The X System

This new and innovative shelving system was created by Brisbane designer Alexander Lotersztain for Australian brand Planex called “The X System.” It combines simplicity, versatility, and strength to form some of the coolest shelves out there. Shelves can be easily added or removed and the only tool required to do so is an allen wrench. These would be great for your shoe selection but if yours is anything like mine you might need a few extra shelves. [Via Kanyeuniversity].

Enrico Franzolini – Big Bang

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some light fixtures. I love me some light fixtures… but I didn’t want to force it. This is one of the better ones I have come across in a minute. Click the image to enlarge. Buy it here.

The New Bentley GT

I know this is probably out of most of your price ranges but this car is still fun too look at. It is the new Bentley Grand Tourer (GT) Coup. You have probably heard many rappers bragging about their GT Coups, but they do so for good reason. This is the ultimate luxury sports car. It has 552 Horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, and it features real leather and wood interior. It’s a beast of a car. So if you got the nicest kicks, the freshest jacket, the cleanest jeans and still have some money left over you cop this bad boy for the low price of $180,00. [Via Uncrate]

Daniel Pirsc – 3D Wallpaper

Designer Daniel Pirsc is taking interior wallpaper to the next level. The wallpaper pictured above features 3d porcelain components which add a flair that was missing from normal wallpapers. [Via Designcorner]

The Prop Lamp

This interesting lamp was created by the European designer Steve Watson. The lamp is basically made up of 3 acrylic laser cut molded pieces that form a triangular center. Watson designed the lamp so the light would reflect off the glossy finish to create patterns on walls. [Via Designcorner]

The "56 Leonard Street" Building – Herzog and De Meuron

This is this the design for the “56 Leonard Street” building which was just recently released. This 57 story residential building will will be erected in downtown NewYork and is set to be finished by 2010. The building was designed by the Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron. They designed the building with each floor stacked on top of each other but each is a little off-set creating drastic balcony’s and overhangs. The architects also payed special attention to the ground level as well; the entrance feature a custom sculpture and the lobby has a private small for residents. The homes will range from 1,430 square feet to 6,380 square feet, and costing as much as a million dollars. Pictures via Design Boom.


Chairs by Dope Designer Robert Stadler

The designer of these unique chairs is Robert Stadler. Stadler is originally from Vienna but studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan as well as ENSCI / Les Ateliers in Paris. All that hard work has obviously payed off. He is not a conventional designers. His creations are very unorthodox, it may even be hard to tell what some of his work is at first glance. His newest exhibition, Dissipations, opened at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris this past weekend. His works include the furniture peices which are made of stacked boards and lacquered or upholstered. Via KanyeUniversity.

Axolute Sink

Not only does this sink look awesome, but it doesn’t have a drainpipe. Rather, it does, but it’s all hidden and whatnot. It seems like it would splatter all over you, but such is a such a small price to pay for such G’d up-ness. Axolute Design via Gizmodo via Trendir via DVICE via your mom.

Interior Pieces by Timothy Schreiber

Timothy Schreiber is a designer out of London that really brings the freshness when it comes to seating and tables. He has some really simple yet elegant designs, as well as, incredibly unique and complex ideas. His online portfolio is definitely worth 2 minutes of your time. Check it out here. Do it. Really.

Moooi – Dear Ingo by Ron Gilad

If you didn’t already know, sneakhype has probably the most superb taste in lights and light fixtures of any sophisticated/urban/modern/youth/bomb-diggity lifestyle culture blog you’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me? Check it. And not to out-do ourselves, here you see this spider-like chandelier made out of desk-lamps… thing. You can order it here.


Dizel&State – Limited Wall Prints

Get yours while supplies last. 30 of each style are available. Custom print to size. Superfly. Check them out here. It’s one of those pesky flash websites, so you have to click “Store” and then from the menu, select “wallprints.” They have lots of other dope stuff. They have some fresh t-shirts, however, they are sold out of every style they make right now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear that they get more shirts in.


Dizel&State – New Limited Poster Releases

A graphics design studio coming at you from Sweden has just released these new limited posters, all numbered and signed. Dizel&State normally do marketing/artistic campaigns for clients like Diesel, just to name one. They have a unique yet trendy style, and I think that a series of these prints would look sick in pretty much any sneakhyper’s living space. You can check out their site here. Click “works” to see their portfolio or click “store” to see these posters and other stuff for sale.

Featured Architect – Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry must have done some serious mind opening drugs during his youth. Check out these buildings. It’s like he scribbled all over a piece of paper and called it a blueprint. His portfolio includes many well known tourist attractions and museums around the world. These are just a few of his pieces, and one of his furniture pieces called the wiggle chair. You can buy the wiggle chair in a few different colors for 920 bucks. Buy it here.

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Featured Artist – Bayo Iribhogbe

This guy is one of the most well known African modern artists around today. My parents have a couple of his paintings, and I can tell you that they look MUCH better in person than they do in these images here. He uses a thick impasto style that gives his paintings a lot of texture and depth. I also really like the abstract human forms and settings he uses… you can really let your imagination get lost in his compositions. His “Gatherings” and “Dances” surely insinuate many sexual connotations. You can check out his flikr photostream here, and check out his personal website gallery (where you can purchase works) here.

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