Shwood Launches New Sunglass Model – The Prescott

Shwood just added a new frame to it’s Wood Original Collection called the Prescott.  The Prescott is a modified wayfarer silhouette that currently comes in Walnut or Dark Walnut woods.  The standard lens model retails for $145, whereas you can grab the polarized lens for $185.  Available now here.


PlayBulb is a Light Bulb & Bluetooth Speaker in One

If only these were a little cheaper I would put one in every lamp in my house.  PlayBulb is an awesome Bluetooth accessory that allows you to play music from any lighting fixture in your house.  There’s an app that you can download along with it that allows you to adjust light brightness, as well as choosing the music that plays through it.  There’s also an option to set the PlayBulb to turn on/off & wake you up with your favorite music.  Available now on Amazon for $89.


Sneakhype Select Series: IGNOBLE Bags Edgars Classic Duffle

This is not the first time, nor the second time we’ve featured Ignoble Bags.  This is actually the 3rd time that we’ve done a Sneakhype Select Series on a product they offer.  The reason being the exact thing we started the Select Series to showcase:  Quality.

Pretend You’re Rich & Customize Your Own Ferrari 458 Speciale

Online configurators that allow you to customize products from companies are the best.  Even though I’m nowhere near being able to afford a Ferrari 458 Speciale, I couldn’t help but customize my own version of the ride.  Ferrari has a ton of different exterior & interior options for the supercar.  Head here to design your own.

The Transparent Speaker by People People

It’s always cool to see the inner workings of things.  Even though there’s not a lot going on inside this transparent speaker, it still looks incredibly dope.  People People currently has it available for pre-order over on their site.  The full assembled version is $849, with a DIY version for $550.


E-Cigs? Pssh, Get Your Buzz on with Electronic Marijuana Joints

So, this thing here that you’re feasting your eyes on is the E-Njoint 100% legal & disposable joint.  Apparently, they do not contain any THC (so what’s the point?), yet they’re marketed as a “joint” & display a nifty marijuana leaf on the tip, so I don’t know… you tell me.  They also advertise a rechargeable version, and a vaporizer (neither of which are currently available).  If you’re wanting to try one out, they come in 6 different flavors & the price will only set you back a few nickels more than $12.  Check ‘em out here.


NOMAD Introduces Carabiner-Sized Charging Cable

NOMAD might have just made the best charging accessory currently on the market.  This is the NomadClip, and it’s a charger for your iPhone/Android/BlackBerry that’s shaped like a carabiner to fit perfectly on your keychain.  Currently, they’re available for pre-order & their only $39.

You Will Never Lounge in a Chair as Dope as this One

This is the Etazin Lounge Chair by designer, Kate Brown, and it is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever seen.  The circular lounge chair rotates on a swivel, and also draws some of it’s inspiration from the traditional hammock.  It sits about 8 1/2 feet tall, and the inner ring rotates a full 360º.  Check out more on the piece here.

Enjoy the Open Waters in Style & Luxury with the Alen 68 Superyacht

If there’s ever a good time for some motivation it’s right now.  This Alen 68 Superyacht from Foster + Partners should definitely give you some nice eye candy, as well as a little motivation to hustle a little harder to end your week.  The superyacht has a large lounge, kitchen, master cabin, and 2 guest cabins.  Retail price?  Oh, just $3.8 million.

Lust Limited Summer 2014 Collection

Our friends over at Lust Limited have finally released their Summer 2014 Collection. The new collection amplifies Lust’s sleek identity and venturous lifestyle while showcasing their product line expansion into a new realm of accessories with a contemporary edge. Highlights from the collection include a Croc print silicone iPhone 5 cover and the Quarter Gold Cuban link bracelet which features gold links, adding a hint of style to the black cuban links. Like their previous releases, the Summer ’14 collection includes impeccably crafted lifestyle accessories. Lust Ltd. combines classic style with unique materials. Each hardwear piece is executed with a clean touch and signature look. The entire Summer ’14 Collection is now available for purchase right here.              @LustLimited

Check Out Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson has decided to head down that electric road that so many auto-makers are traveling.  Project Livewire is a new electric bike that they made, but is currently not for sale.  Right now they have it set up on The Project Livewire Tour, which is a 30-city tour, where potential customers can test-drive the new motorcycle & offer their opinion.  I don’t know if they need any more help on this, looks pretty dope to me.  Check out more on the tour here.

Nike Unveils Nike Elite Digital Ink Printing Process

There’s no doubt that socks are a very popular accessory right now.  Nike first made noise with the galactic print Nike Elite series sock they released in 2010, and now they’re changing the way they print on socks.  Designers will now be able to display high-definition graphics and a wide variety of vivid colors without image distortion or fading.  The process also maintains the performance benefits of the socks.  These first edition socks will available on June 21st in limited quantities, 2014 pairs to be exact, on


Nixon Marbelized Supertide is a Swirl of Dopeness for your Wrist

Nixon just released this incredibly dope colorway of their Supertide watch.  The Marbelized Supertide is pre-programmed with tide information for 270 coastal regions, and is waterproof up to 100m.  The watch is available now, and you can grab it here.


Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment Federation Collection

Ladies, how about a nice accessory to rep your squad during the World Cup.  You’ll definitely break away from the norm of soccer jerseys and t-shirts with these tights from Nike.  The Federation Collection features 4 different tights with prints inspired by the U.S., France, England, and Brasil.  Purchase your favorite here.

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