5 Icons 5 Remixers from Nike Sportswear

Nike has some art/exhibition thing going in in Berlin, and these are a few of the first looks at what is coming out of it. I’m really not too sure what is going on, I just know it’s in Berlin and Nike’s doing it, and these pictures are pretty sweet and totally sneakhype as they mix art with fashion. I got the images and this scant information from highsnobiety here.


Dizel&State – Limited Wall Prints

Get yours while supplies last. 30 of each style are available. Custom print to size. Superfly. Check them out here. It’s one of those pesky flash websites, so you have to click “Store” and then from the menu, select “wallprints.” They have lots of other dope stuff. They have some fresh t-shirts, however, they are sold out of every style they make right now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear that they get more shirts in.


Dizel&State – New Limited Poster Releases

A graphics design studio coming at you from Sweden has just released these new limited posters, all numbered and signed. Dizel&State normally do marketing/artistic campaigns for clients like Diesel, just to name one. They have a unique yet trendy style, and I think that a series of these prints would look sick in pretty much any sneakhyper’s living space. You can check out their site here. Click “works” to see their portfolio or click “store” to see these posters and other stuff for sale.

Featured Artist – Peter Jaworowski

Another artist too good not to sell out to corporate. Dude has done work for British Airways, Nike, Samsung, Oakley, and Nokia to name a few. I really like art that is of mixed media… in his case: photography and graphics design. The combination of the two combine to create this surrealistic and gorgeous feel. This is some of his miscellaneous work that was not done under contract, but you can check out his portfolio here. [one image via spoono]

Featured Artist – Dhanank Pambayun

Normally we like to feature underground artists that don’t do much commercial work, but this guy’s definitely got some underground style, that the corporate world just had to get their hands on so that they, too, could be sneakhype. You can check out Dhanank Pambayun’s online portfolio here. He has done work for companies like Honda and many others that you would recognize.

Featured Artist – Laurie Maitland

You already know Sneakhype loves the abstract. Here’s some fine art we came across that certainly does the abstract justice. Laurie Maitland is said to have many theatrical influences. Regardless, her work is totally sneakhype. I’m sure that’s what she aims to achieve every time she puts paint to canvas… she says to herself, “When this masterpiece is finished, those who lay eyes on it shall proclaim it as ‘so, so very sneakhype’.” Damn right, Laurie. Damn right. Check out her portfolio and buy her work here.

Takashi Murakami New Art Exhibit

One of Sneakhypes favorite artist, Takashi Murakami, who created the artwork for Kanye’s latest album will be having an show at the brand new art gallery Fabrik Contemporary Art. The gallery is located in Hong-Kong and will feature Takashi’s art from 2001-08. If your in the area you should check it out.

Art – New Depthcore Pack Release

Depthcore is an online art gallery that comes out with new “pack” releases every other month or so. They came out with a new one recently, called “Idio”. These are a few images from it. Here’s the new pack. (Be sure to click these images to enlarge them.)

Featured Artist – Matthew Tourtellott

As an amateur graphics artist and photographer, one of my personal favorite art genres is that of abstract photography. This guy, Matthew Tourtellott, creates some really gorgeous stuff within this genre. He plays around with lots of different techniques, but I most admire his “Fractal Flames” (images 1, 2, and 3 above). The prints are fairly reasonably priced at 40 bucks for 24″x20″. I think perhaps a pair or set of his prints would make an excellent and thoughtful gift. Check out his full portfolio for sale here.

The Revolution Will Be Fabulous: A Weapons of Mass Designer Show

Peter Gronquist’s display of embellished weapons shown at LA’s Gallery 1988. The exhibition showcased an variety of weapons including AK’s, rifles, chainsaws, and even an electric chair. All of this designer weaponry was covered with patterns and logos from labels such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana. Sneakhyptastic!

Featured Artist – Richard Satava

Another nice little artist dime dropped by mi hermana, the architect. Richard Satava has some really cool designs. I personally like his jellyfish the most, they look super-dope with the lightbase at night. Most all his work is themed with sea life and beachy type stuff. Totally sneakhype.

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Featured Artist – Bayo Iribhogbe

This guy is one of the most well known African modern artists around today. My parents have a couple of his paintings, and I can tell you that they look MUCH better in person than they do in these images here. He uses a thick impasto style that gives his paintings a lot of texture and depth. I also really like the abstract human forms and settings he uses… you can really let your imagination get lost in his compositions. His “Gatherings” and “Dances” surely insinuate many sexual connotations. You can check out his flikr photostream here, and check out his personal website gallery (where you can purchase works) here.

Featured Artist – Steven E. Main

My sister used to work at a glass art studio, so she’s got the leak on some of the flyest glass art on either side of the Mississippi and the Euphrates. She dropped the dime on Steven E. Main in my inbox, and I’m diggin’ what she’s jivin. My sis actually has the second piece pictured here. The first two works are from his Desert series, and the last two are from his Fire series. Steven’s wife, Karen, also has some dope work.

Si Scott Hype Type Screen Prints

Hype Type and Si Scott hooked up to make these sick prints. Si Scott is a very well known UK illustrator. These are limited to 100 each color, so get quick. Check out Hype Type Studios site now.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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