ColorWare Releases Custom Limited Edition “Safari” Beats by Dre Pill 2.0

ColorWare just recently released their newest limited edition product.  The custom Pill 2.0 features a leopard “safari” print, and only 50 pieces total were produced.  The custom Pill is available now for $379.  Grab it here.

Akomplice x Panda Bicycles

Akomplice recently teamed up with Panda Bicycles and collaborated to create this “Into The Wild” inspired fixed gear mixture of steel and bamboo. 


Buy This Selfie Toaster for $75

Well this is easily in the running for the best gift you could ever give someone.  No, not a toaster that toasts a picture of their face on bread, but a toaster that toasts a picture of your face on bread.  Certainly, for this holiday season, at least a few of my close friends and family will be receiving this from me.  (But really, you can get a custom toaster that toasts any image.)

Starwood Motors 2014 Jeep Wrangler “Project Green Shadow”

One of the recent additions to Starwood Motors’ custom Jeep inventory is the amazingly dope 2014 Jeep Wrangler “Project Green Shadow.”  This particular model features a matte “green shadow” exterior paint, and a black Bentley speed leather interior with green accents.  Lots of lights on this one, so you’re always sure to stand out.  Available here for just a shade under $85,000.

Buy these Romantic Greeting Cards for your Significant Other

These romantic greeting cards are quite possibly the best greeting cards you will ever see.  Corny Hallmark cards are played out, so do something different next time for your significant other, and be your funny self.

Garrett Leight Modshop Lets you Customize your own Shades

Garrett Leight just recently introduced this new feature on their website called the Mod Shop.  With this new feature, you can actually customize 5 different GLCO sunglass models with different frames colors, and different lens options as well.  They even have a couple extra in-depth choices, with different sizes & a “matte finish” option.  Head here to customize your own pair.

Hit the Golf Course in Comfort & Style with Stance Socks Fusion Golf Collection

Stance recently unveiled their new high-performance Fusion Golf Collection.  The collection features their Triniti technology, moisture-wicking fabrics, Advanced Cushion Support System, and Traction Control.  They have a great selection of colorways & prints, head here to check everything out.

Go Underwater with Warby Parker’s Waterway Collection

Warby Parker just introduced a new collection of eyewear today.  The Waterway Collection features 5 classic models of theirs inspired by shoreline shades.  The collection is available starting today over on their website.

You Need this Survival Edition Motoped in Your Life

This has got to be the most bad-ass dirt bike you’ve ever laid eyes on.  I mean, just look at this thing.  Matte green finish, racks & contraptions for all your survival needs, plus it’s incredibly quick & lightweight.  Price starts at right around $1995.  Visit their website here.

Word Notebooks Releases “Polygon” Pack

Word Notebooks has just added a new print series to their collection.  The pack features 3 different colorways of their notebooks with a “polygon” print.  As usual, they’re available over on their webstore in 3-packs for $9.99.


Sneakhype Style: Upgrade Your Sock Drawer with Nice Laundry

The sock drawer, what a deep & dark mystery of a place.  Mismatches, missing socks, weird sizes, and the list goes on.  Nice Laundry has recently stepped on the scene, and is helping you upgrade your sock drawer with not only great quality socks, but some of the best prints & colors that I’ve seen.

Woodsman Axe Coffee Table Inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood”

We’re always on the hunt for the dopest tables out, and this is one of the most recent versions I came across.  This “Woodsman Axe Coffee Table” was inspired by the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood,” and is available in a few different size options.  Prices start at about $1500 USD, and you can check out full details here.

Frameri Eyewear Lets you Use the Same Lenses on Different Frames

A new eyewear company has stepped onto the scene, and they’re helping you always keep it fresh with an easy-to-use interchangeable lens system.  Frameri Eyewear is offering high-quality glasses that lets you use your lenses on a variety of different frames.  They offer clear & tinted lenses, and they can also provide the right amount of correction when you provide your prescription details.  Currently they offer three different frame styles, and they’re all incredibly stylish.  Frameri also has one of the best virtual try-on features I’ve ever used.  Head over to their website now for more info on the brand and their products.


Get your Shine on with this “Crazy Gold Pack” from Casio G-Shock

Are you a fan of gold, but want something a little more durable than your traditional gold watch?  Casio G-Shock is dropping this “Crazy Gold Pack” that is set to start hitting retailers this month that should fit the bill.  The collection features 6 total watches, and 3 different shades of gold.  That rose gold though!

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