Let There Be Light

Leave it to sneakhype to bring you the sickest light fixtures you’ve ever seen in your entire life. I challenge any reader of sneakhype to find a fresher fixture. Please please please, if you believe that you know of light fixtures that can top these Andromeda Murano light elements from Italy, email eg [at] sneakhype [dot] com and show me what you got. I can’t imagine they’re sexier than these bad babies. Click the link to see even more of these lights… their portfolio is seriously insane.


In the last post I showed you the G’d up hollywood hills place, but this might even be more G’d up. This house in Chile was made by architect Mathias Klotz, the name in spanish translates to House for 11 daughters. Check out Kanye West blog for more pics. yezzir

The Openhouse

The Openhouse is located in a narrow and sloping lot in the Hollywood Hills. the main focus of the house was the view of the landscape, having 47 movable glass panels. To balance out the glass they used stone,plaster. and oak. Its the ultimate G’d up pad.


Arne Quizne REBIRTH

Belgian designer/artist Arne Quizme created a temporary installation of the 5 star hotel “Le Royal Monceu“. The hotel was closing for a year-long renovation. They threw a party for the exhibition for a one of a kind experience. Check more on Arne Quizme now.

$6,000,000 Home Theater System

50 inch plasma,check, Bose surrond sound, check, a $6,000,000 home theater system . . . .not so much. This one of a kind home theater system is estimated at around $6,000,000. It is absolutely astonishing, so when you buy a new HD TV dont think your ballin that much, cause this system got you covered from head to toe. Check it out and drool at about:blank.

Revo iBlik – i lik it

The Revo iBlik is sold in the UK, but if you buy one, you won’t get it for a while, because it’s not set to release til next month… but you can pre-order it. This bad baby can do everything you’ve ever heard a music console can do… and then some. iBlik = iCey fresh

Bathing Ape? How about Bathe like a King.

Who wants to be showered in money when you can use that money to instead buy one of these ridiculously bomb showers from Dornbracht? Supa swanky for the hanky panky.

the Barcelona – sliiiick

The well-known Barcelona chair and ottoman from Mies Van Der Rohe. White leather is always fly, but especially when used in a high end German interior furnishing. Get one and people will say “damn dude, this chair is sick.” And you will say, “why thank you. ’tis the barcelona from the late Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. A classic piece with a progressive touch. I found it on sneakhype.com, a blog I read daily that is comprised of many other immensely fresh items that will surely enrich your life as it has mine.“


Italian Bookcase = Panty Droppa

The Wave Bookcase from Urbanati, an Italian furniture design studio, is sure to make any living space look that much fresha. Made of aluminum and crystal, complemented by the sensual curves of the dark hardwood… yowza. Lemme get one of these please. Maybe if all you SNEAKHYPE patrons check out our sponsor ads, we can afford to cop one to hold the DVD collection we got at our world HQ’s.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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