Moooi – Dear Ingo by Ron Gilad

If you didn’t already know, sneakhype has probably the most superb taste in lights and light fixtures of any sophisticated/urban/modern/youth/bomb-diggity lifestyle culture blog you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? Check it. And not to out-do ourselves, here you see this spider-like chandelier made out of desk-lamps… thing. You can order it here.


Dizel&State – Limited Wall Prints

Get yours while supplies last. 30 of each style are available. Custom print to size. Superfly. Check them out here. It’s one of those pesky flash websites, so you have to click “Store” and then from the menu, select “wallprints.” They have lots of other dope stuff. They have some fresh t-shirts, however, they are sold out of every style they make right now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear that they get more shirts in.


Dizel&State – New Limited Poster Releases

A graphics design studio coming at you from Sweden has just released these new limited posters, all numbered and signed. Dizel&State normally do marketing/artistic campaigns for clients like Diesel, just to name one. They have a unique yet trendy style, and I think that a series of these prints would look sick in pretty much any sneakhyper’s living space. You can check out their site here. Click “works” to see their portfolio or click “store” to see these posters and other stuff for sale.

Featured Architect – Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry must have done some serious mind opening drugs during his youth. Check out these buildings. It’s like he scribbled all over a piece of paper and called it a blueprint. His portfolio includes many well known tourist attractions and museums around the world. These are just a few of his pieces, and one of his furniture pieces called the wiggle chair. You can buy the wiggle chair in a few different colors for 920 bucks. Buy it here.

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Featured Artist – Bayo Iribhogbe

This guy is one of the most well known African modern artists around today. My parents have a couple of his paintings, and I can tell you that they look MUCH better in person than they do in these images here. He uses a thick impasto style that gives his paintings a lot of texture and depth. I also really like the abstract human forms and settings he uses… you can really let your imagination get lost in his compositions. His “Gatherings” and “Dances” surely insinuate many sexual connotations. You can check out his flikr photostream here, and check out his personal website gallery (where you can purchase works) here.

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Lawrence Original – Diane’s Artisan Gallery

A friend of Sneakhype’s, Diane’s Artisan Gallery has a very unique and classy selection of fine art. We at Sneakhype are big fans of glass art, and Diane has got some great pieces. Located in Lawrence on 8th and Mass in a loft, definitely a spot for you local sneakhypers to check out if you’re trying to step your game up by way of fine art, decor, and accessories.

A Fresh Look at Beijing’s Olympics Buildings’ Architecture

Anyone who watched opening ceremonies, or has seen any shots of the birds’ nest, or watched any of Michael Phelps swimming in the Cube, one knows that China is bringin’ the heat for the 08 Olympics. Here are some night/light shots and other unique looks of their prominent buildings via toomanytribbles.


The TETRA table is an ecologically friendly product that uses a normally thin breakable foil of wood that has been transformed into a strong a flexible material. The wood layer on the top is 100% ecologically friendly and it is easily removable and therefore easy to recycle. The new and different design of the table is meant to break away from the normalities of life. This table is doing a pretty good job at that. It was designed by Daniele Gualeni. We are not quite sure of a retailer for this product yet, but you can contact the designer for more info. Pics and info via Tuive.

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The new addition to the Kansas City Art Musuem

In June of this summer the new addition to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City, KS was finally opened. This bold piece of architecture was designed by the Architect Steven Holl. The museum was designed in order to keep the focus on the art pieces but the new addition is a piece of art itself. The museum is said to make to good use of natural lights but i think it looks the best at night time. Critics have claimed that it is some of Holl’s best work. The new addition to the classic Kansas City Museum looks great and is worth checking out if your in the area. . You can get more pics and info here.


Imaginary Foundation Prints

Imaginary Foundation is one of Sneakhype’s favorite companies. We think they’re in the running for the flyest t-shirt of all time.

Five Franklin Place – Coming Soon to NYC

Designed by Dutch architect, Ben van Berkel, of the firm UNStudio, this 20 story piece of eye candy is currently under construction in New York. It will have approximately 55 residential properties ranging from$2 million to $16 million. There are a lot more specifications and awesome pictures here.


Featured Designer – Isamu Noguchi

How come all dope designers and artists have dope names? Isamu Noguchi, Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapierta. It’s like the doper the name, the dopiest the design. This table comes in a few finishes, and you can buy it here, along with lots of other stuff made by Noguchi. This guy makes everything from spoons ($90) to sofas ($10,000). The table’s only a couple G’s though.


Featured Artist – Louis Poulsen

I know… I know… I’ve been posting a lot a lot of light fixtures. But read the description folks, we are sneakhype: your daily galleria of all things fresh. And these lights are nothing short of fresh. Don’t like it, scroll down. Like it? Check out Louis Poulsen’s full portfolio.


Kasa Digitalia – House de la Dopeness

This is an exhibit space designed by Karim Rashid for Abet Laminati. Abet Lamanati… we like to party. La da da dee. Get the scoop from Contract Magazine.

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