17 Flying Dogs by Julia Christe

17 Flying Dogs by Julia Christe


17 Flying Dogs by Julia Christe

These hilarious photos of dogs are snapped by photographer Julia Christe.

It’s really a uniquely remarkable and heart-wrenching photo series because it captures the helplessness of the animals as they fall to their death.  That’s right, to capture not only the animals’ surprise feeling of weightlessness — but also the seldom-seen emotion exhibited by any living creature just before its doom, the artist decided to drop these pooches from the roof of a 10-story building.

In doing so, the viewer is forced to examine their own internal conflict: that of the impulse to smile at the silly-ness of the suspended hound, while struggling with the fact that your brief moment of pleasure was only made possible by the death of another.

I’m totally kidding, the dogs were dropped like 18 inches.

The images are available for purchase on t-shirts, posters, framed prints, and even in a book on FlyingDogs.info.

To prove that no animals were harmed in the making of this photo series (and to prove that it apparently took about 23 people to create), you can watch this little video:

source: mymodernmet

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