SpaceKnuckle X DeckPeck – Skate Decks

Here’s a little undgerground collab you won’t find anywhere else.  Freelancer Spaceknuckle hooked up with DeckPeck to bring you these 3 decks.  Each retail for 55 and you can get all 3 here.  Check out the other 2 after the link.

Burton X Futura – Vapor Snowboard

You’re only as cool as the coolest snowboard you own.  Even if you don’t snowboard.  Such is the Sneakhype way.  So if you want to be the coolest kid on the block, you need to pick up this baad baby from Burton and Futura. [hypebeast]

Featured Art Gallery – NOIR (Depthcore)

Depthcore is a very unique art community that attracts some ridiculous talent from around the world.  They released their most recent “chapter,” NOIR, in late September, and I think it’s the best gallery they have put out yet.  Themed entirely in b&w noir style, much like the film noir you might remember from the 60s, this gallery is just packed with beauties.  You really need to check out the images after the jump, and then when you’re done with that, check out the entire depthcore noir gallery here.

Steelo Hero’s Brand New Logo, Designed By the One and Only Benny Gold

Benny Gold, the artist/graphic designer, who is responsible for creating the popular logo’s for MASH and HUF has just created another logo for Steelo Hero. Steelo Hero is a new venture by Pro-Skater Stevie Williams, the site is dedicated to the Kings of certain scenes. So Benny Gold would be the King of the Logo scene, Crooks and Castles would be the king of the Streetwear scene, and of course Sneakhype would be the king of the blog scene, naturally. Check out Steelo Hero’s site right here.

Krink X Kidrobot – Mailbox Toy – Dec 18th

Krink is fast becoming one of my favorite brands.  They started as a graffiti arts company… staying true to their game, and now they’ve got all sorts of stuff… from markers and mops to snowboards, shirts, kicks, and now toys.  You should click here to see all the other stuff we have posted from Krink.  Here, you see Krink has teamed up with Kidrobot to bring you their signature mailbox in vinyl.  They are going to produce 500 (all individually numbered) and each will retail at 39.95.  They will release on December 18th.  I’m definitely going to try to get one. [hypebeast]  More pics after the jizzy jump.

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Crooks and Castles – Persona of a Crook

Crooks and Castles just came out with an interesting new release. They designed a hard cover book called “Persona of a Crook” which is made up of some very cool photography. The Book comes in an aluminum attach mini briefcase, a limited edition t-shirt, and an exclusive Raekwon CD titled “The Appetizer.” Only 250 of them were made, get more information on when they will be released here.

Featured Artist – Yok

I love me some graffiti.  And I’m starting to love me some Yok.  Dude is from Thailand, and has an incredibly unique and distinct style.  Quit wasting your time reading what I have to say and see for yourself by looking at a bunch of pictures after the jump.  Check out dude’s website here.

Element X Imaginary Foundation

Element Collaborated with Imaginary Foundation on a new series of skatedecks that should be coming out shortly. The decks feature very popular and easily recognisable graphics designed by Imaginary Foundation. I’m really excited about this collaboration, i’m a big fan of Imaginary Foundations work, especially the graphics on these decks. I might buy one just to hang on the wall. [Highsnobiety]

Coarse Toys – Berlin Exhibition

These dudes… Coarse Toys I mean to say… have the toy design industry in a headlock.  Nobody’s putting out a wider variety of ridiculously dope toys than Coarse.  However, I thought the whole point of the toy industry was to mass produce the products so that everyone could enjoy them… but that certainly can’t happen when certain toys (like the sharkhead dude) retail for fifteen thousand freaking dollars.  Regardless, they’re sick as can be, and you should definitely check out the gallery of pics we got after the jump.  [highsnobiety]


The Cool Kids T-Shirt Contest

So Karmaloop is putting on a T-shirt design contest with The Cool Kids, and there going to choose one winning design and that person recieves 10 grand, 5000 in cold hard cash 5000 in redeemable gift codes to use on karmaloop, sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  Mikey Rocks, and Chuck Inglish will be picking the winner themselves.  I grabbed a few designs that stood out to me, but you can check the rest of them out here.  

Featured Artist – Mar Hernandez

Another awesome artist from Spain.  Toy design is quickly taking over this sneakerhead/youth culture lifestyle, and I think some of this underground/custom stuff is just as good as any of the mass produced toys we’re seeing.  Mar Hernandez has some great stuff, so you should check out his portfolio.  Read more to see more photos.

Featured Magazine-Arkitip

You gotta check this Magazine out, Arkitip. It’s really more like books considering most cost around 100-200 dollars since they are made in limited release. They work with some of Sneakhype’s favorite artists. Also they sell prints,tees and some random goodies that scream fresh. Check it out Arkitip now.

Featured Artist – Chow Martin

Lil dopeness for y’all to chew on for a bit. Chow Martin… far more delicious than Chow Mein. His preferred medium is ink on Mylar. Check out his personal site here. Couple images courtesy of his behance portfolio.


Geoffrey Harcourt 1960s Harcourt F978 lounge chair

Geoffrey Harcourt is responsible for these dope chairs that look like they came straight out the sixties. He’s calls them the F978 Harcourt chair and they are a good look. It has an aluminum base, leather seating and a flashy red/white colorscheme. [retrotogo]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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