Geoffrey Harcourt 1960s Harcourt F978 lounge chair

Geoffrey Harcourt is responsible for these dope chairs that look like they came straight out the sixties. He’s calls them the F978 Harcourt chair and they are a good look. It has an aluminum base, leather seating and a flashy red/white colorscheme. [retrotogo]


Crooks and Castles Luggage Set

I don’t know how Crooks and Castles does it but they always manage to stay one step of the game. Everybody in the business has been coming out with special releases for the Holidays but the Crooks are killing it with this luggage set. This premium set of bags consist of a backpack, a shoulder bag, and also a duffle bag. The line comes in black or Grey and also features a monogram all-over print. This picture isn’t very good but this set is dope, i’d rather have this than a set of Louis Luggage. [thefeed]

Radius Designs Indoor Fireplace

Here is an interesting take on the woodless fireplace. Radius Design designed a simple and sleek fireplace that runs off of ethanol. It definitely does not look like a traditional fireplace and probably won’t make a room seem very cozy, but if you are a baller and live in LA and the rest of your house is all modern then you better buy this bad boy to add the finishing touches. [Via Designcorner]


Original Fake Ashtrays

Original Fake has expanded their horizons with these hella tight ceramic ashtrays. They are most likely sold out but you can check for sure at Kawsone.

Dubai’s New Tower Houses Resturaunt at 2,150 ft in a Glass Pod

Alright lets talk about Dubai for a second, its one of the seven emirates and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. The place is sick, so rich off oil and is breaking records with their futuristic architecture. They’re putting billions in these places in hopes to make Dubai a tourism hot spot. Heard of the Burj Al Arab? shit it’s only a seven-star hotel. Roger Federer plays tennis on the roof. The World Island? a man made island that actually looks like the world. Oh yea they also have the Palm Trilogy, three more man made islands, one can house over a million people. The list goes on but plans of a brand new project have come out. Its a Tower that houses a restaurant in a glass pod while 2150 feet in the air. Yes the future is here people it’s looking dooooopppee.

AK Ice Tray – Now In Stock

We gave you word of this ice tray a while ago, but it was out of stock at the time. As promised, we are letting you know that it is now back in stock. It’s only 15 dollars. Seriously, how can you say no to buying this? One of the dopest novelty items I have ever seen. Act fast; I’m sure they will sell out quickly as they did before. Get it here.

The X System

This new and innovative shelving system was created by Brisbane designer Alexander Lotersztain for Australian brand Planex called “The X System.” It combines simplicity, versatility, and strength to form some of the coolest shelves out there. Shelves can be easily added or removed and the only tool required to do so is an allen wrench. These would be great for your shoe selection but if yours is anything like mine you might need a few extra shelves. [Via Kanyeuniversity].

Enrico Franzolini – Big Bang

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some light fixtures. I love me some light fixtures… but I didn’t want to force it. This is one of the better ones I have come across in a minute. Click the image to enlarge. Buy it here.

The New Bentley GT

I know this is probably out of most of your price ranges but this car is still fun too look at. It is the new Bentley Grand Tourer (GT) Coup. You have probably heard many rappers bragging about their GT Coups, but they do so for good reason. This is the ultimate luxury sports car. It has 552 Horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, and it features real leather and wood interior. It’s a beast of a car. So if you got the nicest kicks, the freshest jacket, the cleanest jeans and still have some money left over you cop this bad boy for the low price of $180,00. [Via Uncrate]

Daniel Pirsc – 3D Wallpaper

Designer Daniel Pirsc is taking interior wallpaper to the next level. The wallpaper pictured above features 3d porcelain components which add a flair that was missing from normal wallpapers. [Via Designcorner]

The Prop Lamp

This interesting lamp was created by the European designer Steve Watson. The lamp is basically made up of 3 acrylic laser cut molded pieces that form a triangular center. Watson designed the lamp so the light would reflect off the glossy finish to create patterns on walls. [Via Designcorner]

The "56 Leonard Street" Building – Herzog and De Meuron

This is this the design for the “56 Leonard Street” building which was just recently released. This 57 story residential building will will be erected in downtown NewYork and is set to be finished by 2010. The building was designed by the Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron. They designed the building with each floor stacked on top of each other but each is a little off-set creating drastic balcony’s and overhangs. The architects also payed special attention to the ground level as well; the entrance feature a custom sculpture and the lobby has a private small for residents. The homes will range from 1,430 square feet to 6,380 square feet, and costing as much as a million dollars. Pictures via Design Boom.


Chairs by Dope Designer Robert Stadler

The designer of these unique chairs is Robert Stadler. Stadler is originally from Vienna but studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan as well as ENSCI / Les Ateliers in Paris. All that hard work has obviously payed off. He is not a conventional designers. His creations are very unorthodox, it may even be hard to tell what some of his work is at first glance. His newest exhibition, Dissipations, opened at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris this past weekend. His works include the furniture peices which are made of stacked boards and lacquered or upholstered. Via KanyeUniversity.

Axolute Sink

Not only does this sink look awesome, but it doesn’t have a drainpipe. Rather, it does, but it’s all hidden and whatnot. It seems like it would splatter all over you, but such is a such a small price to pay for such G’d up-ness. Axolute Design via Gizmodo via Trendir via DVICE via your mom.

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