39 Awesome Staircases

Our fourth installment of the most awesome staircases in existence.

The Most Ballin’ Bed in Existence by Think Future Design

I rarely want to get out of bed as it is, but man, if I got my hands on this thing it would be a wrap.  Check this out, Think Future Design has loaded this canopy with blinds, a pressure-balance bedding system, a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC, a gaming and entertainment console, and a home theatre screen that slides down at the foot of the bed.  If you’re not sold, then I have no idea what else to say except look at the pictures.

Take a Tour of AirBNB’s New San Francisco Headquarters

AirBNB just moved their 200 employees into a new office building located in San Francisco. The 1,200 square foot revamped industrial building is the product of the Gensler design firm. Many of the offices are actually replicas of actual rooms that can be rented through AirBNB. The most impressive feature of headquarters may be the 1,200 foot green wall located in foyer.


The Top 10 Coolest Shower Designs

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20 Awesome Abandoned Places From Around The World

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Take A Tour of the New Mercedes Benz Research & Development Center

Mercedes Benz just opened a new Research & Development center in Silicon Valley. The luxurious office space is where the companies greatest minds come together to create the cars we dream about. The building’s open floors plan encourages collaboration and breeds creativity. But the office isn’t just for working – it also features game rooms, a kitchen, and a rooftop terrace for employs to enjoy.  Check it out.  

Floating Underwater Hotel Room At Manta Resort

The underwater room at Manta Resort is located off the coast of East Africa. It’s more like a private floating condo that is partially submerged in the Indian Ocean. The room has two stories with a living area/dining room on the first floor and a submerged room below that. There is also a rooftop terrace if you feel like getting your tan on. The bottom room is completely surrounded by water which makes for amazing views. The underwater room will cost you around $1,000 a night but it’s sure to be a once in a lifetime experience. 


The Dopest Sneaker Store Ever: Run Colors

This is definitely one of the coolest sneaker shops that I’ve ever seen.  Run Colors is based in Poland, and features a very monotone look other than the crazy colored ropes going every which way.  I need to make a trip here soon.

Apple’s New Headquarters

Apple has some big plans for their new headquarters that they plan to have built by 2016.  Right now these are just renderings, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what they’re going for.  It’s almost like they’re building their own little secluded society, which is kind of cool.

Game Studio 2o’s Spaceship-Themed Office Space

This.  Is.  Awesome.  Game Studio 2o’s office space is about the closest thing you’d get to working on board the Starship Enterprise.  Ezzo Design is the firm behind the project, and they did a fantastic job.


30 Places I Want To Live

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Take A Tour Of Michael Jordan’s Highland Park, IL Residence (Video)

On November 22nd, Michael Jordan’s residence in Highland Park, IL will have a new owner.  Concierge Auctions are auctioning off the pad to the highest bidder on that date.  Here’s a tour of the property, so you can see how amazing the place is.


Inside The New NFL Headquarters in Manhattan, NY

I’ve always thought it would be cool to work for the NFL, but after looking at these pictures of their new headquarters I’m definitely convinced that I need a job there.  Ted Moudis Associates are the brains behind the project, and I must tip my hat to them, place looks amazing.

Pinterest’s New San Francisco Headquarters

Here’s a look at Pinterest’s new digs.  The old warehouse that was recently converted into this amazing work space features some 45,000 square feet so that Pinterest’s 150+ employees have plenty of room to be creative.

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