Shopped Tattoos: Celebrities With Photoshopped Tattoos (14 Pics)

Graphic artist Cheyenne Randall uses her Shopped Tattoos tumblr to reimagine what celebrities, world leaders, and fictitious characters would look like if they were covered in tattoos. Barack Obama, Walter White, and Brad Pitt are just a few people that have received a tattoo makeover from Randall. Check out some of her work below. 

2013 Microscope Images of the Year

These are all the best microscope images from a competition that Olympus BioScapes holds every year.  Check out all the winners & honorable mentions here.


Slow Mo Footage of Li Hongbo’s Flexible Statues In Motion

We’ve featured these crazy flexible sculptures by artist Li Hongbo before. But now we have some slow motion footage of these sculptures in use. Prepare to be amazed. 

Check Out The Amazing Work of Artist Patrick Seymour

Holy Sh*t these are dope.


More Sleeveface – People Posing With Record Sleeves (20 Pics)

Remember the Sleeveface post we did awhile back? Well, the Sleeveface trend has been thriving since that first feature. Here are some our new favorites from the ongoing trend. 

Artist Creates A Breaking Bad Poster For Every Episode

Hungarian artist and Breaking Bad super fan, Zsolot Molnar, has created a series of minimalist Breaking Bad posters for every episode that ever aired. We’ve seen a lot of Breaking Bad inspired art, but nothing this in-depth. All 70+ posters are available for purchase on Molnar’s website. For only $20 a piece you can afford to grab a couple. 


Deconstructed Video Game Controllers by Brandon Edgar Allen

Here’s a look at the guts of some of the most popular video game controllers of all-time.  Brand Edgar Allen recently put this project together for his series titled, Deconstructed.  Check out Brandon’s website here.

LEGOGRAPHY Photo Series by Andrew Whyte

In this LEGOGRAPHY photo series, Andrew Whyte follows a LEGO man on his photographic journeys.  Check out the entire series here.


The Mini Museum Lets You Display Ancient Artifacts on Your Desk

As far as desk art goes, it doesn’t get any better than this. The Mini Museum is exactly what the name suggests: a pocket sized collection of rare specimens housed in a display case. The Mini Museum was created by Hans Fex, an officially registered meteorite collector, who claims that every item is authentic. The portable museums come in three sizes, each of which contains rare artifacts like mammoth hair, pieces of meteorites, shards of a t-rex tooth, a piece of a palm tree from Antarctica, coal from the Titanic, and much more. If your desk is lacking decorations, we strongly suggest you pick one of these up.


J&B Scotch Whisky Real Tattooed Bottles

J&B Scotch Whisky recently tapped tattoo artist, Sébastien Mathieu, to actually tattoo some bottles.  They only did a total of 25 bottles.  Each bottle took about 20 hours to tattoo, and each bottle is unique.  Good luck getting your hands on a bottle though, as they’ll only be available this winter in Paris at L’éclaireur rue Herold.  Check out more info here.

21 Pics of Street Art

Happy Hump Day everyone.  Get through the middle of your week with a dosage of some dope street art.

Dope Fiber Sculptures By Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman is an American-born artist, who has imagined and crafted some truly dope sculptures all over the world. Her sculptures are made out of various material like fiberglass, which are dangled over parks, rivers, and picturesque landscapes.

Exploding Powder Photography by Marcel Christ (15 Pics)

I need these framed and hanging on my wall ASAP. 

Forensic Artist Recreates Man’s Head Using Crystal Head Vodka Bottle

If you’re not familiar with Crystal Head Vodka, it’s a brand of vodka that comes in a glass skull.  A forensic artist named Nigel used a bottle of Crystal Head to recreate a man’s head & face.  Brilliant.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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