Google Street View Art (43 photos)

From hookers and handguns to beaches and beautiful scenery, artist Jon Rafman has captured a portfolio of imagery all taken from Google’s cameras.  His work has been featured in art museums across the US. 

Jon Rafman_1291145743086 Jon Rafman_1291145710366 Jon Rafman_1291145697176 Jon Rafman_1291145615452 Jon Rafman_1291145593527 Jon Rafman_1291145574337 Jon Rafman_1291145558362 Jon Rafman_1291145516583 Jon Rafman_1291145474615 Jon Rafman_1291145454035 Jon Rafman_1291145434355 Jon Rafman_1291145401326 Jon Rafman_1291145377931 Jon Rafman_1291145363997 Jon Rafman_1291145338356 Jon Rafman_1291145318858 Jon Rafman_1291145296700 Jon Rafman_1291145247336 Jon Rafman_1291145233170 Jon Rafman_1291145209488 Jon Rafman_1291145184000 Jon Rafman_1291145144134 Jon Rafman_1291145126319 Jon Rafman_1291145095186 Jon Rafman_1291145082573 Jon Rafman_1291145066951 Jon Rafman_1291145052646 Jon Rafman_1291145038353 Jon Rafman_1291145027298 Jon Rafman_1291145003650 Jon Rafman_1291144978044 Jon Rafman_1291144955331 Jon Rafman_1291144938520 Jon Rafman_1291144921380 Jon Rafman_1291144906699 Jon Rafman_1291144890851 Jon Rafman_1291144875899 Jon Rafman_1291144858233 Jon Rafman_1291144843849 Installation Pics - Jon Rafman, 2008 - 2010_1291145842259 Installation Pics - Jon Rafman, 2008 - 2010_1291145823435 Installation Pics - Jon Rafman, 2008 - 2010_1291145814054 Installation Pics - Jon Rafman, 2008 - 2010_1291145801755

source: likecool

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