The Planalto House in São Paulo, Brazil

Flavio Castro, a firm based out of São Paulo, is responsible for this amazing house.  It was designed for a couple with two children, but you could definitely make a solid bachelor pad out of this place.  Absolutely amazing.


New TILT Attraction in Chicago is not for those Afraid of Heights

Most of you have probably seen or heard of the Sky Deck in Chicago, but just in case that wasn’t trippy enough for tourists, there’s now the TILT attraction at Hancock Center.  TILT gives you a great view of Chicago that looks straight out, but then to throw an extra twist in the plot, the attraction actually moves & tilts downward.  Just watch the video.

The Escape Cabin by Canoe Bay is the Perfect Getaway

Amazing cabin that’s incredibly portable & affordable?  That’s what the group at Canoe Bay is offering.  This is the ESCAPE cabin, and each one is custom-made to your specifications.  Environmentally & energy-conscious, and delivered to wherever you like.  Check out all the details here.

Blue Penthouse in Shanghai by Dariel Studio

This is the Blue Penthouse in Shanghai, and it definitely lives up to the name with the blue color palette used throughout.  Dariel Studio is the firm behind the place.  This is without a doubt dope living.

Take An Inside Look At The Award-Winning Mad Men Sets

With Mad Men in its final season there is no better time to celebrate its greatness. Much of the Mad Men praise has been focused on the characters impeccable sense of fashion as well as the award-winning set designs. Creator Matthew Weiner invited Interior Design to tour Don Draper’s Park Avenue apartment, the agency’s Time & Life Building office, and more of the shows legendary sets. Take a closer look below.

20 Amazing Dream Homes

These put your apartment to shame.

Stunning Oceanfront Home in Baja, Mexico

I’m tired of sitting around wondering when Summer is going to be here.  I need just to move to a place like this where it seems like Summer all year long.  Olson Kundig Architects designed & developed this amazing oceanfront property in Baja.  Amazing.

A Look at the New Apple Campus 2

Unbelievable.  I thought the Apple Campus 2 looked pretty cool from the pictures, but after watching this video my mind is blown.

BuzzFeed Offices in Los Angeles by JIDK

This is where the magic happens.  And by magic I mean where they create all the annoying quizzes you see all over you Facebook feed.  JIDK Furniture and Interior Design gives us a look inside the BuzzFeed offices located in Los Angeles, California.

Beautiful Beach Home in Phuket, Thailand

Phuken A, Phuken Phuket Thailand has the dopest shit ever.  Located in Phuket, Thailand, this amazing house that sits right on the beach, and was designed by A-Cero.  Amazing.

Villa Chameleon in Son Vida, Spain

Some houses are just too incredible to describe with words.  Is that an excuse for me not to have to write as much about this home?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  This is the Villa Chameleon in the residential area of Son Vida located in Spain.  It’s currently up for sale, and you can view the listing here.

Floating House Concept by Dymitr Malcew

This Floating House concept by Dymitr Malcew is incredible.  He says the house was designed for people who appreciate freedom & nature at their doorstep.  I could see myself living on of these for sure.


Photographers Document The Gentrification Of New York City

Gentrification in New York City has become a growing issue as of late. For those of us who don’t live in NYC, it may be hard to understand how much the city is changing. Photographers James and Karla Murray decided to document the changing landscape of the Big Apple so the entire world can witness what is happening.


15 Of The Tallest Buildings In The World

Get familiar with some of the world’s tallest buildings. By the way, these are in no particular order.

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