Google's Tel Aviv Offices

Oh, how nice it must be to be Google. These new offices in Tel Aviv are fully loaded. It features 8 floors, a gym, 3 restaurants, private rooms, and chill-areas. I’m not real sure what Tel Aviv is all about, but I think I could get down there.

Google-Office-3 Google-Office-4 Google-Office-5 Google-Office-7 Google-Office-8 Google-Office-10 Google-Office-11 Google-Office-12 Google-Office-13 Google-Office-14 Google-Office-15 Google-Office-16 Google-Office-17 Google-Office-18 Google-Office-19 Google-Office-20 Google-Office-39 Google-Office-42 Google-Office-46 Google-Office-48 Google-Office-50 Google-Office-51 Google-Office-52 Google-Office-53 Google-Office-Tel-Aviv-1 Google-Office-Tel-Aviv-2


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