Chalet One OAK

Chalet One OAK


Chalet One OAK

Seeing places like this make me want to go on a getaway vacation to a mountain somewhere. No cell phones, no laptops, just a considerable amount of good liquor, and good company. This place will sleep 12 comfortably, and is a mere 5 minutes away from the famous Princess ski lift. Who’s down to go?

One-oak-Combloux-1 One-oak-Combloux-2 One-oak-Combloux-3 One-oak-Combloux-4 One-oak-Combloux-5 One-oak-Combloux-6 One-oak-Combloux-7 One-oak-Combloux-8 One-oak-Combloux-9 One-oak-Combloux-10 One-oak-Combloux-11 One-oak-Combloux-12 One-oak-Combloux-13 One-oak-Combloux-14 One-oak-Combloux-15 One-oak-Combloux-16 One-oak-Combloux-17


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