Tracy Tubera: The Walking Dead - DARYL Prints

Tracy Tubera: The Walking Dead - DARYL Prints


Tracy Tubera: The Walking Dead - DARYL Prints

Uber Illustrator Supreme Tracy Tubera is back with some new Walking Dead inspired prints. Tracy decided to pay homage to Daryl, one of my favorite characters from the show, with his latest prints.  The DARYL Prints are available in 2 versions: The Red Edition (red/black) and The Comic Book Edition (black/white).  Both versions are available for purchase now on Tracy’s website.

Here is what Tracy had to say about his DARYL Prints:

OH MAN! I love me some AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD. Did you all see the MID SEASON FINALE? Because of the show I became a fan of the comic books (DON’T TELL ME ANY SPOILERS I’m barely on ISSUE #51). I knew that before the end of SEASON 3 I would do a print of one of the characters from the show, & here it is! My Illustration of DARYL DIXON.

DARYL DIXON is the MAN! A BAD ASS “take no sh!t from no one” type of character that started out as a Loner & then soon became a a valuable part of the group. Fans of the comic & show know that Daryl was not originally from the comic but created solely for the show. The character of Daryl Dixon soon became a FAN FAVORITE & the one dude you would want by your side during the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. This is my illustration of the man, the myth, the DARYL!

I created 2 EDITIONS of this PRINT. Each print is an 11 x 17 PRINT on ARCHIVAL WATERCOLOR PAPER. Each is signed, numbered, & HAND EMBOSSED with my DOUBLE T logo. LIMITED TO ONLY 100 PRINTS each. Check out the info for each print below.

DARYL ‘RED’ EDITION: This version of the print shows Daryl in all his ZOMBIE/WALKER/ROAMER killing glory. In FULL COLOR. They better not kill off Daryl or the WORLD will RIOT! 

DARYL ‘COMIC BOOK’ EDITION: This version of the print puts Daryl Dixon in the WALKING DEAD comic book world & pays homage to the comic’s, now distinct BLACK & WHITE look. Add a splash of RED for the blood & gore of ZOMBIE/WALKER/ROAMER killing and you got yourself a B.A.M.F. DARYL PRINT.


You can purchase these prints on Tracy’s website right here.

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