portion of the proceeds go to the Red Cross Japan relief aide.

Graffiti Utility Pack By Spray Ground

Finding a cherry spot to hit some graff can be hard to come by these days and often involves sketchy climbs followed by a quick getaway.  Cruising around with bulky spray cans in your pockets or a crate can draw unwanted attention for the local po po’s and make it difficult to run from those pesky paunchy police.  The good folks at Spray Ground have custom built a backpack that easily conceals stores up to 8 spray cans and looks like a normal pack that an everyday, normal stand up citizen might be walking around with.

The iBox By Thodio

Ipod docks are getting more elaborate everyday so it’s always a relief to see an iPod dock that takes it back to the old school with simple styling and construction.  The iBox by Thodio does just that by building their iPod speaker out of such fine materials like rich mahogany, oak, teak and several other lavish woods. Source: Druther


Sculptures By Jiri Geller (15 Pics)

Finnish artist Jiri Geller takes pop culture to the next level in his work. His art is dark and playful, kind of like Megan Fox… This is probably just my excuse to post pictures of Megan Fox. Enjoy. Disclaimer: Not all pics are MF but they’re hot.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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