Os Gemeos Paint an Entire Boeing 737 with 1200 Cans of Spray Paint

Os Gemeos painted this fuselage of a Boeing 737 for the Brazil team during this year’s World Cup.  The team will use this to travel during the World Cup.  The duo known as Os Gemeos used over some 1200 cans of spray paint to complete the job.

Minimal Movie Posters by Chungkong

Minimalistic design is so dope.  These minimal movie posters designed by Chungkong are pretty amazing, and he’s done a whole gang of them.  Head here to view all of his works, and to purchase them as prints.


Super Mario Bros Red Bull Pixel Collection by Jhonatan Ayala

These are about the coolest looking Red Bull cans I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately, these are not an actual collection that Red Bull plans to release (at least not yet).  They are incredibly awesome though.  This Super Mario Bros Pixel Collection was done by Jhonatan Ayala, check out his Behance page here.


Basquiat X KOMONO Watch Collection

KOMONO Watches is the latest brand to collaborate with the late, great: Jean-Michel Basquiat. The collection consists of six watches in total, including the Magnus, Winston and Wizard. All of the timepieces feature Basquiat’s work on both the wristbands and the face of the watch. 


Realistic Drawing of LeBron James is Absolutely Incredible

Once it’s all said & done, it’s hard to tell if this is a drawing or a picture of LeBron.  Heather Rooney is the artist that makes this drawing look so life-like.  Be prepared to be amazed.

Renaissance GIFs from Scorpion Dagger are Hilarious

Hats off to Scorpion Dagger on this one.  These are all animated GIF images that feature classic renaissance paintings doing things you wouldn’t expect, and they are hilarious.


3D on the Rocks Lets You Enjoy Whiskey with Custom Ice Creations

These are custom ice cubes made by Suntory called “3D on the Rocks.”  From what I can gather, you can only get your creation made if it’s selected as one of ten during contest campaigns.  If you’re really interested, you can enter here.  It’s pretty crazy how detailed these are though, there’s even one of Abraham Lincoln.

A Short History of the Photographic Camera

Big fan of photography?  Or maybe just an actual photographer who enjoys history?  Well, this poster by Retrofuturismo-Kitsch is just for you.  It takes you on a ride through the history of the photographic camera.  Pretty interesting to see how it’s evolved.  Download the original file here.


Pizza Portraits by Domenico Crolla

We all know that Pizza by itself is a work of art. Artist and restaurateur Domenico Crolla decided to take it a step further. Using pizza as his canvas, Crolla created these awesome portraits of celebrities, artist, and designers. Jeff Koons, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, and Jay Z all got a marinara makeover. Which one do you like best?

Dave Collinson Illustrates “Best Friends” from Films & TV

Artist, Dave Collinson, started this series where he illustrates lead roles in “buddy” films.  These would make great prints, which you can order here.  Can you name them all?


Slow-Motion Tattoo Video is Mesmerizing

Depending on who you are, this will either be amazing or repulsive.  Slow-motion anything is cool though, and therefore you should watch it either way.

Read This if you Want to Take Great Photographs

Are you an amateur photographer that wants to take it to the next level?  Well, this book from Henry Carroll might just be for you.  The book is a fundamental guide to taking better pictures, and it explains everything in an easy-to-understand way.  Buy it here.

The Many Faces of Bill Murray

Cartoonist, Steve Murray, put together these illustrations of the one & only, Bill Murray.  This pays homage to pretty much every character that Bill Murray has played throughout his career.

Star Wars Clone Troopers Dressed Up as The Avengers

Here’s a little classic character mash-up.  Artist, Jon Bolerjack, dressed these Clone Troopers from Star Wars as members of The Avengers.  Pretty dope.  Check out other mash-ups here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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