"Life of Ants" by Photographer Joni Niemela


"Life of Ants" by Photographer Joni Niemela


"Life of Ants" by Photographer Joni Niemela

Joni Niemela is one of the best all natural macro shooters out there. All of his photos in this series were shot with a 100mm macro lens on the body of either a Nikon or Pentax.  Joni said:

“The most challenging shot has to be the second one where the ant is spraying acid on the top of an ice block. That one included also a bit of luck as it was just walking over a tiny ice block when it noticed my hand waving above it as I took a series of images of it.”

Check out Joni’s website and view his work below.

ants-by-joni1 ants-by-joni12ants-by-joni2 ants-by-joni3 ants-by-joni4 ants-by-joni5 ants-by-joni6 ants-by-joni7 ants-by-joni8 ants-by-joni9 ants-by-joni10 ants-by-joni11


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