SKY CLUB In Romania

SKY CLUB In Romania


SKY CLUB In Romania

Yes. Now, this place is sick. I don’t know how I would feel about partying in Romania though. Aren’t there vampires there or something? Anyways, this used to be an industrial building before it was transformed into this amazing night club.

Sky-Club-interior6 Sky-Club-night-club Sky-Club-Ploiesti Sky-Club-Ro Sky-Club-Romania-7 Sky-Club-Romania-8 Sky-Club-Romania-9 Sky-Club-Romania-10 Sky-Club-Romania-11 Sky-Club-Romania-12 Sky-Club-Romania-13 Sky-Club-Romania-14 Sky-Club-Romania-15 Sky-Club-Romania-16 Sky-Club-Romania-17 Sky-Club-Romania-18 Sky-Club-Romania-20 Sky-Club-Romania-21 Sky-Club-Romania-Ploiesti Sky-Club


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