Palm Royale Home in Texas is One of the Most Amazing We’ve Ever Seen

Some of the houses we post seem like the dopest cribs we’ve ever seen, but then a new one always comes along and blows us away.  This home, located on Palm Royale Blvd in Sugar Land, TX, is epitome of luxury.  It’s pretty expensive, but definitely less than I was expecting at $12,800,000.  Hit the listing here.

Waterfront Villa in Santa Posa Will Make You Hate Where You Live

You ever just look at a ballin’ pad like this & think “man, my pad sucks”?  That’s basically what I did when I came across this beautiful waterfront designer villa in the Santa Posa region of Mallorca.  It’s available for just a shade under $6,500,000, check out the listing here.

Take a Look Inside Hootsuite’s New Vancouver Offices

Since launching in 2009, Hootsuite has grown into a social media giant that aims to simplify social media. With a workforce of 300 Hootsuite decided it was time for a new office. SSDF Interiors transformed a 33,000 square foot former police station into a modern workspace that comfortably fits all of Hootsuite’s current employees and leaves room for growth. Check out the new digs below. 

This Guy Lives in a Retired Boeing 727 in the Woods

Now this would be pretty cool.  Bruce Campbell is the owner of this recycled Boeing 727 located in the woods of Portland, Oregon.  I think I would deck out the interior a little bit more than he has, but perhaps he ran out of money for interior renovations after dropping $220K to purchase the old aircraft. He’s only in the USA for 6 months out of the year & then in Japan the other 6 months, where he has plans to do the same thing there.  Check out all the info on this project over on his website.

The Abandoned Pontiac Silverdome is a Depressing Sight

The Pontiac Silverdome has housed some incredibly large and historic events, but yet today it’s stands empty & unused.  It’s unfortunate to see the road that Detroit has gone down lately, and hopefully they can get out of this rut.  Abandoned architecture will always make for some cool photographs though.

Incredible Pad in Beverly Hills by McClean Design

So, McClean Design is the firm behind this amazing place in Beverly Hills.  They are known for designing famous DJ, Avicii’s house as well.  This particular job was a remodel of an existing home that was designed in the 1970s.  I’d say they did a top-notch job.

Dr. Dre Buys Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s Old Pad

Well, Dr. Dre is wasting no time spending his Apple cash.  The man with the plan has bought Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s chateau in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.  The price?  Just a cool $40 million.  The home has a moat that’s filled with Koi fish, and it’s very own chicken coop.

Take a Look At Coca-Cola’s New UK Headquarters

Coca-Cola continues to make headlines with the unveiling of their new headquarters in London. The stunning offices were designed by architect Linda Morey-Smith. The Coca-Cola brand is apparent throughout the space. Vintage machines, neon signs, glass bottle lamps, and hand-painted ads can be found almost everywhere you look. The workspace also features tons of creative and communal space that has become commonplace in modern offices. Employees also have access to as much Coca-Cola as they can drink. Take a closer look below. 

The Stunning P House in São Paulo, Brazil

This is an absolutely amazing house, so it’s pretty crazy than I can’t stop thinking about that garage.  So dope.  Studio MK27 is the firm behind this project known as the “P House.”  Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the house is meant to be a puzzle game rotating three volumes around one nucleus.  Pretty amazing.


An Inside Look At Italian Chapels That Were Abandoned After The Iripina Earthquake

In 1980 an earthquake measuring 6.89 on the richter scale wreaked havoc on the Irpinia region in Southern Italy. Many of the villages and buildings were destroyed during the quake. Although the area has a long history, it has been abandoned since it was evacuated. Most of the remaining structures, including the churches and chapels, have been looted for whatever goods were left. Photographers Jorge Mañes Rubio and Gianluca Tesauro decided to travel to the Irpinia region in order to capture the abandoned buildings in a new photography series entitled “Buona Fortuna”. The series of images provides a cool look back into the region’s past. Hopefully the area is rebuilt at some point. 

35 Beautiful Staircases

This gallery is our 6th installment of Awesome Staircases.  Something about stairs… just gets my architecture juices flowin’.  I hope you also find some inspiration here!

Float House in Israel by Pitsou Kedem Architects

When I first saw that this was called the “Float House” I was really hoping for a sweet pad surrounded by a moat, but no such luck.  This is still an amazing household located in Israel, and was done by Pitsou Kedem Architects.

The Planalto House in São Paulo, Brazil

Flavio Castro, a firm based out of São Paulo, is responsible for this amazing house.  It was designed for a couple with two children, but you could definitely make a solid bachelor pad out of this place.  Absolutely amazing.


New TILT Attraction in Chicago is not for those Afraid of Heights

Most of you have probably seen or heard of the Sky Deck in Chicago, but just in case that wasn’t trippy enough for tourists, there’s now the TILT attraction at Hancock Center.  TILT gives you a great view of Chicago that looks straight out, but then to throw an extra twist in the plot, the attraction actually moves & tilts downward.  Just watch the video.

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