$15,000 Gold Plated Skateboard from SHUT

When do you know you’ve made it?  When you can buy a $15,000 gold plated skateboard and not think twice about it.  SHUT just released this oh-so-shiny skateboard, and believe it or not, it’s fully functional.  Check it out here.

23 Clips of Filmography By Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney is a “Filmographer” hailing from Canada. What Christopher does is take pictures from classic movies, and recreate them with contemporary shots from present time to produce some pretty dope pictures (of pictures in pictures woah).

Emoji-Nation Will Change The Way You Look At Classic Art

Satirical artist Nastya Nadnik combines classic pieces of art with emoticons and pop-up windows. Now try looking at fine works of art without seeing any emoji’s.


Jay Shells Hangs New “Rap Quotes” Signs All Over New York City

Jay Shells continues his ongoing “Rap Quotes” project by hanging up around 20 new signs all over New York City. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, Jay Shells is an artist and hip-hop enthusiast who creates street signs featuring notable rap lyrics and then places them at the exact locations mentioned in each song. He’s already hung up over 60 signs in NYC, 45 in L.A., and he just added 20 more to the streets of the Big Apple. Jay also has plans to travel to Houston, Chicago, New Orleans and the Bay Area to hang signs as well. Check out some of the new signs below. 

Ink and Water Make For Some Awesome Art

When it comes to using ink and water to create art, it doesn’t get much better than the work of Albert Seveso. In his latest series, “Blackground”, Seveso photographed colorful plumes of ink against a contrasting black background. The results are beautiful.

20 Famous Place From Around The World As Seen From Above

This is what some of the world’s most beautiful locations look like from above. If these don’t make you want to travel there is something wrong with you.

You’ve Never Built Anything As Cool As This Martini Porsche Racing Set

LEGO enthusiast Malte Dorowski is behind this beautiful Martini Porsche Racing Set. If you grew up playing with LEGOs you can appreciate how difficult and time consuming this type of project would be. The set features the full Martini International Racing Team including the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.1 Turbo, 935/76 Turbo, 935/78 Moby Dick, 936/77, Volkswagen T1 and Ford C-Type. The detail on the cars is crazy impressive. Check out the set below.

Artist Sarah Rosado Creates Works of Art Using Soil and Food

Sarah Rosado is a self-taught artist based out of New York City who will change your perception of the ground you walk on. She has has been using dirt as a medium for creating her works of art. Rosado sculpts the soil into playful design before photographing it for the world to see. She also adds in food and other household items to give her designs a bit more life. Check out her some pieces for her “Dirty Little Secrets” series below.

Amazing Photo Manipulations by Nois7

Enter the world of Nois7, a graphic artist that manipulates photos to create these awesome scenes. What’s most impressive is how he seamlessly combines the pictures. If you have a fear of heights this might not be for you. 

28 Dope Tattoos From Exceptional Artists

I heard the cries of outrage when there was no Saturday Tat Her Day gallery this past week, so I have come back to you with an array of dope tats early this week.

The Amazing Street Art of Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus is one heck of a name for an artist.  These are a few of his street art installations that are supposed to showcase the ills of society.  Pretty deep stuff, eh?  Check out his website here.

Pop Culture Icons Re-Imagined as Cartoons

German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang created this series of illustrations that imagines some of today’s biggest pop culture icons as some of your cartoon characters. Most of the portrayals seem to be spot on. Be careful though, you may never your favorite artist in the same light again. 


Tracy Tubera – H.A.M. (Nike Air Yeezy 2) Prints

Über Illustrator Supreme Tracy Tubera just released some new prints inspired by the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Tracy created a print for each colorway that was released. 


Decorate Your Home With These Affordable Sneaker Prints

Being a sneakerhead is an expensive hobby that often doesn’t leave you with a lot of extra money. Make the most of your pocket change with these affordable prints from Kick Posters. You can purchase a print of your favorite Nike, Jordan, adidas and Asics kicks for only $25. If Kick Posters doesn’t have a print of the shoe you’re looking for, you can have them make you a custom poster for around $40. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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