Sneaker Freaker-Sekure D’s Guide to Customizing Kicks

Ever wanted to customize your fresh new white Air Force 1’s but thought you dont got the skill to do it? Check out Sneaker Freakers: Sekure D’s Guide To Customizing Kicks.  Yezzir It’s a great feature on customizing your own kicks for all you first-timers.  It tell’s you the tools you need and gives you lots advice on how to perfect your dream shoe.

Graphotism Gallery

If your a fan of any type of graffiti you should check out Graphotism, its a website all about graffiti.  Check out their gallery it has some crazy graffiti pic’s from around the world. Plus it’s got an online shop with tons of stuff from Krink and others. Check out the gallery here. More pics after the jump

Featured Artist – Luke Woodhouse

Luke Woodhouse is a UK based graphics designer who does a lot of corporate work, but does so with a refreshing and unique touch.  The image above is from a book created for Horizon Scanning, which details the potential ramifications for society of bolstered technological use in the future.  Pretty sweet.  Check out a few more pics after the jump and download his portfolio/resumé at his personal site here.


Flying Coffin X Manik X GOODS – skatedeck series

It seems the more homies that get down on a collab, the better.  People will say, “Cool skatedeck.  What is that?”  And you’ll say, “Oh, that’s a little collaboration between Flying Coffin, Manik, and Goods.”  But, just think how much cooler it would be if you could say, “Oh, just a lil collab with Flying Coffin, Manik, Goods, Sneakhype, Crooks and Castles, and Obey.”  …See… way cooler.  Mo = mo betta.  Simple arithmetic people.  This series comes with a matching tee (after the jump), and you can get em here. [hypebeast] Matching shirt below.

Rubik’s Cube Mosaic

Piece of cake.  You just peel the stickers off and put em where you want.  No big deal.  I think what would be dope though is if you glued all these mugs together and made yourself a little coffee table.  Now that would truly fill you up on your daily dose of dopeness… and that’s what we, here at sneakhype, are all about.  Iz wha we doo mang.  [kanyeuniversecity]

Capitulo Radio Ad Campaign

Capitulo VII Radio recently used these prints for their “Times May Change Some Things”ad campaign.  The 80’s radio station used Mario and friends to describe what their slogan all about “Times have changed but your music remains the same”.   I think its pretty clever, and the art direction is amazing.  Check out more pics after the jump. [via ads around the world]

Coarsetoys Paws Pain Version

New version of the Coarsetoys Paws Pain Version is coming soon.  Although no release date is set, the light colored toy is an updated version of the black/rainbow colored version we should you a few months ago.  Sneakhype will keep you posted once release date is set but until then check out the pics after the jump.[via hypebeast]


Rachel Griffin “Wear and Repair” Glasses

Designer Rachel Griffin from the Netherlands has come out with a unique and creative way of dealing with broken glasses.  By covering your glasses with materials of your own you can create wearable art.  These glasses are completely made out of tape and by “Wearing and Repairing” she created an entirely new pair.  Wearable art that  costs you nothing, these bad boys are recession proof.  Check out more of Rachel Griffins works at her site now. [via selectism]

Supermodel Skatedecks – [WARNING: Uncensored Boobies]

Check out this new series of skatedecks from Doodah.  They have naked women on them.  Apparently, you can also use these for skateboarding as well.  Doodah is based out of Germany and has some real cool stuff, so check out their site, and look at more of their stuff below. [highsnobiety] More stuff after the jump.


Luis Luna – Gluttony Lamp

This guy looks like he straight dominated fools in his grade school art class.  Luis Luna is an industrial, graphics, and furniture designer based out of Mexico.  His work is very original and has a great sense of humor.  You can contact him and check out more of his portfolio here. Detailed pics of the suspension lamp below.

Louis Vuitton SoHo Store Makeover

Yesterday, we showed you one of the items that will be released as part of the Stephen Sprouse X Louis Vuitton collab — a ridiculously priced skateboard.  I had mentioned that they were going to do a store makeover in SoHo… well they got down to it this morning — check it out, these pics were just released.  I would say… so far so fresh.  It’d be a smidgen fresher if they let ya boy EG get down with some KRinkage on dem columns… i’m just sayin. More pics below. [pics via 12ozprophet / heads up via highsnobiety]


Kyouei Design

Kyouei Design is leading the way with new kinds of innovative products in Japan.  Like these liquid lamps and bookmarks above its one of many dope products available now at there online shop now. Check out more products below.


Louis Vuitton 57th & 5th NYC

Check out the Louis Vuitton store at 57th & 5th in NYC.  At night they turn these lights on which create a kaleidoscope effect.  It definitely would be a sick shopping experience.  Check out more pics below to see all the flashing lights.[via fluxury]

LICHTFAKTOR – Paddington_London

LICHTFAKTOR, the best-known and simply the best light graffiti artists in the world just dropped a new series of photos called Paddington_London to add to their dopetacular portfolio.  This series was a contract piece done for Land Securities.  You can view the folio in it’s entirety here. See more pics after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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