Tracy Tubera – H.A.M. (Nike Air Yeezy 2) Prints

Über Illustrator Supreme Tracy Tubera just released some new prints inspired by the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Tracy created a print for each colorway that was released. 


Decorate Your Home With These Affordable Sneaker Prints

Being a sneakerhead is an expensive hobby that often doesn’t leave you with a lot of extra money. Make the most of your pocket change with these affordable prints from Kick Posters. You can purchase a print of your favorite Nike, Jordan, adidas and Asics kicks for only $25. If Kick Posters doesn’t have a print of the shoe you’re looking for, you can have them make you a custom poster for around $40. 

Famous Bands Recreated Using LEGOs

Artist and LEGO enthusiast Adly Syairi Ramly recreated 20 or so famous bands using everyone’s favorite building blocks. The bands include the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chilli Pepperes, Smashing Pumpkins, and even N’Sync. Check out all of his creations below and follow Adly on Twitter to keep up with his work. 

Hyperrealistic Cityscapes by Greg Gandy

Spoiler Alert: These aren’t photographs.

Animal Sculptures Made From Trash Found On The Beach

Artist Gilles Cenazandotti creates these sculptures of animals using only recycled plastics that he found washed up on beaches. While the sculptures are amazing, the fact that this much trash is being dumped on our beaches is disturbing. According to Cenazandotti, his art serves as a reminder that littering and overconsumption can hurt the world’s wildlife. Check out all of the sculptures below and remember to recycle. 


Make your face into a stamp with STAMP YO FACE

Add some humor and a unique personal touch to your invites, thank you cards, or anything else… with a STAMP YO FACE portrait stamp of yourself. ($65)


25 Dope Pics of Street Art

Here’s some street art to go with your Hump Day Dopeness. 

Cat Portrait Prints by Jonny Ruzzo

Cats:  You either love ‘em or you’re dumb.  Just kidding, but cats are great.  Jonny Ruzzo is the artist behind these cat portrait prints.  These are available for purchase on his Etsy page.

Amazing Marine Worm Photographs by Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov is definitely one of our favorite photographers.  We’ve featured his jellyfish photography in the past, which you can view here.  This time around Alexander gives us a look at different worm species.  Check out Alexander’s website here.

True Detective Minimalist Prints

With this Sunday being the season finale of True Detective, here’s a chance to get your hands on some limited memorabilia to remember this season by.  Nigel Evan Dennis is the artist behind these prints, and they turned out extremely dope.  Head here to get your hands on one.

NASA Created An Epic Photo Series Inspired by The Movie “Gravity”

When NASA does a photo shoot, you know the results are going to epic. NASA astronauts recently created a photo series inspired by the movie Gravity that depicts what life in outer space really looks like. The pictures were tweeted out by NASA just before the Oscars under the hashtag #RealGravity. Check out some of the pictures below and head over to the NASA flickr page to see more.


Find Your Inner Strength With Red Bull Superhero Cans

Diego Fonseca designed these cans that were inspired by the uniforms of his favorite superheroes.  I doubt these Red Bull cans will ever hit the shelves, but it would be dope if they did.  Check out Diego’s website here.

Artist (or Wizard?) Somehow Shapes Large Stones Using Rope

Peter Brooke-Ball is a London based artist that makes super dope sculptures (among other things). He uses many different types of stone, which he ties tightly with ropes to create these awesome sculptures. Peter displays his works in exhibitions all over the world.


Latte Art Inspired By Oscar Nominated Films

Barista/artist Michael Breach is the Leonardo Da Vinci of the coffee world. His speciality is portraits. In celebration of the 2014 Oscars, Breach created this series of Latte art inspired by the films that have been nominated for Best Picture. I bet your local coffee shop can’t do this.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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