Lord (Vader) On Vacation Figurine by Abell Octovan

What does Darth Vader do when he’s not swinging his lightsaber around?¬† He grabs his board and snags a few waves at his local point break like any Sith Lord bro brah.¬† This Vader Vacation¬†figurine was designed by Abell Octovan and with only 8 in existence at $130 a pop they might be harder to get a hold of than Princess Leia’s buns.

sith-lord-on-vacation-2-590x394 sith-lord-on-vacation-590x415 5010361489_25fef0c226_b darth_vader_01 darth_vader_02 darth_vader_04 darth_vader_06 lord-vader-on-vacation-darth-abell-octovan-sunburn-sith-figure-toy-3 tumblr_le3d2hvzIg1qzpwi0o1_250

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