Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel

We got any dog lovers in the building? This one is for you.


NFL Stars Get The Simpsons’ Treatment

Bleacher Report and Adrien Noterdaem, an artist who is known for his ability to recreate the distinct Simpsons’ style, came together to create this celebration of both the show’s 25th season, and the start of the NFL season.  View the full feature here.

Artist Converts Industrial Silos into Giants

Os Gemeos recently visited an industrial complex on a Vancouver island, and put their artistic touch onto these giant silos.  The duo completely donated a month of their time to convert these multi-story silos into their signature “giants.”  They have an Indiegogo page to help recoup some of the costs for the project, and so far has exceeded their goal by $40,000 CAD.


Dope Sneaker Illustrations by Mateusz Wójcik

Artist Mateusz Wójcik has combined his two favorite things, sneakers and art, in his new illustrations. Wójcik’s creations are a unique take on some of today’s most popular kicks. The pieces include recreations of the Air Max 90, Roshe Run, and more. Take a closer look below. 

13thWitness Limited Edition Prints Available Now

Photographer, 13thWitness, just released some limited edition prints for sale over on his website.  Each print is limited to 25 pieces, and are $150 in price.  4 different prints total, buy one here.

Stellar HD Photography of Smoke By Thomas Herbrich

German photographer Thomas Herbrich has recently released the photos from his newest series entitled “SMOKE”. These trippy smoke clouds are the results of thousands of photos and countless hours documenting plumes of cigarette smoke. 

Amazingly Dope Light Fixtures by James Clar

I need this guy to make me some custom lights for the crib, nam sayin’?  James Clar originally studied film and animation at NYU.  Eventually he started to develop his own visual systems by controlling and manipulating light itself, and that translates into his works.  These are just some of his most recent works, he has much more over on his website.


Dope Jordan ‘Triangle’ Art By JC Ro

Artist JC Ro creates these insanely dope Jordan prints out of thousands of triangles (literally). JC Ro has featured such classics as I’s, III’s, IV’s, V’s, VI’s, IX’s, and XI’s in these prints, and they vary in size from 28″x36″ to 18″x24″. All of this featured work (and more) is available for purchase at his webstore: triangleshit.com

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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