Check out the Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest

The winners of the 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest have finally been chosen. Out of the 18,000 pictures that were submitted, these were the best. Photographer Marko Korošec took home to the first place prize for his “Independence Day” photograph which can be found at the bottom of this gallery.


Secret abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok is now filled with exotic fish

Tucked away from tourists and sitting behind a sign that reads “strictly no entrance beyond this point,” an abandoned shopping mall hides from view.  


Deceiving Nature-Inspired Wall Murals are Amazingly Dope

These wall murals would definitely play some tricks on your guest’s eyes when they come over.  Pixers actually offers over 20 million wall murals, but these nature-inspired versions definitely stand out the most.  How awesome would it be to wake up on The Great Wall of China every morning?  Head over to Pixers website here.


This Video of Ceramics Masters Crafting Masterpieces will Mesmerize You

This is one of the most amazing videos I’ve watched.  The video is promotion for an upcoming exhibition that will present over 230 objects never seen before on American soil.  The pieces exemplify the revival of the ceramics tradition in Korea from antique techniques to contemporary innovations.

Star Wars Sculptures crafted from recycled materials

Gabriel Dishaw is an artist that creates sculptures out of recycled materials. Gabriel crafted these Star Wars themed sculptures out of items like keyboards, typewriters, adding machines, microchips, and a slew other materials.

This Lamborghini Aventador is Truly a Work of Art

The Miami-based Lamborghini dealership recently collaborated with world-renowned artist, Duaiv, to make a one-of-a-kind art piece.  This Lamborghini Aventador was used to bring one of the artist’s pieces to life, and they currently have the automobile on display next to the original work.  What a collector’s item this would make for.

Artist Tracy Tubera Just Released This Awesome “I Am The Night” Batman Print

In case you guys didn’t know, yesterday, July 23rd, was Batman Day.

14 HD Photos of People Shooting out of a Water Slide

Everybody loves the water park unless you are allergic to UV-B rays.  As we are reaching the peak of the summer heat, it seems appropriate to check out these high-speed HD photos of people shooting out of water slides… and consider joining them (or just be jealous).

Dope Dollar Bill Art by James Charles

James Charles first started doodling on dollar bills in 2010, and his doodles eventually turned into this great collection of art presented below.

Hip-Hop Lyrics & Classic Art Make for a Perfect Match

Fly Art Productions is a Tumblr page that takes classic artworks and puts hip-hop lyrics on top of them.  Each lyrics seems to be perfectly paired with it’s corresponding art piece.  Online retailer, Rad, also recently started carrying t-shirt versions of the images.

Minimalistic Drawings of Animals by Andrea Minini

Artist Andrea Minini puts a unique spin on the animal world with her latest series of work entitled Animals in Moiré. Minini’s drawings depict well-known animals, ranging from penguins to grizzly bears, using only lines. The resulting portraits are amazing to say the least. Check out her work below.

What if Astronauts Were Sponsored by Big Brands?

Astronauts have undoubtedly one of the coolest jobs in the world, and most of us as kids wanted to be one.  Sneakhype friend, Ryan Rittenhouse, sent over a project where he imagined what it would be like if astronauts were sponsored by big brands.  I could see Burberry introducing this version of a spacesuit at the their next fashion show.

Amazing Nature Photography by Cory Staudacher

Cory Staudacher’s is a Seattle based photographer that spends the majority of his time exploring the great outdoors. Cory documents his adventures on Instagram. His page is filled with amazing pictures that will leave you longing for a camping trip. Check out some of our favorite pictures below and make sure you follow Cory on Instagram.  

Artist Recreates His Childhood Drawings 20 Years Later

Telmo Pieper is a Dutch muralist who digitally recreates his old drawings into realistic versions.  The original drawings were done when Telmo was only 4 years old, and now 20 years later with the help of Photoshop these are the updated versions.  Check out his website here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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