Google's Tel Aviv Offices

Google's Tel Aviv Offices


Google's Tel Aviv Offices

Oh, how nice it must be to be Google. These new offices in Tel Aviv are fully loaded. It features 8 floors, a gym, 3 restaurants, private rooms, and chill-areas. I’m not real sure what Tel Aviv is all about, but I think I could get down there.

Google-Office-3 Google-Office-4 Google-Office-5 Google-Office-7 Google-Office-8 Google-Office-10 Google-Office-11 Google-Office-12 Google-Office-13 Google-Office-14 Google-Office-15 Google-Office-16 Google-Office-17 Google-Office-18 Google-Office-19 Google-Office-20 Google-Office-39 Google-Office-42 Google-Office-46 Google-Office-48 Google-Office-50 Google-Office-51 Google-Office-52 Google-Office-53 Google-Office-Tel-Aviv-1 Google-Office-Tel-Aviv-2


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