Seattle Central Library

How did I not know this thing existed?  Here’s my professional opinion: dizzy donky dopenasty.  [blueprints and more: archdaily]  More pics that you’ll most likely enjoy viewing:

Villa Old Oaks

Check out this slick new crib located somewhere on the outskirts of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This mansion was designed by OFIS arhitekti and took 5 years to build. From the looks of it, it was worth the wait. We call it Villa Old Oaks, it is located in a new neighborhood with 6 other Villa’s. The house was built in a hilly, forested area and surrounded by 100 year old oak trees. The heart of the house is an external covered courtyard. Main spaces such as the entrance lobby, staircase, dining room, living room, bedroom, and work areas overlook this space. The courtyard roof is part-glass, part-wood and has views of the sky and the treetops, thus creating a strong link between inside and outside. The terrain around the house slopes downward and the house follows suit, creating interesting angles and great views. Check out more pictures after the jump. [Archdaily]


Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking, that window decal sure does look like it’s on the back of an ’01 Camry.  Well you’re wrong.  As you can plainly see in the other photographs, and the subsequent pics after the jump, the decal is actually on a Porsche Carrera 911 — The SNEAKHYPEMOBILE.  We figured it would also be a good time to show you our garage, which is basically just a giant dungeon of world-class whips and trunks full of gold and diamonds and gems and shit.  And hot naked women in cages.  Chill out chill out… we let em out twice a week to hose em down and whatnot.


Kvadrat Clouds

They call em clouds… they’re tiles that you construct yourself, to create your own unique 3D art.  They come in 7 different colors that can all be mixed and matched.  Check em out below.  Check out the designers’ site for more info. [kanyeuniversecity]

Dopest Table Ever Made?

I challenge any sneakhyper out there to show me a more bitchin table.  The thing looks like it’s floating, but is supported by the ooey gooey drippy droppies.  I can’t speak for its structural integrity, but if it can support the weight of the upper-body of this chick… I think we’re good to go.  More pics and info after the jump. [stylelusts]


The Athen Mutlimedia Sofa – Never Leave Your Couch Again

As you may know we here at Sneakhype love it when style, class, comfort, and technology all get rolled into one dope joint, so we were really excited to come across this new couch. They call it the “Athena”; First off it is a sleek looking sofa upholstered in premium leather but it also features some integrated computers located in the armrest. This looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick but seriously this thing exists. You can use the computer for all the normal purposes, such as checking out Sneakhype every other minute, and you can use it as remote to your TV, stereo, etc. I was thinking about getting one of these but i would honestly never get off of it, not to mention it costs a cool $15,436. Get more info here. [Bornrich]

The Dopest Parking Garages

TheCoolHunter put together a nice little packet of pics that include the dopest parking garages in the world.  Gotta love a fresh garage to park your lambo in.  Check em all out after the Dopness link below

Three Sixty Table

The glass actually rotates around on the wheels.  That’s why they call it the 360, or so they say.  Rippin off XBox if ya ask me.  They want like 1700 bucks or something for it, so that’s a bit ridiculous… I assume you’re paying for the concept moreso than the craftsmanship.  Our source, kicksandtoys, suggests just making it yourself for a fraction of the cost… plus, it’d be way cooler to say “I made it” when people ask you about it.  But if you’re lazy and rich like me, cop it here.

Featured Architect – Santiago Calatrava

My sister is a slick architect and she’s got the leak on the freshest structures on the planet.  Here’s what she’s got on this Santiago fellow: Santiago Calatrava (Valls), internationally recognized Valencian Spanish architect, thoroughly conceptualizes structural art. Calatrava’s style has been heralded as bridging the division between structural engineering and architecture. Check out some other sweet pics below.

“Star Place” in Taiwan

Ridiculous dope shopping mall.  Check out more pictures below.  Also after the jump is an explanation of how the eye is tricked into seeing the false pattern on the exterior. [yankodesign]

Letter Box House, Melbourne

So I think this gets the Sneakhype approval, this house is straight dope, the design is insane.  Located in Melbourne, Australia from the street the house’s irregular form makes the house look like nothing but once within the property the design takes form.  Talk about some wood grain. More pics after the jump[thecoolhunter]

The Sneakhype Headquarters

Not really.  But I mean, our place looks essentially just like this, so you get a rough idea.  It’s actually a high-end residential in Indonesia by Aboday Architects.  It’s called the Villa Paya-Paya.  My favorite thing about it is that the master bedroom is separated from the rest of the house… swanky. [dezeen] Detailed pics below.

Obama Action Figure – Yes You Can… get one

Who doesn’t like Obama?  No one reading this super fresh online magazine… that’s for damn sure.  Really though, I heard somewhere, like CNN or something that McCain got like 14 and half votes in the election.  I’m not sure if I believe that though… I would’ve guessed more like 8 or 9, but anyways, show even more love for your favorite president-elect by picking up this lil guy for 15 bucks.  [dailydrop] Purchase info after the link below.  More Obama stuff here.

Zeta Fireplace

This is portable fireplace is made up of leather, timber, and stainless steel which all rest on  swivel base. Looks pretty fly, its defintely a conversation peice. Peep more pictures after the jump. [KanyeUniversity]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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