Tracy Tubera - Street Fighter Print

Tracy Tubera - Street Fighter Print


Tracy Tubera - Street Fighter Print

Here we have a look at artist Tracy Tubera’s latest work, “Way of the Dragon Fist”. The Illustration was created for the 25th Anniversary Street Fighter II Art Show that took place at BAIT ( over the weekend. It measures 13″ X 19″ and is printed on archival watercolor paper. Each print is signed and number. Only 25 were produced. These prints are available for purchase now on Tracy’s website.

Here is what Tracy had to say about the new prints:

Here is my Illustration for the 25th Anniversary STREET FIGHTER II Art Show that took place at BAIT ( ) presented by CAPCOM & TSUNAMI SYNDICATE.

The underline theme of the illustration is the YIN YANG. The constant balance of two sides to make ONE whole. If you are a fan of STREET FIGHTER you know that the 2 main characters, RYU & KEN, have two different approaches towards their martial arts training and lifestyle, but they are forever linked to each other by their training & drive to become the worlds best Martial Artist. Also they have the most AWESOMEST MARTIAL ARTS BROMANCE.

If you look closely to the print you will see multiple hidden signs of the TAO & if you look a bit harder you will also see multiple homages to the man, BRUCE LEE.

Also the print can be hung with either RYU facing UP or KEN facing up. You choose your fighter.



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