Artist Ignacio Lozano

How many of you remember K’nex from back in the day?  I know i do.  I had some ballin’ airplanes that i made, as well as some roller coasters.  Spanish artist Ignacio Lozano recently did some pieces involving what’s dubbed as the world’s most creative construction toy.  These pics look pretty freaky to me, but still really cool.


thumb_3164_5387653f3d6ef06f5c44af79a0ec20b1 thumb_3164_5f9053f3251e2bb1c7965835b6dd0449 3106_f93ed277651940a59d962263bd67d10d thumb_3164_4dd4e2fccf106b34b9760ff71a7af976 thumb_3164_81bfc0c03834c2cc1ce4041d4c852d03 thumb_3164_a5a2c1b5f2688bdd91ba6d4fbcf3ed9a
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