38 Sad Pictures of the Oil Spill

Do this: Go watch Planet Earth and then watch Avatar in Blu Ray.  Then look at these pictures and read of the devastation that is this recent oil spill in the Gulf… it’s seriously enough to make a grown man cry.  I just want to evolve to grow a pony tail that I can plug into a pterodactyl so I can fly and glow in the dark and shit — and I, nor my great grandchildren, will be able to do that because of this terrible human destruction.  Son of a bitch. 

For captions and explanations of these photos, check out the full story at Boston.com.

o38_23540017 o32_23463615 o39_23478421 o37_23462367 o36_23446543 o35_57922e7a o34_23500839 o33_23478397 o31_23533025 o30_23537051 o29_23462477 o28_23462549 o27_23478563 o26_23518899 o25_23537411 o24_23539703 o23_23461339 o22_23527503 o21_23536119 o20_23537053 o19_23526603 o18_23524403 o17_23497535 o16_23539669 o15_23446119 o14_23511527 o13_23462363 o12_23454423 o11_23511351 o10_8744k007 o09_23509061 o08_23513559 o07_23501195 o05_23507325 o04_23539641 o03_23448411 o02_23498001 o01_23462419
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