The Next Level of Toy Design

Toys are all the rage.  So hot right now.  You like em, but so does everyone else.  So how do you stay on top?  Lots of lil sneakerheads are gettin down on these things, then BLAOW you smack em in the face with this giant metal robot.  BAM sneakhype’s got you ahead of the game. [kanyeuniversecity] More pics and info below.

Featured Artist-Sam Bassett

Check our featured artist Sam Bassett.  He has some amazing photography that really catches your attention.  His resume is very impressive, he has worked with everyone from Richard Seymour to Tommy Haas.  He also dabbles in film and sculptures as well so be on the look out for him. Check out more pics after the jump.

Where The Wild Things Are – Skate Decks

My man HT showed you one of the first inside looks at the making of Spike Jonze’s production of the motion picture adaptation of the popular children’s book, Where The Wile Things Are.  Jonze also co-founded Girl Skateboards, who are now releasing this series of decks to help hype the movie. [FM and highsnobiety] More info on the movie here. 4 more decks below.

Obama Skateboard Deck

I used to be a big fan of Urban Outfitters, a couple years ago you might see me rocking the “C is for Crunk” tee or “Jesus is my homeboy” tee.  Times have changed, Jesus is everybody’s homeboy, and crunk is dead.  This is why I was really suprised to find the sickest Obama item ever on Urban’s website. Check out this sick skateboard deck of Obama available, it’s fresh to death.

Warhol’s Camouflage

How did Nigo get the idea for A Bathing Ape’s dope ass camo? Andy Warhol released a series of paintings based on the concept of camouflage in the 1980’s. The study of camouflage gave Andy the opportunity to explore the use of disruptive patterns based on the military’s motif. Warhol’s camouflage paintings would also become the last group of paintings he produced before passing away in 1987. Warhol’s approach to camouflage has been applied to other forms of camouflage, particularly in fashion.  A Bathing Ape’s creator, Nigo, was heavily influenced by Warhol. He is known for his collection of popular American products, including Warhol’s famous “Campbell’s Soup” paintings.  Nigo’s pop influences were later reproduced into limited edition collections of Bape apparel in 1993. Now in 2009, the Bape camouflage is known around the world. [via killazbee]

Giant Octopus by Les Trois Garcons

Yes, it’s true.  We are on a bit of an “octopus kick.”  Or at least I am.  I just showed you a couple tees that would match this here giant metal octopus perfectly.  This piece was created by Les Trois Garcons for a store in London. [highsnobiety] Another look below.

Featured Artist – Pose Radu

This is some hang-this-on-your-wall-when-you-move-into-your-grownass-man-house sh*t right here.  Very fine art with a modern abstract spin on it.  Check out some more after the jump, and view a portfolio here.

Kidrobot Exhibition in London

On January 22, Kidrobot will be putting up an exhibition in a store called Selfridges in London.  They’ll be selling packs of super exclusive toys and clothes.  Definitely worth checking out if you live in London or will be there next weekend.  Check out Kidrobot’s website for more info. [hypebeast] More pics below.


DC X UNKL – Double Label Project

DC is bout to drop these Graphs on Jan 23.  They remind me a lot of the Bok Omni-Lites we showed you about a week ago.  They’re real clean though.  2 colorways (other one after the jump).  But, what’s perhaps even doper than the kicks is this crazy giant toy from UNKL.  They’re making 450 packs of these goin for 260.  Gotta be in San Diego for the release on the 23rd. [highsnobiety] More pics and info below.

Stephen Sprouse X Louis Vuitton Party

Yes I know more Sprouse, we’ve been giving you lots of updates on the Stephen Sprouse X Louis Vuitton collaboration.  The reason being that is one of the best collaborations of the year. By now your wondering who is the Stephen Sprouse guy?  Here’s the scoop on Sprouse, who was part of Andy Warhol’s set, become famous in the 1980s for pioneering the uptown pop punk look; a wild and edgy mix of elements such as day-glo colours, high-tech fabrics, sequins, velcro, superb uptown tailoring and hand painted silks. The designer and artist, who died in 2004, also created elaborate costumes for the likes of Mick Jagger, Axl Rose, Trent Reznor, Courtney Love, David Bowie and Duran Duran. Now, thanks to Louis Vuitton, a whole new generation will have the opportunity to discover his work-Lisa Demasi. Check out the party Louis V threw for opening of the collection.  Sorry EG this beats your mirror creation. Dope [via thecoolhunter]


Benny Gold’s Portfolio

I had to post this up, check out Benny Gold’s Portofolio section of his website.  It shows you all the companies and collaborations Benny Gold has done.  Also check out this picture its really the main reason for this post.   The shelf has so much fresh gear on it, from clothing to kicks to hats its like 1000 times your daily serving of dopeness. To think this was all designed by the one and only Benny Gold.  Man’s a genius.


Oh You got a Caddy? Oh I got a Caddy

Everyone always talking about Caddy,Cadillac is in countless rap songs talking about that “Coupe Deville” like its the freshest car out there. Well look what I got, yea its the Caddy of the future son, you can’t get this for another 50 years.  Whatchu know about that homes? yea some Back to the Future Shizzy, that Martay Mcflllyyyness.  Actually this is just a concept car called Cadillac Thorium Fuel.  Its designed by Loren Kulesus and has a dope futuristic design. More pics after the jump [via gizmodo]

Featured Artist – Pedro Mari

Mr. Mari is a London based graphics artist that does a lot of custom mosaic photo manipulation.  He calls it “Pipet”.  Whatever you wanna call it, I dig it.  Check out some closeups and more work after the jump.  And here’s his flikr profile.

Pixelated TaTa’s by JeanYves Lemoigne. Yeah I said it.

JeanYves Lemoigne… hmmm… must be Pakistinian or something.  Err… that’s probably about as French as you can get, damn.  Lucky f*cker… his name screams artist.  My name screams sneakhype though, so I guess I can’t complain.  Not much to say about his photography except for that if you would like to see more pixelated jugs, you can check em out after the jump.  Check out his website here.  [kanyeuniversecity] More below.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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