Build With Chrome is an Experiment That Utilizes Endless Possibilities With LEGO

Google Chrome and LEGO have teamed up for an amazing website that allows you to build wherever using LEGO building plots.  Pretty amazing to me.  Check out Build with Chrome here.

Jay-Z’s Old Apartment is Up For Sale

Jay-Z’s old apartment located at 560 State Street has recently hit the market.  The 2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath was used by Jay-Z and friends as a stash spot back in 1996.  Now, it can be all yours for $870,000, and if you’re in New York, they’re having an open house on February 2nd.  Check out the full listing here.

Leobo Private Reserve in Africa

Talk about an ultimate man trip.  The Leobo Private Reserve offers one amazing experience within 12,000 acres of wilderness in Africa.  The luxury villa can accommodate up to 26 guests, and comes with butlers, and a private chef.  It also offers a slew of different activities including mountain biking, ATVs, motorcycles, helicopter rides, shooting, fishing, and more.  Check out the website for the villa here.

The Most Expensive Home In NYC

The Penthouse on top of the Pierre Hotel in New York City is now officially the most expensive home in the Big Apple. It was formerly owned by stock market analyst Martin Zweig who originally purchased the pad for $21.5 Million in 1999. It’s now on the market for $125 Million – $10 million more than the One57 Penthouse which used to hold the record. The Penthouse occupies 3 floors and offers amazing views of Manhattan, Central Park, the Hudson, and East River. With the interior being inspired by the Palace of Versailles, it truly is a place fit for a king. The new owner will have 5 master bedrooms to choose from in addition to separate guest suites and staff accommodation, 6 full bathrooms, four terraces, and five working fireplaces. Take a tour of the lavish pad below.

Take A Tour of Mathew Perry’s Malibu Mansion

Mathew Perry just dropped $12 Million of his Friends money on this pad in Malibu. It’s got everything that you would expect a beach house in Malibu to have – amazing views of the ocean, spacious interior, and neighbors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, and Angelina Jolie. His former co-star Courtney Cox lives nearby as well. Must be nice.

Anyone Want To Buy Eddie Murphy’s Old Mansion?

Eddie Murphy just put his former home in Sacramento on the market. The 2.5 acre estate comes complete with 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a swimming pool, game room, and a 9-car garage. All this can be yours for only $12 Million. Take a  look at the house below.


Ballin’ Bachelor Pads (25 Pics)

Justification for higher education.


Take An Epic Tour of Celine Dion’s $72 Million Dollar Home In Florida (Video)

Celine Dion is currently trying to sell her gigantic mansion on Florida’s exclusive Jupiter Island. The huge 5-acre estate, which sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, consists of a main home, two guests homes, tennis house/courts, game room, a fully functional water park, and much, much more. With the market for $72 million dollar homes being pretty small, Sotheby’s International Realty company created this epic walk-through video to help sell the place. The soundtrack is the perfect compliment to this over-the-top crib.


The 13 Dopest Architecture Features of 2013

Architecture is always a category that we use as a daily dose of motivation here at Sneakhype. Here’s the top 13 architecture features from last year.


Inside Nike CEO Mike Parker’s Office

Thanks to Obscura Magazine, we have an inside look at the office of Mike Parker.  Mike is the CEO of Nike, who has his office filled with over 1000 pieces of artwork to keep him inspired.  Check out more information on the issue of Obscura that includes this feature.

Looking Out the Windows of Abandoned Buildings by Chen Po-I

These photographs are a part of Chen Po-I’s series called Outlook.  All of the photographs are taken inside of abandoned buildings in Taiwan.  Check out Chen Po-I’s Flickr page here.

Dropbox Offices in San Francisco

Here’s a look at the Dropbox offices located in San Francisco.  Boor Bridges Architecture designed the office space, and Geremia Interior Design handled the decor.  LEGOs on a desk in one of your conference rooms is always a good sign.

LEGO Architecture: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

LEGO’s latest addition to their Architecture series is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The MBS only opened up back in 2010, but it has quickly become a landmark of Singapore due to its unique and modern design. Other notable architectural structures that have been replicated in LEGO form include the Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, and the White House. The Marina Bay Sands LEGO set will be available at the hotel’s gift shop as well as select retailers in Asia. But if you look around on the internet long enough I’m sure you can find a set for sale.

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