Awesome Aerial Photos of Airports

Sure, traveling through any airport can get crazy with all of the lines, security and waiting around. But these aerial photographs from all over the world show just how complex airports get outside of the departure gates.

This Penthouse Sits Inside Brooklyn’s Iconic Clock Tower

Can I just be a multi-millionaire now?  We could all use a incredibly dope penthouse like this in our life.  Sitting inside Brooklyn’s iconic clock tower is this penthouse filled with some exquisite views.  The cost of owning a one-of-a-kind pad like this?  Oh, just $18,000,000.  Located at 1 Main Street, the property is available to purchase now.  Check out the full listing here.

Check out SoundCloud’s Headquarters in Berlin

Ok, we’ve shared quite a few offices, but this one definitely sits somewhere atop the list of dopest workspaces.  Architectural Firm, Kinzo Berlin, recently finished these headquarters for SoundCloud.  It’s definitely filled with lots of cozy places & comfortable meeting spots.


Dubai is Building Temperature-Controlled City Known as the Mall of the World

Dubai has never been shy about showing off, I mean, they have Bugatti police cars!  They have the world’s tallest building, and a freakin’ underwater hotel. Now, they will have the world’s first temperature-controlled city, Mall of the World.  

Check out the Amazing Offices of Wieden+Kennedy Advertisement Agency

This just might be one of the nicest office spaces I’ve seen.  Ad agency, Wieden+Kennedy, is based out of NYC where these offices are located.  Designed by WORKac the workspace features plenty of places to get your creative thinking on.  That outdoor area looks incredible.

VERVE Offices in Dublin Feature a Car Conference Room

VERVE is a Irish Live Communication Agency based in Dublin.  Recently, they were on the search for new office space, and chose this 20th century building that was once a candle factory.  One of the dopest spots in the office is the 1973 Citroen DS that’s been converted to a meeting space that fits 4.

The Amazing Evolution of Times Square since 1870 in Pictures

Known as “The Crossroads of the World” and “The Center of the Universe,” Times Square in New York City has become one of the most highly trafficked commercial intersections on Earth.  

N.B.K. Residence in Beirut is the Dopest Penthouse

This is quite possibly the dopest penthouse I’ve ever seen.  Is it just me or does the outside look like a tank with a cannon on each end?  Anyways, Bernard Khoury is responsible for this incredible dwelling located in Beirut, Lebanon.  It sits at the 9th level atop it’s building, and is actually a 3-story penthouse.  The end result imitates an independent house sitting on top of a building.  Check out full details on Bernard Khoury’s website.


Take a Tour of Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing HQ (Video)

Rally Car driver and DC Shoes founder Ken Block is taking a break from his Gymkhana series to give a tour of the new Hoonigan Racing Headquarters. Located in Park City, UT, the new HQ is home to several Ford cars, a kitchen made from recycled skateboards, and Block’s very dope office. Check out the entire space in the video above. 


Here Are 20 Dream Homes To Help With Motivation

No matter what you’re doing, just keep reminding yourself that this is what you’re working towards…

Palm Royale Home in Texas is One of the Most Amazing We’ve Ever Seen

Some of the houses we post seem like the dopest cribs we’ve ever seen, but then a new one always comes along and blows us away.  This home, located on Palm Royale Blvd in Sugar Land, TX, is epitome of luxury.  It’s pretty expensive, but definitely less than I was expecting at $12,800,000.  Hit the listing here.

Waterfront Villa in Santa Posa Will Make You Hate Where You Live

You ever just look at a ballin’ pad like this & think “man, my pad sucks”?  That’s basically what I did when I came across this beautiful waterfront designer villa in the Santa Posa region of Mallorca.  It’s available for just a shade under $6,500,000, check out the listing here.

Take a Look Inside Hootsuite’s New Vancouver Offices

Since launching in 2009, Hootsuite has grown into a social media giant that aims to simplify social media. With a workforce of 300 Hootsuite decided it was time for a new office. SSDF Interiors transformed a 33,000 square foot former police station into a modern workspace that comfortably fits all of Hootsuite’s current employees and leaves room for growth. Check out the new digs below. 

This Guy Lives in a Retired Boeing 727 in the Woods

Now this would be pretty cool.  Bruce Campbell is the owner of this recycled Boeing 727 located in the woods of Portland, Oregon.  I think I would deck out the interior a little bit more than he has, but perhaps he ran out of money for interior renovations after dropping $220K to purchase the old aircraft. He’s only in the USA for 6 months out of the year & then in Japan the other 6 months, where he has plans to do the same thing there.  Check out all the info on this project over on his website.

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