These Amazing Drawings were Done with Just a Pencil

Wow.  These are drawings are truly incredible.  Paul Stowe is an artist based out of Shanghai that uses a combination of traditional & mechanical pencils to create these masterpieces.  He has more work over on his deviantART page.


15 Insanely Dope Pics of Animal Embryos

A mixture of ultrasound, nano cameras, and photo editing produced these incredible in-utero shots of baby animals.  Because after all… you can’t stick any ol’ camera up into a pregnant animal’s uterus and snap pictures of some little fuzzy embryos like these.


Artist Creates Masterpieces by Carving Watermelons

Obviously, we’re all familiar with carving pumpkins for Halloween.  This artist, Clive Cooper, chooses to instead carve pieces of art out of watermelons.  Here’s a look at a bunch of his work.


Awesome Hyperrealistic Drawing Timelapse (Video)

Have you ever wondered how artists create those crazy hyperrealistic drawings? Well, you’re in luck. This time-lapse video shows how artist Marcello Barenghi creates his super detailed works of art. Check out the 3-minute video above and head over to his YouTube page to watch more videos like this. 


The Beat-Shelf Is The Only Shelf You Should Own

If you’re in the market for shelving, look no further. The Beat-Shelf is the only shelf you should have in your home. Not only will it make for a unique addition to your home/office, it’s practical too. Dutch design studio Van Tjalle en Jasper created the shelf, which was inspired by the wave pattern of a heart beat.  It’s available in two different woods – American Walnut and European oak. 

The Best 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest Submissions

The National Geographic Photo Contest is something that I always look forward to. Today marks the final day to enter the contest. As always, the entries are beyond impressive. Photographers from around the globe have submitted their best work for all the world to see. Below are 10 of our favorite submissions. Make sure you head over to the National Geographic website to check out all of the entries. 

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‘I DRAW SHOES’ Helps you Practice Footwear Design & Concept Presentation

“I DRAW SHOES” is a new sketchbook that aims to be the ultimate tool for practicing the basics of footwear design.  The sketchbook is in iconic moleskin form.  The contents include global footwear industry manufacturers, reference tools, and commonly used perspectives and proportions, as well as 100+ pages of templates.  Purchase it here.


Google Introduces “Material Design”

Google will soon roll out a new look across their products on all devices, dubbed “Material Design.”

These Geometric GIFs by David Whyte Might Make You Dizzy

Definitely make sure you don’t stare at the GIFs for too long, as they might make your head spin.  David Whyte is the artist behind these minimalistic images that place an increased emphasis on motion.  Check out a bunch more of his work here.

Pictures of iPhones Taking Pictures

New York based photographer Sam Alive has created a new collection of photographs entitled “Hidden Landscapes”. The concept of the project is simple: Sam takes pictures of iPhones taking pictures. It’s like photography inception. Take a look at Sam’s work below. 

The Hipster Alphabet

Artist and graphic designer Michael Mahaffey has created an illustrated version of the alphabet according to hipsters. It outlines all of the Hipsters favorite things: PBR, jorts, and fixies. If you find yourself regularly using these words in everyday conversation, you might be a hipster. Check out our favorite letters from the Hipster alphabet below and head over to the Hipster Alphabet website to see the entire project. 

These Real Life Emojis are Spot-On

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Liza’s emoji work; you can check those first ones here.  She’s recently added more to her portfolio, and it’s crazy how good they are.  You can also order them as prints, head to her website for more info.

Pop Culture Icon Illustrations by DKNG Studios

DKNG Studios, which is made up of Dan Kuhlken & Nathan Goldman, has done 50 different illustrations representing pop culture icons.  They currently have all 50 of the pieces on display at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles.  They have the prints for sale over on the gallery’s website.  Check ‘em out here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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