The Real Mad Men of New York Advertising

Here’s a look at what “wall dogs” in NYC go through on a daily basis.  Known as the real Mad Men of New York advertising, these are the ones that paint those ads on high-buildings for 10-12 hours a day.  Pretty awesome.


5 Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

If you’ve been keeping up with our new recurring feature, 5 Girls You Should Follow on Instagram, you’re feed is probably filled with beautiful women at this point. While beautiful women are great, it’s nice to have some variety in your life. So we thought it would be cool to introduce our readers to some of the best photographers on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites.

Dark Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann

Here’s a look at some incredible oil paintings from Jeremy Mann.  These are all a part of his Cityscapes series, which feature a dark look at different street views around major cities.  Check out his website here.

Banksy Unveiled A New Piece of Street Art Today

The ever-elusive Banksy made his return to the street art scene today. He took to his website to unveil his latest piece of work. This is the first we’ve heard of Banksy since his month long “Better Out Than In” exhibition, which took place all over New York City. His new piece is obviously poking fun at our obsession with smartphones.

8 Rad Posters Inspired by Rap Lyrics

As the name suggests, the folks over at the Hip Hop Art Project are creating rad art relating to Hip Hop. Grounded in the classics but with some contemporary flair, and basing their posters on song lyrics, these highly detailed portraits offer a nice replacement to the cliche album posters that litter dorm rooms. Peep their posters and the lyrics that inspired them after the jump and on their website.


Who Wore It Better: Rappers or Ancient Works of Art?

You wouldn’t think that modern day rappers would share many similarities with ancient works of art, but you would be wrong. NYC-based art historians Cecilia Azcarate and Ferdinando Verderi have created a brilliant Tumblr account that pairs rap artists alongside classic pieces of art. The mash-ups highlight fashion trends that the two parties seem to share. I guess it’s true, fashion does repeat itself.

Smithsonian Magazine Announces 11th Annual Photo Contest Finalists

I love a good photo contest. It really brings out the creativity in people.


Classic Album Covers Seen Through Google Street View

This is pretty cool.  Using Google Street View these classic album covers are meshed with the actual location they were shot in.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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