MWM Graphics – Skate Decks

The above are some handpainted decks from MWM Graphics.  As they are handpainted, they are super exclusive, and you’d have to put in a private bid to cop one.  But, you can get the mass produced decks that you see after the jump for 55 dollars, and they’re equally as dope.

Filter017 – Impact Illustration Magazine

Filter017 is a graphics design studio out of China… or Japan… honestly, I don’t know, maybe Korea.  I can’t read East Asian characters of any type.  As bigoted as that sounds… but hey, all I’m going off is the writing on the mag.  Notice on the top pic — the two elephants…?  Now that’s impactful illustration.  Check out the pics after the jump — the mag is filled with awesome, busy graphics.  You’ll have to try to get in touch with the studio to cop one.  Check out a couple of their online portfolios here and here. More pics after the link.

Featured Artist – César Evangelista Bautista

César Evangelista Bautista… now that is a name for an artist.  I was talkin a bit ago about a dude named ARMOgedon, and how that’s not a proper name for anyone with talent.  But César’s got it figured out.  His work is fun and fresh… eye-popping colorschemes and hard contrasts.  He’s working out of Mexico, and you can really pick up on his culture and ethnicity from his work… very much like a lot of the Spanish-speaking artists we’ve been featuring lately.  Check out his website here.  And he also has a pretty stacked portfolio here.  More pics and fullsizers after the jump.

Featured Artist – Banksy

So this artist has been around for sometime, but he’s probably one of my favorite graffiti artists, if not my favorite artist period.  He goes by the name of bansky, but there has always been uncertainty about his identity.  Most of his art has to do with politics, culture, and ethics.  He has a lot of controversial pieces, but it all looks amazing to me.

Featured Artist – Christopher Hewitt

Christopher Hewitt is a freelance director, designer, and photographer from London.  He’s done commercial work for Mercedes and Discovery Channel just to name a couple.  You can check out his personal website here to see his portfolio of selected projects.  The image above is from The Kingdom Series… you can see the entire series after the jump.  It’s definitely worth the click.

Adidas-All Day I Dream About Sneakers Campaign

  Adidas recently started the “All Day I Dream About Sneakers” campaign.  The campaign showcases the seemingly impossible sneaker creations of Herr Fritz Träumer – an enigmatic adidas designer who dedicated his lifetime to constructing the world’s most original range of sneakers. Excerpts from Träumer’s detailed private journals plus images of his truly unique sneaker creations are presented in a limited edition book, exclusively available at sneaker retailers around Australia and New Zealand.  More pics after the jump. (Via Ads Around the World)


Asics Origami Promo Video

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo. Pretty sweet little video here.  Worth a watch.  At one point, the dude says when they were testing Asics Gel, they dropped a raw egg from 15 meters onto the insole, and it didn’t break.  That’s insane.  15 meters!?  Have you ever been off a 5 meter platform at your local swimming pool?  That’s really high.  15 meters is something like 3 times as high as 5 meters… give or take.  But that’s almost 50 feet, so that’s ridiculous.  [hypebeast]

Paper Wars

PAPER WARS is an exhibition of the Death Machines series of paper reproductions of classic weapons systems at Portobello Road’s Craze Gallery.  They go through millions of cut pieces of paper to perfect each reproduction.   Take a peak at some of the others like the uzi, and AK-47 after the jump.(via paperwars)

FALSE Magazine: Issue 001 “X-Ray”

Check this out Sneakhypers… an exclusive JUST RELEASED look at False’s first art-magazine.  Check all the images after the cut!  This thing looks siiiiick.  49 USD.  Limited to 100 pieces. FALSE ( have released their inaugural print art-zine FALSE Magazine. In the works for almost 2 years the magazine comes in limited to 100 pcs individually hand-made, hand-bound, hand-numbered and hand-signed by the FALSE duo. Containing original art works, thought pieces and self written literature in line with their fashion releases and coming in at a very high quality these make for a very good edition to your coffee table top. FALSE Magazine Issue 001 is available exclusively at the FALSE E-store (


BMW Z4 x Robin Rhode “An Expression of Joy”

  BMW teamed up with young South African contempary artist Robin Rhode allowing him to express himself on the surface of 100m by 200m canvas.  The end result is called “An Expression of Joy”   The Z4 looks so sick with paint splattered on it.  Check out the video after the jump.(via Slamxhype)


Jordan Tarrant – Obama

Local Lawrence Artist Jordan Tarrant has a new video out of a painting of he recently did of Obama. The whole painting is made using the word “Change”, it is crazy. The video is dope and the piece turned out really well, I saw it in person at one of his shows recently and it looks great. Check it out.

Featured Artist – ARMOgedon

Nothing frustrates me more than a really talented artist with a whack-ass name.  I’m sorry dude… I love your work, but ARMOgedon… really?  Just go by your real name.  To be honest, I really think that artists who have talent like this just get dismissed by critics because they use names like these.  Using your real name just gives a sense of legitimacy.  Just my opinion, BUT it is also my opinion that this guy makes some incredibly fresh work, and I wish I could have a few pieces of his on my wall.  Check out his myspace here.  Be sure to look at all the pics after the cut.  Super dope.

Medorra – T19 Chaka Signature Deck

This deck will run you 10,500… Yen.  I have no idea what that converts to, but it sounds a bit steep to me.  I guess this is a deck that you just wanna hang on your wall.  It would look good on my wall.  Right next to my original Monet.  Get it here.

Takashi Murakami Exhibit in Frankfurt

The widely popular Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami is currently showcasing an exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany that closes on January 4th next month.  You most likely recognize his work from Kanye’s second-to-latest album, or the exclusive work he’s done for Louis Vuitton.  His work is very eye-candy-esque and fun to look at for a few minutes.  So, you should do that… (look at his work for a few minutes) by clicking the link that takes you over the jump. [supertouch]

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