Jay Shells Heads to Philadelphia to Post Up More “Rap Quotes”

Jay Shells has hit another city to hang up some “Rap Quotes.”  This time around Jay heads to Philadelphia, with lyrics from Black Thought, Meek Mill, Action Bronson, and more.  Check out the full feature over on Animal.

Pixelated Works Of Art By Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith is an artist from Dallas Texas, whose works have been featured from California to France. These works are from his “Re-things” collection, which focuses on the gap between digital photography and the image captured. To create these dope works Shawn Smith cuts plywood or MDF board into 1/2 inch strips around 1/2 inch to 2 inches long, and then he hand dyes them in a mixture of ink and acrylic paint.

Make Up Artist Creates Cartoon Characters Using Her Face as a Canvas

London-based make up artist Laura Jenkins has taken her profession to the next level. Using her own face as a canvas, Laura re-created some our favorite cartoon characters like Cartman and Bugs Bunny. She even found a way to incorporate her own mouth into each one of her creations. Take a closer look below. 

Amazing Aerial Photos of Landscapes in Iceland

These are some incredible aerial photographs taken by Sarah Martinet on a recent trip to Iceland.  These were all shot from a plane with open windows.  She has a bunch more from this trip over on her 500px page, check it out here.


Kick Posters Releases New “Abstract Kicks” Series

Kick Posters just added some new limited edition prints to their website.  The series features a number of popular shoes in an abstract perspective.  Each print is limited to just 5 total pieces, so hurry over to their store to grab yours.

Iranian Street Art Will Blow Your Mind

These realistic works of Iranian street art from Tehran based artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo will blow your mind, and might even make you forget you are in a “conflict zone”.

X-Ray GIFs by Cameron Drake

This is a collaboration between Dr. Noah Weiss & Cameron Drake.  Weiss was the one that actually came up with the idea & produced the footage for Cameron Drake to turn into GIF images.  The human body is so amazing.  Check out the Behance page here.

WiFi Signals Turned Into Pure Digital Dopeness

Digital Ethereal is a company led by Luis Hernan that utilizes a Kirlian Device to convert invisible WiFi frequencies into brilliant arrays of light. It is even available as an app for Android users (WTF Apple).

Check Out this Intense Shark Photography from Michael Muller

With it being Shark Week and all on the Discovery Channel, I figured these intense photos from Michael Muller were appropriate.  I don’t know what I’m scared of more, sharks or snakes?  Either way these are some amazing shots of the great underwater beast.

Beautiful Landscapes Caught on Google Street View

Earth is home to scenes of the mundane, the odd, and the beautiful.  Google Street View captures all of it.  Here are some of the more gorgeous snapshots taken from the automated camera that pokes out of the sunroof of some Toyota Prius in Google’s fleet.

29 Dope Hand Paintings By Guido Daniele

Milan based artist Guido Daniele brings a whole new meaning to finger painting.

Check Out Artist Tracy Tubera’s New “Guardians of the Galaxy” Print

It’s official, Guardian of the Galaxy is the hottest movie of the summer. The blockbuster earned over $160 Million in its first weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you check it out ASAP. 

Underwater Dog Mural is Belgium is Incredible

Artist, Smates, recently finished this giant mural of an underwater dog in mural.  The entire painting is done with spray paint, and is located in Mechelen, Belgium.  I need this thing on one of the walls in my house.

Marty McFly Gear Illustrated Prints are For Sale

Artist, Ryan Putnam, has put his complete set of Marty McFly gear prints up for sale on his website.  They’re limited to a total of 200 prints each, and each one is signed & numbered.  The full set available here for $88.

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