Stunning Oceanfront Home in Baja, Mexico

I’m tired of sitting around wondering when Summer is going to be here.  I need just to move to a place like this where it seems like Summer all year long.  Olson Kundig Architects designed & developed this amazing oceanfront property in Baja.  Amazing.

A Look at the New Apple Campus 2

Unbelievable.  I thought the Apple Campus 2 looked pretty cool from the pictures, but after watching this video my mind is blown.

BuzzFeed Offices in Los Angeles by JIDK

This is where the magic happens.  And by magic I mean where they create all the annoying quizzes you see all over you Facebook feed.  JIDK Furniture and Interior Design gives us a look inside the BuzzFeed offices located in Los Angeles, California.

Beautiful Beach Home in Phuket, Thailand

Phuken A, Phuken Phuket Thailand has the dopest shit ever.  Located in Phuket, Thailand, this amazing house that sits right on the beach, and was designed by A-Cero.  Amazing.

Villa Chameleon in Son Vida, Spain

Some houses are just too incredible to describe with words.  Is that an excuse for me not to have to write as much about this home?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  This is the Villa Chameleon in the residential area of Son Vida located in Spain.  It’s currently up for sale, and you can view the listing here.

Floating House Concept by Dymitr Malcew

This Floating House concept by Dymitr Malcew is incredible.  He says the house was designed for people who appreciate freedom & nature at their doorstep.  I could see myself living on of these for sure.


Photographers Document The Gentrification Of New York City

Gentrification in New York City has become a growing issue as of late. For those of us who don’t live in NYC, it may be hard to understand how much the city is changing. Photographers James and Karla Murray decided to document the changing landscape of the Big Apple so the entire world can witness what is happening.


15 Of The Tallest Buildings In The World

Get familiar with some of the world’s tallest buildings. By the way, these are in no particular order.


25 Dream Homes

Monday inspiration.

Underwater Hotel Concept in Dubai is Incredible

If & when this becomes a real thing, I’m definitely going to have to add it to my bucket list.  Dubai always has the illest architecture out there, and this underwater hotel does not stray from that.  The concept was developed by DOT (Deep Ocean Technology).

Abandoned Malls Around America is a Creepy Sight

Malls are continually becoming a thing of the past.  Online shopping is at an all-time high, and stores are dropping from these giant retail buildings like flies.  Apparently, people really enjoy these abandoned malls though, as there is a Facebook page for “Dead Malls Enthusiasts.”

The Pole House in Fairhaven, Australia

Absolutely breathtaking.  This is the Pole House in Fairhaven, Australia.  As if the house wasn’t amazing by itself, it’s located pretty much right on the beach, but suspended 131 feet above it.  F2 Architecture was behind the design on the place.

G-Star RAW Headquarters in Amsterdam

G-Star RAW held the official viewing for their new headquarters in Amsterdam on March 21st.  OMA is the firm that brought this thing to life, and I must say it turned out immaculate.  Check out OMA’s website here.

Google’s Mexico City Offices

We just showed you Google’s Amerstdam offices, now we have the chance to take a look inside their Mexico City headquarters. This office was designed to resemble Mexico City and features iconic landmarks within the workspace. Employees can prepare a meal in the kitchen, relax in the ball bit, or make a private call in the refurbished taxi. It seems like this would be a pretty cool place to work. 

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