Check Out Coca-Cola’s New World Cup Cans

With the World Cup right around the corner, official sponsor Coca-Cola has started to unveil a variety of World Cup inspired products.

Banksy Pieces Recreated Using LEGOs

Mysterious street artist Banksy has been pretty quiet since his Better Out Than In exhibition came to an end. Luckily we still have his older pieces to admire – only this time they’re in LEGO form. The good people over at The Brick Fantastic recreated several of Banksy’s most well-known pieces using the timeless toy building blocks. All the pieces came out great. It’s awesome to see someone else re-imagine such great works of art. Can you tell what all the pieces are? 

Photos of Abandoned North Brother Island by Christopher Payne

North Brother Island is known as the “last unknown place in New York City.”  It has no public access, and occupies about 20 acres of land.  It was primarily used as a quarantine in the 1930s, and after WWII it was a temporary home for veterans.  Shortly after that it was used as a juvenile drug treatment center until the island closed in 1963.  Only a few photographers have been allowed on the island since 2006, and Christopher Payne is one of them.  Here are some photos from him of the abandoned island.

Dude Spends 13 Years Trimming Giant Hedge to Look Like Dragon

That’s right, 13 years!  John Brooker spent 13 years trimming a giant piece of nature to make it look like a dragon.  That’s dedication right there.  What an amazing-looking 150 ft. dragon.


The Lomo’Instant Camera is the World’s Most Creative Instant Camera System

Lomography has launched the Kickstarter for their all-new instant camera system.  The Lomo’Instant features an advanced lens system with a built-in wide angle lens, plus there are fisheye & portrait lens attachments available.  Head over to their Kickstarter to get all the info, and to order yours.


An Inside Look At Italian Chapels That Were Abandoned After The Iripina Earthquake

In 1980 an earthquake measuring 6.89 on the richter scale wreaked havoc on the Irpinia region in Southern Italy. Many of the villages and buildings were destroyed during the quake. Although the area has a long history, it has been abandoned since it was evacuated. Most of the remaining structures, including the churches and chapels, have been looted for whatever goods were left. Photographers Jorge Mañes Rubio and Gianluca Tesauro decided to travel to the Irpinia region in order to capture the abandoned buildings in a new photography series entitled “Buona Fortuna”. The series of images provides a cool look back into the region’s past. Hopefully the area is rebuilt at some point. 


Os Gemeos Paint an Entire Boeing 737 with 1200 Cans of Spray Paint

Os Gemeos painted this fuselage of a Boeing 737 for the Brazil team during this year’s World Cup.  The team will use this to travel during the World Cup.  The duo known as Os Gemeos used over some 1200 cans of spray paint to complete the job.

Minimal Movie Posters by Chungkong

Minimalistic design is so dope.  These minimal movie posters designed by Chungkong are pretty amazing, and he’s done a whole gang of them.  Head here to view all of his works, and to purchase them as prints.


Super Mario Bros Red Bull Pixel Collection by Jhonatan Ayala

These are about the coolest looking Red Bull cans I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, these are not an actual collection that Red Bull plans to release (at least not yet).  They are incredibly awesome though.  This Super Mario Bros Pixel Collection was done by Jhonatan Ayala, check out his Behance page here.


Basquiat X KOMONO Watch Collection

KOMONO Watches is the latest brand to collaborate with the late, great: Jean-Michel Basquiat. The collection consists of six watches in total, including the Magnus, Winston and Wizard. All of the timepieces feature Basquiat’s work on both the wristbands and the face of the watch. 


Realistic Drawing of LeBron James is Absolutely Incredible

Once it’s all said & done, it’s hard to tell if this is a drawing or a picture of LeBron.  Heather Rooney is the artist that makes this drawing look so life-like.  Be prepared to be amazed.

Renaissance GIFs from Scorpion Dagger are Hilarious

Hats off to Scorpion Dagger on this one.  These are all animated GIF images that feature classic renaissance paintings doing things you wouldn’t expect, and they are hilarious.


3D on the Rocks Lets You Enjoy Whiskey with Custom Ice Creations

These are custom ice cubes made by Suntory called “3D on the Rocks.”  From what I can gather, you can only get your creation made if it’s selected as one of ten during contest campaigns.  If you’re really interested, you can enter here.  It’s pretty crazy how detailed these are though, there’s even one of Abraham Lincoln.

A Short History of the Photographic Camera

Big fan of photography?  Or maybe just an actual photographer who enjoys history?  Well, this poster by Retrofuturismo-Kitsch is just for you.  It takes you on a ride through the history of the photographic camera.  Pretty interesting to see how it’s evolved.  Download the original file here.

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