Dakar Sow House in Senegal

Anytime that you can add a ocean view to your property, you know you’re balling. ┬áThat’s what they have with this house, an absolutely amazing view overlooking the Atlantic ocean. ┬áDope.

Dakar-Sow-House-2 Dakar-Sow-House Dakar-Sow-House-3 Dakar-Sow-House-4 Dakar-Sow-House-5 Dakar-Sow-House-6 Dakar-Sow-House-7 Dakar-Sow-House-8 Dakar-Sow-House-9 Dakar-Sow-House-10 Dakar-Sow-House-11 Dakar-Sow-House-12 Dakar-Sow-House-13 Dakar-Sow-House-14 Dakar-Sow-House-15 Dakar-Sow-House-16


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