Skate Mental Biggie & Tupac “Hot Tub” Skateboard Decks

Skate Mental just released two new decks that feature Biggie & Pac chillin’ in hot tubs.  I know true skateboarders would scream at me for suggesting grabbing these to hang on your wall, but I think they would make a dope art piece.  Available on Skate Mental’s webstore for $49.99.  Check ‘em out here.

Limited Edition LEGO Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine has made some of the best notebooks out there for quite some time now.  They’re no stranger to collaboration, and now they’ve hooked up with the one & only LEGO brand.  They have released several sizes of the notebooks, and they include some graphics, stickers, and history on LEGO.  Available here.

Show Some Character with the Mifland Weathered Patina Collection

Mifland just released their weathered patina collection that features 2 of the classic silhouettes that use a leather that already has a worn in look.  They age the leather by using a series of washing & drying the leather, over dyeing the leather, and sun fading.  Both bags are available now over on Mifland’s webstore.

Freshen up your Packages with Scented Duct Tape

The next time you go to mail a package, make the postal workers’ day by using these scented duct tapes.  I’m curious to know if the scent will last until your package gets where it’s going.  Every has uses for duct tape though, might as well be scented.  Order the different scents here.


Nixon Releases The Passport Watch in Stainless Steel

Nixon just released two versions of their new Passport Watch SS.  Both feature stainless steel, one in a gunmetal finish & the other a classic stainless steel.  Prices are $450 and $500.  Available now on Nixon’s website.  Order here.


Chargerito is the World’s Smallest Phone Charger

One of these days, cell phone makers will help us all out by making a phone with a much longer battery life.  Until then, we have accessories like the “Chargerito.”  The Chargerito is the world’s smallest cell phone charger, and it fits right on your keychain.  They have a micro USB version, as well as an Apple Lightning cable version.  Only $19, and available for pre-order here.

Explore The Ocean With This Transparent Kayak

I’ve never been kayaking, but if I were to go, I would be riding in this transparent bad boy. It allows you to enjoy the scenery around you as well as below you. Just don’t freak out when a shark swims underneath you.


Ride Some Waves with the Radinn Electric Wakeboard

Up until now, if you wanted to wakeboard, you had to be towed behind some sort of watercraft.  Well, Radinn has came in and changed the game with this electric wakeboard that is hand-controlled.  The main downfall to this wakeboard is that you’re not going to be able to do any sort of tricks off the wake of the boat you’re behind.  Having the freedom to just go out and sort of surf on your own is worth the sacrifice though.  Check out more info on their website here.

Vencer Sarthe is a Supercar from the Netherlands

2015 will bring a new supercar into the market.  The Vencer Sarthe is finally heading into production after first debuting in 2012.  It will be packing a 6.3 liter supercharged V8 that’s putting out about 613 horsepower.  Estimated cost is to be right around $350,000.

Grovemade Drops “Walnut” iPhone 6 Case Collection

A flood of iPhone 6 accessories is sure to be on the horizon now that it released today.  Grovemade is one of the first to put out some high quality case for the iPhone 6.  This is their walnut collection that features 3 different cases that are crafted from Oregon Claro Walnut.  They start at just $59, order here.


Learn About All Things Beer with “The Beer Book”

Have an obsession with beer?  Then you need this book on your coffee table.  The Beer Book is a visual catalog of over 800 breweries, whistle-stop beer trails, and key beer facts.  It’s pretty much a must-have for any beer lover.  Order the hardcover here for just $19.50.

Batman & Robin “Best Friend” Necklace Helps Display your Friendship

Do you have a best friend?  Probably.  Next time you feel like giving them a gift, this Batman & Robin necklace will be perfect.  The necklace is actually 2 pieces, one for Batman, one for Robin, and each attached to their own black cotton cord.   Just hope that no one takes offense to being Robin.  Buy it here for $90.


Samsung LEVEL over Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

I was not aware that Samsung was dabbling in the high end headphone game.  These are the Samsung LEVEL over Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones.  Available in either white/gold or blacked out.  The headphones look great, and the fact that they are noise cancelling and wireless makes them worth the hefty price tag of $349.  Order here.

2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed is a Supercar in Luxury Form

Luxury, power, and gorgeous.  Those are pretty much the best 3 words I could use to describe the new 2015 Mulsanne Speed from Bentley.  Not too many sedans can go from 0-60mph as fast as the Mulsanne Speed, which hits 60 in just 4.8 seconds.  Other attributes include two-tone interior, and 21″ wheels.  Bentley will officially announce the new automobile next month at the Paris Motor Show.

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