Letter Box House, Melbourne

So I think this gets the Sneakhype approval, this house is straight dope, the design is insane.  Located in Melbourne, Australia from the street the house’s irregular form makes the house look like nothing but once within the property the design takes form.  Talk about some wood grain. More pics after the jump[thecoolhunter]

The Sneakhype Headquarters

Not really.  But I mean, our place looks essentially just like this, so you get a rough idea.  It’s actually a high-end residential in Indonesia by Aboday Architects.  It’s called the Villa Paya-Paya.  My favorite thing about it is that the master bedroom is separated from the rest of the house… swanky. [dezeen] Detailed pics below.

Obama Action Figure – Yes You Can… get one

Who doesn’t like Obama?  No one reading this super fresh online magazine… that’s for damn sure.  Really though, I heard somewhere, like CNN or something that McCain got like 14 and half votes in the election.  I’m not sure if I believe that though… I would’ve guessed more like 8 or 9, but anyways, show even more love for your favorite president-elect by picking up this lil guy for 15 bucks.  [dailydrop] Purchase info after the link below.  More Obama stuff here.

Zeta Fireplace

This is portable fireplace is made up of leather, timber, and stainless steel which all rest on  swivel base. Looks pretty fly, its defintely a conversation peice. Peep more pictures after the jump. [KanyeUniversity]


Luis Luna – Gluttony Lamp

This guy looks like he straight dominated fools in his grade school art class.  Luis Luna is an industrial, graphics, and furniture designer based out of Mexico.  His work is very original and has a great sense of humor.  You can contact him and check out more of his portfolio here. Detailed pics of the suspension lamp below.


Louis Vuitton 57th & 5th NYC

Check out the Louis Vuitton store at 57th & 5th in NYC.  At night they turn these lights on which create a kaleidoscope effect.  It definitely would be a sick shopping experience.  Check out more pics below to see all the flashing lights.[via fluxury]

Lizquirizia Modular Seating

Lizquirizia is multi-unit bench with a very interesting and unique design. Get more pictures and info after the jump. [Kanyeuniversity]

Cut Armchair by Filippo Ghezzani

Pretty swanky little seat right here.  It’s made up of 4 completely separate parts which sounds cool, but how does it stay together?  Do you have to drill it to the ground?.. because that would be lame.  If it weighs 900 lbs to stay in place… that would also be lame.  And if you don’t drill it to the ground, and it doesn’t weigh 900 pounds, then it would move all over the place and probably fall apart when you try to sit on it.  Verdict: lame but looks cool.  [designboom] More pics after the link.

LA High School by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Some lucky high schoolers will be returning to this new building. The new High School was designed by the Austrian firm of coop himmelb(l)au. This impressive central Los Angeles high school for the visual and performing arts will hold 1,800 students and features a central theatre that can hold 1,000 audience members. there are four classroom buildings for each of the schools four art disciplines, it  also features a library and cafeteria in the schools seven total buildings. Basically its the dopest High School ever. Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump. [Design Corner]

Storylines Bookshelf by Studio Frederik Roijé

Studio Frederik Roijé came out with this pretty swanky bookshelf in 2005.  The concept was to translate storytelling into storage function.  Made of powdercoated metal.  Purchase info and pics after the jump.

Kotaro Ide – The Shell House

They call this the “Shel House” ,  it was designed by Architect Kotaro Ide,  Built in the woods of Karuizawa, located in the Nagano prefecture of Japan, and it was designed to resemble a Conch shell. The home  is made with reinforced cement instead of wood in order to withstand the Hot summers and Cold winters. It was meant to function as a vacation home but i think could live there all year. Get more info and pics after the jump. [KanyeUniversity]


Suck UK – Mirrors

Here’s a neat little assortment of novelty mirrors from Suck UK.  I love mirrors.  They’ve got lots of different ones… check out more pics/models after the jump.

Kiltro House

The designers of this project described it as such — The result: a mix, a bastardized design, a fusion, like a crossbreed dog, in Chilean:A Kiltro.…whatever the ___ that means. Regardless, this house is sick. More pics and info here. [thecoolhunter]


Geoffrey Harcourt 1960s Harcourt F978 lounge chair

Geoffrey Harcourt is responsible for these dope chairs that look like they came straight out the sixties. He’s calls them the F978 Harcourt chair and they are a good look. It has an aluminum base, leather seating and a flashy red/white colorscheme. [retrotogo]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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