Tracy Tubera - Sneaker Prints

Tracy Tubera - Sneaker Prints


Tracy Tubera - Sneaker Prints

Over the weekend, artist Tracy Tubera released some prints based on some original artwork he created for a 2 man Sneaker art show that took place earlier this year. The originals were Acrylic & Graphite on Chipboard.Each illustration is a play off the nickname for some popular sneakers.

These prints are all available now from Tracy’s website.

Here is a little back ground on each of the prints as told by Tracy:

‘AIR WOLF’ 8.5 x 11 PRINT. LIMITED to ONLY 50 — ($25.00).

My holy grail of sneakers would have to be the NIKE AIR MAGS. I love me some BACK TO THE FUTURE! I wanted to do another AIR MAG illustration (my first one being ‘FUTURE BOY’), but didn’t want to do another MARTY McFLY character design. Sooooo, I decided to mash together 2 of MJF’s best movies. ‘BTTF 2’ & TEEN WOLF= AIR WOLF. If you ever wondered what a Werewolf would look like wearing Air Mags and riding a hoverboard, then look NO further….DICKNOSE.


‘All Love Foamposites’ 13 x 19 PRINT. LIMITED to ONLY 50 — ($50.00).

‘All Love Foamposites’ AKA A.L.F. is a play off the NIKE “GALAXY” FOAMPOSITES. When I think of the galaxy, I think of the most feared, & most respected space character ever created… Gordon Shumway AKA ALF. That’s right, that’s ALF rocking some GALAXY FOAMS in OUTER SPAAACCCEEEE! Here comes ALF! Hide your pussy…cats.


‘KBV G.O.D.’ 9 x 19 PRINT. LIMITED to ONLY 50 — ($45.00).

‘KBV G.O.D.’ stands for the KOBE BRYANT FIVE “GAME OF DEATH” AKA The NIKE ZOOM KOBE V “BRUCE LEEs”. Being the HUGE KOBE BRYANT fan that I am & an equally HUGE BRUCE LEE fan, this particular colorway was a MUST HAVE. The YELLOW & BLACK colors were a homage to Bruce’s Track suit from his last movie GAME OF DEATH & not from KILL BILL (FYI kids, KILL BILL was paying homage to BRUCE too. Don’t get it twisted!)


‘AIR MAX’N’ 9 x 19 PRINT. LIMITED to ONLY 50 — ($45.00).

‘AIR MAX’N’ wasn’t so much as a play off the shoe’s nickname, but more of a funny illustration showing someone using the shoe for what is was intended for…RUNNING. Nowadays AIR MAX 90’s are used more for profiling than breaking a sweat. IMO the INFRARED 90s are still the BEST AM90 EVEEEERRRRR!

Head over to Tracy’s website to purchase these prints.


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