Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes are Incredibly Cozy

Heirloom is a company that specializes in custom luxury homes on wheels with 10+ years experience.  They’re handcrafted in Portland, and made to order.  With your imagination & their expertise, you can make home anywhere you park it.  Each custom build uses high quality materials and fixtures that meet even the most high-end standard of luxury.  Head over to their website to enquire about building your own.


Take a tour of the Jordan Hangar in Los Angeles

Last week Jordan Brand unveiled its new private Jordan Hangar in Los Angeles. The 80,000 square foot facility features a full-size basketball court, performance measurement machines, two locker rooms, and a 75-inch flat screen TV set up for NBA 2k matches. The facility also houses a small walk-of-fame and collection Air Jordan sneakers. Unfortunately you can’t just walk up and hop in a game. The space is located at an undisclosed location and is accessible by invitation only.

Incredible Tula House Overhanging a Cliff in Canada

Perched nice & pretty up on a cliff in Canada is this amazing pad called the Tula House.  Patkau Architects designed this home located on a remote island that overlooks the Pacific ocean.  The seclusion the property has would make for a really nice retreat from the city.  When viewing from a distance the home seems to disappear into the woods.

35 Awesome Staircases – Part 9

These staircases will take you to new Dopeness heights.

Breathtaking Cove 3 House in South Africa by SAOTA

SAOTA has designed some of the dopest dwellings we’ve shared.  This house in Knysna, South Africa is no exception.  It features a modern look that, like other SAOTA builds, showcases some incredible views.  That spiral staircase is something you might find in one of our “Dope Staircases” features like this-uh one.


An Inside Look at the Brand New KITH Retail Space

KITH just recently re-did their Manhattan shop, and it’s definitely one of the dopest retail spaces we’ve laid eyes on.  Da Drone Boyz put together this aerial look at the all-new space with the help of drone cameras.  With the help of Snarkitecture, Ronnie Fieg has put together quite the innovative shop.

False Bay is the Ultimate Writer’s Retreat

If you’ve suffered from writer’s block, or any creative block for that matter, you know that getting away from everything for a little while can be important.  The False Bay Writer’s Cabin is a retreat for those who want to be more in tune with nature & secluded, but also want the dwelling to be protected when away.  The cozy levels look to be at an all-time high in this place.  Designed by the good folks at Olson Kundig.

StreetDome Skate Park in Denmark

This is quite possibly the dopest skate park we’ve ever seen.  Located in Haderslev, Denmark, the skatepark features indoor and outdoor skating areas, as well as a rock climbing wall & basketball court.  The park features 65,000 square feet and was designed by the people at CEBRA.  Grand opening was held earlier this month.

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