“Cabins” is Filled with Dream Homes & Architecture Porn

Having solid coffee table books is a must.  Having a dope book like this that’s filled with amazing photography & artworks of getaway homes?  Clutch.  The hardcover book called “Cabins” is filled with 460+ pages that are sure to not disappoint.  It’s currently available for pre-order here.

Beach House in Lebanon is an Architectural Masterpiece

The houses we find never cease to amaze me.  This house in Amchit, Lebanon is certainly no different.  The views of the Mediterranean are absolutely breath-taking to say the least.  BLANKPAGE Architects developed the beach home by layering wooden decks & mixing that with a minimal steel structure.  I know you have the open sea just in front of you, but that lap pool?  So dope.

LeBron James’ Miami Home is Up For Sale

It’s official, LeBron James is cutting all ties with Miami.  Obviously he’s in Cleveland now, but he recently decided to make it a clean break by listing his Miami home.  For $17 million this beautiful home can be all yours.  Check out the listing here.

Incredible Karakoy Loft Located in Istanbul

This has got to be one of the dopest bachelor pads that we’ve ever laid eyes on.  I don’t know much about Istanbul, other than it’s the largest city in Turkey, and that this extremely baller loft is located there.  Just look at these photos, everything from the decor to the layout, just amazing.

31 Awesome Staircases – Part 8

Our 8th installment of dope staircases.

Creepy Abandoned Stasi-Prison in Berlin

Photographer, Philipp Lohöfener, was recently given access to this abandoned prison in Berlin.  The prison was also a former secret police hub.  These pictures definitely look eerily creepy, but I guess that’s about the norm with abandoned architecture.  Visit Philipp’s website here.

Boring Basement Transformed Into Ultimate Man Cave

Tired of your boring, basic-ass basement? Do what Redditor Kelhans did and transform that shit into a work of art. This guy renovated his entire basement to look like an old hunting cabin. The materials he used only cost him $107. He used reclaimed wood that to create the walls, installed a fake roof, created a fake window with a view and even added a faux fireplace. 

You can live like a Jedi in this Star Wars house

I’ve never seen Obi-Wan Kenobi’s house, but if I had to guess, it would probably look just like this place. This pad, which is located in Korea, was designed by Moon Hoon to look like a spaceship. The interior is a little less modern than the exterior but it’s very nice nonetheless. One of the coolest features is probably the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that doubles as a secret door. Take a closer look at the residence below. 

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