Here’s the Characters from “Hey Arnold!” All Grown Up

Artist, Nuri Durr, recently put together this art series that reimagines the class of P.S. 118 as grown adults.  The series by Nuri is actually based around Helga, and it’s called “Yo, Pataki!”  It would be cool to see Nickelodeon bring back the series featuring these adult characters.  Hey Arnold! was definitely one of my favorite TV shows growing up, so this is really cool.  These are all for sale over on his website.

Corey Arnold’s Amazing “Wildlife” Photography Series

Photographer, Corey Arnold, has a new exhibition up at the the Charles A. Hartman Gallery.  The “Wildlife” photo series features various photographs that Corey has taken during his journeys over the past few years.  It features some truly amazing photographs, and it’s on display until November 29th.  Here are some of the pieces featured.

12 Sweet Animals Depicted by Javier Pérez Estrella

Javier Pérez Estrella (aka “cintascotch”) is an Ecuadorian based artist who depicts some downright charming animals, which he finishes off with the addition of some aptly placed appendages. 

Just Grow It! Features Organic Nikes Made from Flowers, Plants, and More

Monsieur Plant has put together this series called “Just Grow It!” that consists of art that features organic Nikes made from flowers, plants, seeds, and bark.  Unfortunately for you sneakers lovers, these do no look wearable.

Artist Steve Spazuk Paints with Fire and Feathers

While all the other art school majors were putting their lighters’ flames to herb, Steve Spazuk turned his fire toward, instead, toward the canvas.

Here’s What the Next 6 Years of Superhero Movies Looks Like

This is an interesting graphic that breaks down the schedule for superhero movies over the next 6 years.  There’s definitely some interesting looking movies on the books.

Star Wars Photography by Thomas Dagg

Photographer Thomas Dagg superimposed images of iconic Star Wars characters and vehicles onto local landscapes. Check out the pictures below and see if you can spot all the Star Wars additions. 


Classic Rap Albums Recreated with Cats

What if cats were famous rappers?  Well, we now have a look at what their album covers would look like thanks to Slate.  You know that “Good Kid, Mad Kitty” would be bumpin’.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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